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EOS Revitalizes The Lip Balm Industry

At one time, the typical lip balm was just a boring little necessity that was encased in an even more boring tube. Its primary purpose was to moisturize the lips. However, EOS lip balm was about to shake up the lip balm industry with their redesigned orbs and organic flavors that were attracting a new group of consumers that were very difficult to please. The new group of avid lip balm users was young millennial women. EOS or the ¬†Evolution Of Smooth’s radical take on lip balm marketing helped to revitalize the industry.

A Method To The Madness

Sanjiv Mehra, EOS cofounder and managing partner state that there was a method to the madness of radically changing the way that a lip balm product was marketed. The main players like Blistex and Chapstick treated lip balm like a unisex product or a product that appealed equally to men and women. Mehra noted that the vast majority of lip balm users were young women. Through intensive Facebook research, Mehra also discovered that the same women were constantly complaining about losing their lip balm in their handbags. Mehra started to work on an idea. He would redesign the lip balm container and make the lip balm a sensory delight. Many of the women appreciated the little round orb shapes, the more attractive designed EOS lip balm, and soothing scents.

A Product Engaging The Senses

Mehra was a bit of a marketing genius. He realized that something was missing in the lip balm industry. The market required an update that included products that were enjoyable for the average woman to use. Therefore, the product should engage all the senses. This would include smell, touch, sight, taste, and more. Engaging the senses was a way for the consumer to form a close relationship to the product and become a regular purchaser.

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