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Tips for Repairing Your Online Reputation with Proper Domain Names

Online reputation management can be trickier, but it can be even trickier if your name has already been damaged and you are trying to repair it instead of just proactively strengthen it. If your personal reputation has been damaged then the first step you need to take is creating websites with your name or business name to help push down negative results. Choosing a new domain name for this purpose can be intimidating at first, but there are some great tips that can help you get started on positive domains and back towards positive search results online.

The very first thing you should do is look for a .com domain that is close to your name or business name if you do not already own one. A lot of times people try to be cute, but something that points directly back to you is always the best because if people are searching for you they will be direct. Therefore, you need to be direct as well. If your has already been taken then try to choose something that is slightly variated by adding dashes or adding in extra word or position. For example, instead of using you can use

If your .com is not available or anything close to it there are a lot of great ways to approach getting a domain that can still help you boost your online reputation. For instance, a lot of people’s name searches are tied to a geographic area. Therefore, you can try to get a domain that is linked to your physical location. This ca help narrow down search results. Choosing something like yourname.NYC is a great way to help boost search results leading to your business. Plus, this works great for local businesses because they are most often to be searched by name and location.

Finally, if you are only working to rebuild your personal reputation you might try out a .ME domain. These are considered a generic Top-Level Domain and are easy to use because the term ‘me’ is usually a self-reference. Therefore, it is easy to remember and it’s logical to remember.