EOS Revitalizes The Lip Balm Industry

At one time, the typical lip balm was just a boring little necessity that was encased in an even more boring tube. Its primary purpose was to moisturize the lips. However, EOS lip balm was about to shake up the lip balm industry with their redesigned orbs and organic flavors that were attracting a new group of consumers that were very difficult to please. The new group of avid lip balm users was young millennial women. EOS or the  Evolution Of Smooth’s radical take on lip balm marketing helped to revitalize the industry.

A Method To The Madness

Sanjiv Mehra, EOS cofounder and managing partner state that there was a method to the madness of radically changing the way that a lip balm product was marketed. The main players like Blistex and Chapstick treated lip balm like a unisex product or a product that appealed equally to men and women. Mehra noted that the vast majority of lip balm users were young women. Through intensive Facebook research, Mehra also discovered that the same women were constantly complaining about losing their lip balm in their handbags. Mehra started to work on an idea. He would redesign the lip balm container and make the lip balm a sensory delight. Many of the women appreciated the little round orb shapes, the more attractive designed EOS lip balm, and soothing scents.

A Product Engaging The Senses

Mehra was a bit of a marketing genius. He realized that something was missing in the lip balm industry. The market required an update that included products that were enjoyable for the average woman to use. Therefore, the product should engage all the senses. This would include smell, touch, sight, taste, and more. Engaging the senses was a way for the consumer to form a close relationship to the product and become a regular purchaser.

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Thor Halvorssen Champions the Weak and Powerless

The world remembers Thor Halvorssen for his active participation in defending human rights and supporting the justice system in a bid to promote peace and unity. Thor, a native of Venezuela, schooled at the great University of Pennsylvania. He graduated with class and honors, having majored in Political Science. Thor’s quest for political justice and human rights activism cropped from his father’s imprisonment and mother’s shooting. To get justice for them, he capitalized on participating in facilitating human rights for the people of Venezuela.


Thor’s passion for defending human rights is evident when in 1999; he was the cheerleader of a campaign dubbed Lucent Technologies. The campaign’s initiative was to curb anti-slavery. The meeting’s agenda was to prove that the production of Lucent’s brands was not dependent on slave labor. Statistics showed that China imprisoned approximately 8 million men and women for work in factories, industries, and other facilities. Thor represented the slaves by campaigning for the introduction and implementation of a labor policy.

 Human Rights Foundation

Following his enthusiasm for justice, Thor founded Human Rights Foundation with its headquarter in the city of New York. The foundation focused on championing the real definition of justice for the people. It centered on the concept of justice, freedom, and self determination. It was incorporated in 2005. Human Rights Foundation was headed by a council of human rights activists like Mart Laar and Elle Wiesel. As the cheerleader of Human Rights Foundation, Thor consistently lobbied for the freeing of Liu Xiaobo, a Chinese political prisoner. He supported the United Nations initiative to take in hand the frustrations of Chinese regarding Uyghur rights.

 Film Production

Thor’s work extended to film production. He produced a science fiction film on Robert A. Heinlein. Additionally, he was the co-producer of Freedom’s Furry, a movie that illuminated the life of human rights activists. The film castigated dictatorship in Hungary. He used his film talent in film production to explain the importance of freedom to the world.

About Thor

Born in Venezuela in 1976, Thor Halvorssen bridged the gap between justice and humanity. He was a human rights advocate who committed to fighting for freedom. He contributed to the growth of public policy, individual rights and public interest policy. He championed the weak and powerless.


End Citizens United Wants Real Reform

Beginning with their formation on March 1, 2015, the Political Action Committee End Citizens United has worked to raise awareness of the negative effects that has resulted from the 2010 Supreme Court Decision in Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission. That decision paved the way for corporations and individuals to spend unlimited amounts of money in politics, with no oversight. The ECU believes that the grassroots can be a potent force against those who want to influence our elections, and they want to put people in public office who will work for campaign finance reform.

