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Experience The Benefits Of Being A Part Of A Leading Inmate Calling Network

There are plenty of ways for Securus Technologies to save. They can experience far less dropped calls and have a chance to stay connected to their loved ones in a correctional facility. They provide their customers with superior services that are unmatched by any other in the industry. Securus started as a network regulator working alongside the local Public Utility Commission. Most inmate’s and their families complain about the rising costs of inmate calls. Thousands of people around the world trust the Securus Technologies name for professional services that they can trust for a reliable network.


How To Become A Part Of Securus Technologies


Customers can get excited about the interactive features that ensure you save money and stay connected to your loved ones in a correctional facility. Securus is focused on the growth and prosperity of their company, in addition to, providing services that benefits their patrons. Don’t be fooled by competitor companies that don’t deliver quality services over a reliable network. They are responsible for hiring and training over 14,000+ IT professionals for additional support. You’ll never have to take a trip to a correctional facility again or locate an authorized agent.


Securus Technologies Features


Inmate Voicemail


Inmate voicemail features gives them the freedom of being independent and preparing for life outside of the correctional facility. Inmate’s area assigned an access account that allows them to receive messages through their commissary.


Video Chat


Video chat features by Vimeo give you a clear video and optimized volume. You’ll never miss another holiday including Christmas without the opportunity to see your loved one face-to-face. They give their clients the comfort of seeing their loved ones when and where they want without the hassle of commuting to a correctional institution.


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Securus Technologies Keeps the Communication During Christmas

I recently watched a heartwarming video that caught my attention. It was a story of a father talking to his son. The video restored my faith in the communication industry. I saw that communication facilities can cater to the needs of inmates and their loved ones. I loved the nature of services Securus provides. Securus is redefining communication in correction facilities. It does not connect loved ones physically, but it gives them the chance to connect with their members in correction facilities. If you have ever had a relative in the correction facilities, then you know exactly how it feels. More often than not, anyone in the correction facility will not be in their hometown. It is also extremely difficult for family members to make frequent visits.


Through the use of communication services, inmates can make video calls to their loved ones. They can check up on their kids and have a happy moment. The chance to stay connected with friends and family is a unique and extraordinary one. People in correction facilities have had the opportunity to beat loneliness. Securus Technologies understands that the holiday season is about giving. The company has provided the best gift of communication among inmates, friends, and family.


Securus Technologies has highly specialized in providing communication services in multiple correction facilities. The company avails its services to inmates. Inmates that fully take advantage of the services have had the best Christmas season. Inmates can now receive calls, make calls, send and receive voicemail, and video call.


Securus Technology motto is connecting what matters. The company has stayed true to this by joining family with inmates. The creative Christmas video visit is a showcase of their services. The nature of excellent services has seen the government contract them in multiple correction facilities. Securus has grown to become an international company. It deals with millions of prisoners every year.


Securus has further pioneered public safety in correction facilities. The company deals in criminal and civil sectors. Their aim is to create a safe atmosphere for everyone. Securus has gained a massive publicity across the United States. The popularity is in large part because of the nature of services availed by the company. Securus itself has dedicated employees that promote safety every week. Their dedicated employees always go on an original mission to make the world a better place. The expertise in the field has made all these possible.