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How Ricardo Tosto has been Making Moves in the Brazilian Legal System

Even though Brazil is not where it would like to be when it comes to matters legal and governance, the country has come a long way in establishing rule of law. There are three arms of government in the South American Nation; the executive, judiciary and the legislature. The legislature has the mandate to formulate the laws that govern the country while the judiciary implements these laws and also acts as the custodian of the constitution. The executive determines which bills will be passed into law and how they will be implemented. Ricardo Tosto is one of the key players in Brazil’s judiciary, and he practices law in line with the constitution which was promulgated in 1988.

How the law is implemented in Brazil

In addition to the constitution, there are a few other legal documents which are used to maintain law and order and resolve legal disputes. These include the commercial code, which governs business relations, the criminal suit code which deals with serious crimes, the civil code and the commercial code among others. The country is divided into 26 states that have the freedom to create rules to help govern their own citizens. The government only recognizes lawyers as the legal professionals in the country. It has put across hundreds of law schools across the country with the aim of training as many people as possible to join the profession. To qualify as a lawyer in Brazil, you first have to earn a degree in law, followed by training in the school of law.

Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo joined the legal profession in 1991. He is a law graduate from the Mackenzie Presbyterian University. He specializes in business litigation, where he has made a huge name for himself. He is a senior litigant at Leite, Tosto and Barros AvogadosAssociados. Many of the people who have worked with or at the company state that they were impressed by the spirit that Ricardo Tosto creates in the company, and that he is one of the most supportive and intelligent legal professionals in the country. His leadership has taken the firm to great heights nationally, and even more is expected from him.