End Citizens United gives their support to Democratic candidates who believe strongly in reforming the campaign finance system. They also support candidates who are targeted by special interest groups and wealthy donors. Although there are Republicans and Independents who push for reform, the ECU believes the Republican majority in Congress will oppose an overturning of the Court’s decision. The ECU is led by Democratic leaders who want the American people to know about how big money is influencing politics. Leaders like President and Executive Director Tiffany Mueller who served on the City Council in Topeka, Kansas and also served as a chief of staff in Washington D.C. Also, Jody Murphy, a Texas and Oklahoma native who spent ten years working with caucuses in state government and Operations Director Erin Fyffe, who served for six years on Capitol Hill working on behalf of California and Texas.

With the publication of a story on MSNBC on August 20, 2015, it became obvious that End Citizens United intended to be a big voice in the 2016 elections. At the time of the story, nearly 325,000 people had signed a petition asking congress to pass the legislation necessary to reverse the decision by the Supreme Court. The ECU would finance candidates dedicated to campaign finance reform with polling, television ads, and direct mailers. They understand of course that to overturn the Supreme Court’s decision, a constitutional amendment must be passed with the support of two thirds of the House and Senate. Rick Hansen, who is a professor of Law at the University of California Irvine School of Law, stated that he believes it would be more realistic when the time comes, to confirm a new Supreme Court Justice, who would work to achieve more balance in the court. Hansen does agree that a group like End Citizens United focuses attention on the court and keeps the spotlight on politicians.


Eric Lefkofsky; One Of The Best Entrepreneurs The World Has To Offer.

Cancer has been seen to be the cause of death for many people, and this has forced scientists to try and find a way to curb this disease. For women, breast cancer has affected nearly three-quarter of women in the world. If not attended to, it might lead death or the breast being cut off. With this in mind, Tempus has taken it upon itself to fight this disease at all coast even if it means partnering with other people. Tempus is a startup organization founded by Eric Lefkofsky whose aim is fighting breast cancer. Recently, Tempus decided to partner with doctors from the University of Chicago to try and find a solution to this problem as two hands are better than one. Tempus will be responsible for providing data while the University doctors will provide analysis and sequence of the data provided. Through this, Eric and Tempus hope that a better treatment will be achieved which will improve the patients end results.

Having being born in 1969, Eric has made a name for himself as an entrepreneur who is ready to take risks and very ambitious. He was a student at the University of Michigan where he earned his undergraduate degree before furthering his studies at the University of Michigan Law School to attain his Juris Doctor. He has been involved in founding and co-founding numerous companies such as Echo Global Logistics, Lightbank among others. His success journey was not an icing on the cake as he had to work hard to get to where he is now. His first job was selling carpets when he was still gaining his theoretical knowledge at the University of Michigan. Over the years, Lefkofsky has become good at founding and managing big firms as this is his passion.

Apart from spending most of his time creating new companies, Lefkofsky spares time for his philanthropic work. He is very passionate when it comes to helping the needy, and that is why he joined forces with his wife to open up a charitable trust. The purpose of this trust was to aid support to scientific, charitable and educational programs across the globe majorly focusing on children. He knows that through this charitable trust, he is able to reach to that child who has nobody to help him or her and assist the child.

Investing in Preventative Medicine


There are a lot of changes going on in the health industry right now. Not only that, but many people are ready to start changing their health for the better. With that being said, there are a lot of ways to make more money in this area if you are in business. Clay Siegall has invested heavily into technology within the health industry. Over time, he has helped to lead a lot of innovation in various areas. This is a great opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others. With all of the information that we have today, there is no excuse to not be in control of your health. In many cases a lot of people can figure out how to invest in the future without having to struggle to do so. Clay Siegall is a leading voice within the field of biotechnology today.

Clay Siegall

If you want to succeed at a high level in life, following the example of those who are already doing so is a great idea. There are a lot of people who look up to the life and success of Clay Siegall. Not only is he great in business, but he is also looking for opportunities to help others down the line as well. Over time, he has proven to understand how to help people invest in their own health. This is a huge advantage over other people in the industry. In a short period of time, he has become a leading expert in the world of preventative health.

Investing in Health

Many people and companies are starting to see the value of investing in health. Not only that, but these people are starting to see how much value can be added in this area in a short period of time. With that being said, Clay Siegall is also excited about the future. He knows that more technology means more opportunities to help others in a variety of ways. If you want to take your health to the next level, working with someone like Clay Siegall is the way to go.


