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Doe Deere Promotes Bold Colors and Fashion Rules to Break

When it comes to fashion and makeup many people play by the rules to look their best, but sometimes breaking some rules will make a person stand out to their advantage according to a Bustle article. The Bustle interview with Doe Deere of Lime Crime goes over some rules that are meant to be broken when it comes to makeup. Doe Deere herself is an advocate for creating your own fashion and makeup rules. Lime Crime, dubbed make up for unicorns, comes in some outlandish colors.

Deere created Lime Crime out of a need to stand out. She felt like colors just weren’t bright enough, and as someone who adores a whimsical look, Deere decided to create her own line in 2008. Deere has amassed quite the following online with people who have very similar tastes to her own. Deere was born in Russia, but grew up in New York City.

Lime Crime started out by selling the brightest and most unique lipsticks on the market in 2009 and has since grown to selling all sorts of eye makeup and lipsticks including their very popular Velvetine lipstick in a matte finish. All products are cruelty free and were adapted to vegan standards. Deere is very dedicated to the products her company sells and oversees all production.

As a very influential person in the beauty industry, Deere provided her expertise to Bustle. Some of her favorite beauty rules to break include don’t do bold eye liner with bold lipstick. Of course Deere is against this rule, pairing bold colors anywhere she can. She suggests whatever colors make you happy is what’s important. A unicorn has to work in some great colors, so the rule of mixing too many colors is out, according to Deere. When it comes to fashion, Deere claims she is tired of the expectation of being neutral and tidy. Many fashion rules suggest not mixing too many patterns and wearing neutrals if you have bright colored hair. It is easy to incorporate many patterns and colors together without it being too much. Deere suggests to just pay attention to how colors interact with each other. A big tip Deere has is to not dress your physical age, but the age you feel. When it comes down to it, Deere thinks it should all be about your own personal style and you shouldn’t give up styles you love because of aging.

The Story Behind Lime Crime Cosmetics

There is so much to say about this company I found online I am not sure where to start. So, I’ll begin by telling you about the roots of this company, or the founder, Doe Deere. She was born in Russia and now lives in New York City, where she was raised. This CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics launched a line of colorful, cruelty-free cosmetics so different from normal everyday makeup you see in stores today.

What I love about her is the belief system she shares with others. She doesn’t think makeup has to be just a cover that looks good but she believes feeling right in the moment is what’s more important. So along comes this magical line of cosmetics that are pigmented and vibrant and animal friendly. She developed lipsticks, eye shadow and nail polish with such bold colors they are intense!

Doe is a firm believer that a woman needs to find her own voice as well as following your heart. Mentoring others in the spirit of women in business is one of her loves and she offers anyone the chance to follow and reach out to her on Twitter. That is saying a lot about this woman.

Now on to the makeup. Lime Crime is for lips, eyes and nails. For lips you can get their signature product, Velvetines. This liquid to matte lipstick can be found in such bold colors like jinx, which is a type of purple, Salem which is a dark brown or Wicked, a really deep red and one of my favorites. The inspiration came from the texture of a rose. It goes on in liquid form and then dries to give a matte finish. The look makes you feel awesome and the look is like velvet, or a matte finish.

One of the reasons I buy this product is because it is PETA verified as cruelty free, which are the only cosmetics I would buy. I don’t buy products that have any animal derived ingredients and these do not. Also, the suppliers that sell to Lime Crime promise there is no animal testing in their products as well so I don’t have to worry that I’m getting anyting that isn’t as promised.

What I like about their eye makeup is it reminds you of the nineties. A bit of the grunge with rusty-reds and other neutral colors make painting your eyes incredibly picturesque. It’s like painting a picture except it’s your eyes. Muse is a deep burgandy while Aura is a color that seems to glow in a pearlish ivory color.

The nail color only has about six different shades but they are so vibrant. Parfaitday and Lavendairy are my favorites but in my opinion, buying anything at all from Lime Crime Cosmetics is a win-win.