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Gregory Aziz of National Steel Car, Infiltrating Unmarked Territory

We all succeed when we choose to move out of our comfort zone and make a difference. For one to become productive, it is your duty to find opportunities that have been hardly exploited to enable you to make huge profit margins at the end of the day. Since Gregory James Aziz took a leadership role at National Steel Car, he has inspired a lot of change in how the facility carries out its business. By adopting the latest technology, National Steel Car through the guidance of James Aziz has been able to come up with better, durable, and more efficient railroad products that have to a large extent attracted a lot of positive remarks from customers.

By investing much in the team at National Steel Car, the productivity level at the railroad company has increased all thanks to Greg Aziz’z brilliant way of thinking. To date, National Steel Car has been a recipient of the TTX SECO award for ten consecutive years, a prize awarded to the best performers in the market. So remarkable has National Steel Car been to the extent that it has gotten branded as the leading railroad freight car manufacturer in the whole of North America. With top of the range products like the coil, gondola, intermodal spine, the super duty box, 25500G Tank Car, and the centerbeam just to mention but a few, National Steel Car has experienced an increase in the number of sales and profits, all because of Gregory James Aziz.

For more than half a century, National Steel Car has been the benchmark as to how railroad cars get developed in the world, a reputation that Greg James Aziz has helped maintain. Since Greg Aziz became the Chairman, President, and CEO of National Steel Car, he has helped develop an all round company that not only appreciates its clients but also its team of employees. In the twenty-three years that Greg has worked for National Steel Car, he has become a father figure to most of the workers in the facility since he has inspired a huge majority of them to reach their full potential. As an individual who has built a career based on his education in economics at the University of Western Ontario, Gregory J Aziz has turned out to be more than a role model. Thus, Gregory Aziz has lived a life worth emulating, since he has not been allowed his shortcomings to bring him down.