Bruno Fagali Is A Popular Brazilian Attorney

If you want the best quality representation in your case, you need to choose a competent attorney. Bruno Fagali is one of the most reliable Brazilian Attorneys, and he can help you resolve your case, no matter how simple or complex it may be.

Getting a good lawyer for whatever you’re dealing with is not a big issue. With so many lawyers in Brazil, you will not have a hard time finding one that can provide the kind of service you need. Brazil has numerous skilled attorneys who are capable of advising and guiding you efficiently and effectively.

A good lawyer will make sure that every aspect of his client’s case is properly evaluated and addressed. A good lawyer keeps his clients updated about their case.

Do you want to be represented by one of the best attorneys in the industry? Then get in touch with Bruno Fagali immediately.

Bruno Fagali is well respected by his peers and his clients. His approach to solving or resolving legal problems is unique and always effective. He has advised and represented countless clients from a wide variety of industries.

Bruno Fagali has the skill essential in taking cases to court, and advising the clients on the best way to approach the matter at hand. Bruno Fagali has practiced for years and has complete mastery of administrative law, ethics, compliance, urban law and regulatory law. Whether the case is straightforward or involves a difficult situation, Mr Bruno Fagali has the knowledge and experience to proceed and protect his clients’ legal rights.

See: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3w7iKhGGiAQPnyiMzQBvfg

Why Traditional Implementation Methods Are Limiting Stem Cell Technologies.

The Lung Institute is one of the leading research institutions in the U.S that aims to provide regenerative cell solutions for lung diseases such as chronic bronchitis, emphysema, interstitial lung disease, and pulmonary fibrosis.

It was formed in 2013 in Tampa, Florida, but currently has other clinics in Dallas, Nashville, Pittsburg, and Scottsdale. Along with the diagnosis and treatment of lung disorders, the Lung Institute also provides treatment for disorders of the chest wall, and the esophagus.

With over a century of combined experience in the medical field, the Lung Institute offers a diverse staff of professionals in medical oncology, radiation oncology, pulmonary medicine, radiology, and surgery.

This team aims to improve the quality of life for their patients by introducing the successful implementation of minimally invasive therapies. The stem cell treatments offered, address the advancement of the disease and not just the suppression of symptoms, which are accompanied by adverse side effects.

According to cedars-sinai , the clinics also offer treatments ranging from blood treatments to bone marrow treatments. The goal is to reintroduce blood samples with a high concentration of stem cells back into the patient’s body. This will effectively kick-start the healing process.

Jack Coleman, Jr., the Senior Medical Director of the Lung Institute forwards that in the U.S, the way in which new medicines are introduced will limit the growth and development of stem cell technologies.

In a world where stem cell technologies are transforming the field of medicine, the traditional process is too slow. The process of getting approvals for clinical testing and treatments, to the treatment being made available, is long and littered with bureaucratic red tape.

The research into stem cell technologies is funded by large biotechnology firms or the government. Also, the industry regulatory agencies are under the control of the government.

This means that most of the costs will be transferred to the patients, as the firms and government try to recover investments. This will drive the patients to search for treatments that are less inhibited.

In late 2016, Jack Coleman, Jr. was invited to speak at the Third International Congress on Responsible Stem Cell Research, in Italy. This event is held annually to discuss modern stem cell application methods.

Jack Coleman, Jr. states that to contribute to the development of the safest and most suitable treatments to patients, it is necessary for healthcare development to be a global effort. To read patients’ testimonials, visit lunginstitute.com.

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How Mikhail Blagosklonny is determined of making a disease-free world

How Mikhail Blagosklonny is determined of making a disease-free world.

Cancer has always been the cause of death for very many individuals which have forced scientist researching on the matter. Every scientist wants to study and understand some of the causes of cancer and how it can be treated. As a scientist, it’s your job to research on matters that are seen to affect the society or the human body. Not everybody can understand the science behind cancer apart from scientists as they have the theoretical knowledge that can come in handy.

One of these scientists who has been at the forefront of research and studying cancer is Mikhail Blagosklonny. Mikhail is a scientist by profession and is currently working at Roswell Park Cancer Institute as a Professor of Oncology. Having studied from First Pavlov state Medical University where he attained his degree in Internal Medicine, Blagosklonny majorly reviews Aging and cancer.

