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CCMP Capital: One of Wall Street’s Leading Equity Firms

Originally known as Chase Capital Partners, the equity firm CCMP became an independent company in August 2006 and continues to rank as one of the world’s largest private equity firms. Now specializing in growth equity investments in both Europe and North America, CCMP Capital is tasked with managing the private portfolio of J.P. Morgan Partners.

CCMP targets its investments in four specialized industries, the company employes a team of industry experts to engineer continued growth and maximize investment strategies. The firm’s acronym now stands for Chemical Ventures, Chase Capital, J.P. Morgan, and Partners, to emphasize the origin and core mission of their business.

CCMP’s investment strategy begins by collaborating closely with an elite management team. After strategizing with their management team, CCMP develops a long-term investment vision for an individual business, striving to identify key values that will drive forward motion. After CCMP defines its core strategy for the individual business, it identifies specific financial targets. The investment wing of CCMP then implements the strategic objectives, monitoring the progress and health of the portfolio on an ongoing basis.

By combining the expertise of industry experts, the due diligence performed by management analysis, and the shrewd identification and creation of specific financial long-term objectives, CCMP has become a global leader in equity investments. The harmonious partnership and excellent camaraderie between teams at CCMP are considered critical elements to their success.

CCMP’s speciality is executing buyouts and making growth equity investments in several targeted industries in Europe and North America. CCMP averages between $100 million to more than $500 with every transaction, typically interacting with companies valued at between $250 million and $2 million. CCMP also works to help privatize core businesses, as well as seeking to balance capital structures which have become over-leveraged.

For firms seeking to diversify their estates, CCMP offers strategic analysis and guided execution. CCMP also specializes in structuring and performing management buyouts, as well as dividing companies into separate entities to improve productivity and shareholder value.

CCMP primarily focuses on businesses in the consumer/retail industry, industrial producers, healthcare service providers, as well as the combined chemical/energy production and manufacturing sectors. With a team of industry insiders offering expertise, CCMP is able to accurately forecast business cycles as well as accurately hedge against fluctuations in the market. As a result of their successful equity acquisitions and investments, CCMP has become a leader in the field, managing portfolios for many blue-chip companies and firms operating in these four industries.

The current CEO of CCMP is Greg Brennerman. Along with Timothy Walsh, the Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer, a professional team of industry and investment experts, including Jonathan Lynch, Christopher Behrens, Doug Cahill, Kevin O’Brien, Joseph Scharfenberger, Thomas Walker, and Richard Zannino serve the unique needs and goals of their partners and investors.

From 2006 until March 2015, CCMP was helmed by Steve Murray. Involved with the firm since its origin as Chase Capital Partners in 1989, Steve Murray had to step down from his position in February 2015, citing health reasons. A month later, Murray passed away, leaving behind his wife and several sons. At the time of his passing, Steve Murray held board seats on more than a dozen companies, including Crestcom International and Ollie’s Bargain Outlet.