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Cooking, Working and Singing with Norka Luque

Norka Luque may be most famously known for her songs but there are many other things that she is able to do besides just sing. In fact, singing was one of the last career paths that she chose for herself and was something that she actually just sort of stumbled into while she was pursuing a completely different type of career. What was, at first, a chance happening for Norka Luque, turned into something that would skyrocket her career and make her more successful than she could have ever dreamed of becoming if she had taken one of her first-chosen career paths.

Her original plan was to work in business. She wanted to be a business person and went to college for just that. She was not interested in anything other than business while she was at university but she did continue to sing as a hobby. This was something that she did only in her free time and she wasn’t even completely sure if she was good at it or not. She was worried that she wouldn’t be good enough to ever actually perform. She could have never dreamed of making singing her career and the main source of her regular income.

While she was at business school, she realized that it may not actually be something that she wanted to do for herself. She wanted creativity and the chance to show off some real talent. She thought that cooking would be the right avenue to take to get to that point. She quickly learned, though, that cooking in France is quite different than cooking in Venezuela. While she did finish her certificate from the culinary school that she attended, she was not interested in cooking any longer. She still enjoys cooking at home but the culinary school left somewhat of a bad taste in her mouth.

Briefly, after cooking school, Norka made the decision to study fashion. This is something that she truly thought that she could get her head into. While doing this, she met people who were looking for a female band mate. This band had heard Norka sing and wanted her for their band. They recruited her and the rest is history. Norka took that chance and was able to push off to become one of the most popular Venezuela-born singers in the world. She knew that she could make big things happen and she did so through singing.