On matters dealing with cancer and aging, Mikhail firmly believes that with the help of science, there is a possibility of stopping or reducing the aging process. He views the two concepts, aging, and cancer, related to cancer is a side effect of aging. It is a disease related to the aging process, and this explains the reason as to why many older people are always acquiring cancer. With the belief that cancer can be cured, Mikhail recommends the usage of Rapamycin. He also emphasizes the importance of TOR Signaling with Rapamycin drug for the purpose of extending life. All these proposals Mikhail has come with he gets ideas from his extensive research not coming up with mere ideas. Read more about Mikhail at LinkedIn

His research majorly lies from the field of tumor suppression, signal transduction, cell cycle, mitosis, and apoptosis among others. He is a scientist who has dedicated his career in one finding how to slow down or stop the aging process with the main aim of curbing cancer. He always shares his knowledge and what he has learned from his research through various articles. He is the editor in chief of Oncotarget where he shares his knowledge and discoveries. What motivates Mikhail in what he does is his love for humanity and hope of seeing people living in a disease-free community.

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Financial Planners: Keep A Closer Eye on Social Security or Else

Retirees are missing out on a big chunk of their retirement planning process – maximizing Social Security. In this Wall Street Journal interview, David Giertz describes the results of a survey by the Nationwide Retirement Institute of retired consumers and those ten years away from retiring.

For the majority of retirees, Social Security is 40% of their retirement income on giertzmusic.wordpress.com/. Any change can have a substantial impact to the benefit or detriment of the consumer. For example, retiring too early can cost a retiree $1000 per month in lost Social Security benefits. That comes to $12,000 in one year or $300,000 over 25 years.

However, few financial planners are advising their clients how best to get the most out of Social Security before and after retirement. Mr. David Giertz states that this is due to the complexity of Social Security regulations which has some 2,700 rules. Planners need to make certain that their client’s retirement portfolio on Facebook includes adequate Social Security planning. Survey respondents indicated that 3 out 4 of them will seek another financial planner should they believe Social Security planning is poor.

David Giertz assumed the position of Senior Vice President of Sales and Distribution at Nationwide Financial in 2013. Prior to that, he was Vice President of Sales. Mr. Giertz has been with Nationwide Financial since 1999.

Mr. David Giertz is a financial advisor with over 31 years of experience. Previously, Mr. Giertz held positions at Citicorp, Financial Horizons Securities, Mony Securities and ISFA. He is based in Dublin, Ohio.

Read more about David Giertz:

Reviewing How White Shark Media Has Inspired Businesses To Grow

The world of business is clouded with many challenges that make it challenging to proceed seamlessly. One of the challenges that every business has to overcome is marketing and using the right tools for that matter. In the digital business world, there are many ways businesses can pursue marketing, which range from SEO to PPC marketing techniques among others. However, if these plans are not handled by people who have skills, they will bear no results. That is why digital marketing companies like White Shark Media have been working diligently to ensure the marketing effort they put allows businesses to reach their goals faster and without having to spend a lot.


White Shark Media is an established agency in the digital marketing space that has since its launch in 2011 been working with businesses based online offering marketing solutions including AdWords campaigns and PPC. One factor that places the company at a prime position to pursue these challenges is the presence of powerful tools that are able to solve any type of marketing challenge. White Shark Media also joined Google to drive the SMB Partner program among other digital marketing agencies based in North America. This partnership availed powerful tools that have eased the process of marketing small businesses.


Content development

SEO marketing demands the use of quality content that is optimized and designed for search engines. Content is one of the most important tools in the SEO marketing process and having unique and keyword optimized content raises the chances of the business ranking well on search engines. White Shark Media offers content development services that factor in all these needs while ensuring the articles provided are high quality and a reflection of the business. During this process, the experts can also assist in keyword selection, which by a large extent determines the impact of the content.


Intelligent solutions suited for eCommerce businesses

Every business model requires unique marketing approaches and this is what White Shark Media has been considering while developing marketing strategies. Ecommerce businesses need a special type of marketing effort that targets the right market section. White Shark Media offers unique marketing plans that are effective in this space and designed to drive the growth of eCommerce businesses. Despite offering a custom service that is suited to the business, the rates the company has been charging for these services are friendly and charged depending on the size of the business.