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The Truth About Talk Fusion: How Bob Reina Upholds Excellence

Talk Fusion, a business within the video communications niche, is trying to change the way we connect. Talk Fusion has built numerous inventions, including social media, broadcasting and video conferencing. It began as a firm that first gave people the opportunity to attach a video to an email, which has satisfied consumers ever since. Now they are in the process of introducing new products for its without a doubt solid service.


The latest development includes the new Product Dashboard, which was devised for Talk Fusion’s Video Suite. The brand new dashboard is complete with a fresh look – elevating on users’ experiences as anticipated. Bob Reina, Founder, and CEO of Talk Fusion mentioned that the latest dashboard is definitely the product the company wanted to release this year. The new dashboard is merely one of several innovations into which the organization promises to publicize soon.


Bob Reina claims that his company is certainly discontent with stagnating, so he and the company are invariably looking out for “the next big thing.” He provides his clients with Video Chat, webcam recorder for Video Email and Video Newsletter products which are WebRTC-powered and of next-level quality. “We’re currently working to integrate WebRTC into ALL of our products,” stated Mr. Reina. This revolutionary dashboard’s task is to carry this company ahead of the competition and display to the world just what it should expect from Talk Fusion during 2018.


Clients have the choice of buying services that let them mail thousands of emails simultaneously. Also when the videos are created, the buyer won’t have to transfer them to another place since all the videos are archived on the Talk Fusion website. Additionally, they can then make use of videos that they created earlier for similar promotions. Since creating videos is certainly not for everybody, customers have the choice of selecting between several pre-made videos which are on the website.


CEO Bob Reina is incredibly focused on holding his prices low. The standard service only has a one-time charge of $175. Then, the client is invoiced $20 monthly. This expense entitles customers to an account containing storage ability of 1,000 emails.


Those who want to have extra services may pick the subsequent bundle at $375. This deal allows access to all that is included in the standard program, but they also receive four additional accounts, a greater variety of format options, extra personalization options plus more methods to brand their videos. The top tier has the capability to make a video that may last as long as 10 minutes. Learn more:


We’re excited to see Talk Fusion changing the way the world communicates.

Two Reasons To Use And Become A Part Of Talk Fusion

If you or someone you know has been looking to start your own business, you are in luck today and here is why, there is a company in the technology field that is helping to improve the lives of millions of people and you can be a part of it all. Talk Fusion is an all in one video marketing company. Have you ever opened an email newsletter an there is an important video message inside? Well, even if you have not done so, you understand the idea and that is just one example of the services that Talk Fusion provides. Think of it like an evolved email type service that people are loving, because that’s what it is and more.


Talk Fusion is offered by independent associates. It’s network marketing and direct sales at it’s best. Often many of the people who are using Talk Fusion have been invited to do so by someone who already uses the system. You can learn more about the business on your own, let’s talk about what makes Talk Fusion so exciting. One thing that is amazing is the technology it’s self. Bob Reina, CEO and Founder just announced that he is using the most up to date technology called WebRTC. That software makes video emails, video calling, video newsletters and group marketing messages much better. It might be hard to wrap your mind around but, Talk Fusion offers all of those services under one roof, at one price, a price that is affordable for everyone.


The second thing that makes this company so awesome is the training that they offer. Bob Reina also announced what he is calling Talk Fusion University. At the university, which is online, you can access all of the company tools and other things that Bob has found to work in the business. All of Bob’s 25 years of experience is on the numerous video platforms that you can play over and over again. It’s like being able to pick the brain of the company CEO and learn everything that he knows. Talk Fusion University is a great tool for everyone who wants to use the service an build a business. Bob Reina has organized one of the most useful universities in the history of any company. IT lives up to the mission statement of the company which is to help as many people as possible. That’s what Talk Fusion is all about, helping people and they do in so many ways. You owe it to youself to check them out. Learn more: