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Neuroscientist Jorge Moll and the Science of Morality

What is the science of morality and how do we teach practical values to our children? Neuroscientist Jorge Moll believes science can explain it. He speaks about how human actions are driven by motivations, going on to point out what should be obvious, nobody does anything without first having some sort of basic motivation. Whether that may be something as general as physical thirst or hunger, one goes out and works to gain food and water, or whether it is the dream of owning a new Mercedes or building a larger home that drives one to go out and work, the basics are the same.

Dr. Jorge Moll believes that different cultures and countries all share a manageable number of types of common moral values, though they may be expressed uniquely in these different areas of the world. In a speech during 2015, at the first-ever international symposium on science for Education, a satellite event of the 9th World Congress on Neuroscience, he spoke to listeners and described a colleague and fellow researcher who traveled deep into the Amazon to observe the values of little documented tribal cultures who were quite isolated even for that region of the world (Moll-Lab). The researcher’s findings showed that even these indigenous peoples, practically cut off from everything and everyone and have been largely uninfluenced by the modern world and its cultures, also share the same core moral values of the rest of the world.

Have you ever given someone a gift and felt as if you gained more than the person who actually receiving your gift? Well, it is really no surprise if you have. It has been proven time and again that such altruistic behavior as giving and generally committing acts of genuine kindness have been directly linked to heightened activity in the regions of the brain which raise levels of what we know as happiness. What is actually happening is that the Oxytocin levels are being boosted, sending a feeling of warm euphoria through the body. These physical reactions can actually cause a person to become just as addicted to the feelings as a drug addict who becomes addicted to the euphoric feelings of their chosen drugs once they are in full affect.

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