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Killer Marketing Moves With EOS

Everyone knows EOS lip balms by now, but just seven years ago this wasn’t the case. How does a lip balm product rocket to success so fast when previously chap stick was the only brand many people turned to. Or it’s other competitor, Blistex, which EOS is currently beating out in sales?

The formula to their success happened almost as organically as the composition of their lip balms. The three men who founded this company already had experience that would help to catapult this product into the next realm. They had small business startup experience, and big brand packaging experience under their belts. With this, they created a small business startup based on an all natural product encased in it’s iconic packaging.

When the brand had it’s first success at Walgreens they had a decision to make. Would they invest their money in marketing, or on building a solid product? The men’s experience in small startups gave them the know how to invest in keeping their product manufacturing process in house to save money which would work for them in the long term. Their automated machinery allowed them to meet demand and to create new flavors and scents. The products are soon picked up by Target and

Later on, only when their brand was fully automated in house, did they branch out into marketing and they did so in just the perfect way to capture their female millennial audience who spent a lot of time on the internet. They gave their product to beauty gurus and beauty bloggers who reached hundreds of thousands of their target audience in minutes. Pop culture mavens like Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian promoted the products in their daily lives, in music videos and on tour. This combination of killer marketing moves helped them to escalate to selling over one million units per week, impressive! Read the full EOS history on