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The Chainsmokers Are Taking Their Music In A New Direction

The Chainsmokers have been in the mainstream for a couple of years now since their hit song “Roses” back in 2015. Their music is extremely popular in the EDM world since it is the genre they focus on. Each month, The Chainsmokers duo Andrew Taggart and Alex Paul were releasing new music that consistently made it to the top of the music charts. Now, however, a span of nine months went by before the band finally released a new and their latest song, “Sick Boy”.

The main reason behind the time it took for The Chainsmokers to release this new song was because they took a look at their own genre and style and were looking to expand on it. Rather than stay in the EDM world, which they have become famous for, they are taking to a new style of music. “Sick Boy” is much different than their usual kind of music, with a darker tone and message behind it. For Alex and Andrew, this new song is their way of speaking about the difficult times we are living in and the effects technology has on people these days.

The Chainsmokers have become one of the highest paid Dj pairs of today according to a list published by Forbes, with fans excited and ready to hear new music from them again. Their latest release was an extended play and had more samples of what is to come for their anxious fans, much of which is focused on more serious things happening in society today. With this new release, The Chainsmokers are sure to keep churning out new music just like they have done in the past to gain widespread fame. Despite taking on a new style of music, many others artists have done so in the past quite successfully, and The Chainsmokers have clearly taken their time getting their new style in the right place. At the, fans can check out their upcoming events or latest song release as well as all of the songs released by the duo over the years.