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Donald Scott NYC: Straight Razor Hair Tools For Exquisite Shape And Design

Not only is Donald Scott known as a hair stylist to the stars but an incredible hair transformer as well. If anyone understands the true science of hair and how it moves, its texture and capabilities, it’s this man.


That’s why Donald Scott took a creatively modern approach to beautiful hair, by developing and launching his popular Donald Scott NYC hair cutting tools. He aptly calls them “free form precision,” and when you see these instruments in action, you’re blown away. Whether it’s a woman’s crowning glory or a man’s mane, the incredible shapes one can achieve using the tools from this master are exceptional.


Donald Scott NYC hair tools bring something unique and innovative to trends in hair. His genius Swivel Twist Razor can design an almost infinite number of styles. Most people only think of the straight razor as a shaving tool, but in the hair world of Donald Scott, it’s the most exquisite method in achieving the ideal look.


The line of seven Donald Scott NYC razor tools can perfect asymmetrical styles, face-framing looks and shaggy, edgy designs. These tools can create so much more than a scissor’s simple blunt cut.

Find Donald Scott on Instagram @donaldscottnyc to stay connected.

DSNYC-partner-intro-HD from Sharkmatic Advertising on Vimeo.