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Nick Vertucci: Training People to Learn Real Estate Flipping

Nick Vertucci is educating people on how to become successful through real estate flipping. He is going around North America to do motivational speeches, and he is claiming that the methods that he learned in life would help others too. When he was still broke, he used to attend similar seminars too, listening to motivational speakers. In the process, he later became a master in real estate flipping. Today, Nick Vertucci is also doing the same thing – offering seminars to those people who wanted to know more about this business so they can follow his steps and become successful just from reselling properties. Based on the experience that he had, real estate flipping could make someone accumulate wealth in the least time possible.

The life of Nick Vertucci when he was younger is somewhat a tragedy. He lost his father at a very young age, and his mother had to work hard in order to provide their needs. They were very poor, and he had to move out and live on his own when he was 18. He focused on how to make money back then, and thought about selling computer parts on His business was successful at that time, because he is already making money that he is using to sustain his lifestyle. However, the dot com crash came in 2000 and he lost everything. He went back to being broke, and had tons of debt. And then one day, his friend came in and invited him to attend a seminar focusing on real estate flipping. Nick Vertucci agreed to attend, and then the idea on how he could make his fortune suddenly came across his mind.

Real estate flipping is somewhat a common practice, especially among the investors in the United States and Canada. What happens with this practice is that investors would purchase an inexpensive home that is being sold at a low price on The investors could get a house that is discounted because of repairs needed to be made, or because the owners just want to sell it immediately. They would then do some renovations and will look for a potential buyer that would purchase the property at a higher price. The real estate market is rapidly rising, so it will not be a hard task looking for someone who is willing to buy the property. There are also people who do not want to do the repairs themselves and just want to move in right away without any hassle, so selling the house would be easier for the investor at The profit being earned through this practice is high, and someone could become rich in a small period of time.

Nick Vertucci managed to pay all of his debts through real estate flipping, and he is hoping that he could also share this knowledge to other people so that they could become successful in their lives.

Greg Hague Knows How to Sell Real Estate

Greg Hague, entrepreneur, from Scottsdale, Arizona is best known for his lengthy career in real estate. Founder of several firms, he now speaks nation wide on the trends of real estate and the market.

One are he discusses is why the process of selling homes hasn’t changed in over 70 years. He looks at how new and trending items are marketed and how much time is given to the advertising and appeal of the products and wonders why we don’t spend the time and money into advertising an expensive home in that way. Homes are among the most expensive item a family can purchase yet we spend little or no time developing a plan on how to sell one.

Real Estate Mavericks, his newest venture, is a coaching company designed to reshape this process. Hague has developed several new strategies that will help the real estate process. A 22- step Home Launch Formula and a 29-Day Fast Sale Plan will hopefully motivate buyers and sellers to act quickly making the process faster and more lucrative.
Building anticipation is a strategy used in many marketing schemes, so why not use it when selling houses? His coaching company teaches agents to wait before placing a house on the market. Instead, agents contact other agents and then all agents message qualified buyers so they have a sneak peek before opening it up to the public. Buyers love the special treatment and they also love having the first option on newly marketed properties.

Selling properties as quickly as possible is key to selling properties. The longer a house sits vacant, the harder the sell is. Buyers assume it is over priced or that there must be something wrong with it.

Hague argues that real estate agents must change their way of thinking. Try new sales techniques. Study the retail market and trends and see what works for them. Stagnant growth is usually due to stagnant techniques and strategies. Just assuming people will have to buy a home doesn’t ensure that homes will sell. If you want the biggest bang for your biggest investment, then put more effort into selling it and marketing it.