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Jeunesse – Helping a Generation to Look and Feel Young

Looking one’s best is always important in today’s world. Unfortunately, the world does judge a person’s appearance. Follow Jeunesse Global on Pinterest For the individual, looking healthy and refreshed usually accompanies a feel-good attitude. Jeunesse is a skincare company that understands this, and has developed a group of products to help customers look and feel their best. The Youth Enhancement System is their answer. Synergetic skincare supplements are available that consumers cannot find anywhere else. Read more about Jeunesse Global at Several company products include the following:

  • INSTANTLY AGELESS – As people age, fine lines, wrinkles, and bags under on the face and eyes naturally appear. Instantly Ageless, within minutes, can help reduce the appearance of aging. The effects last from six to nine hours. A special micro cream goes to work on skin that has lost its elasticity. Lifted, visibility toned skin is the result.
  • FINITI – People can feel healthier by taking a unique blend of ingredients that contains vegetable and fruit extracts. It provides the perfect supplemental remedy for people on the go, and is free of artificial preservatives and colors, which include peanuts, fish, eggs, soy, or wheat.
  • ZEN BODY – For many people, it is difficult to work through a weight management program. ZEN BODY teaches users how to lead a healthier lifestyle. It offers an eight-week course that guides individuals through three phases that are easy to follow. Additional benefits include ZEN products, supportive coaching, and continual support from a community of like-minded individuals.
  • MIND – Everyone can benefit from having a sharp mind and memory. MIND, inspired by Eastern medicine, is a dietary supplement that draws on the proteins derived from silkworm cocoons.

Health is as important in today’s world as it has ever been. As such, a healthy mind and body are uniquely connected and necessary for a successful and stress-free life. Jeunesse Global offers products that can help people discover the balance that helps them reach an optimal level of living.


Shea Butter Basics: What Shea Is And Why Is It Valuable?


For those of you who have heard of Shea butter, but have not tried it yet this article will explain how Shea Butter is harvested and why Shea butter is such a sought after health product. I use the term “health product” as Shea butter really does benefit a person’s overall health.


Shea butter begins its existence as the meaty inside of a nut from the Karite trees found in West Africa. These nuts are cracked open and roasted and the inside of the nut is collected and softened into a paste using a mortar and pestle and some water. After the Shea butter is paste like, the farmers will boil the mixture slowly and eventually skim the oils from the top of the kettle. This is a finished product.


Refined Shea butter takes on a creamy white or beige appearance and will melt slowly when in contact with body heat. Shea butter naturally contains many good things for overall health such as essential amino acids that can hydrate and repair damaged skin cells, vitamins A and E are a good anti inflammatory that can reduce wrinkles and the appearance of scars. Shea butter also is loaded with antioxidants for better skin health. It is easy to see why Shea butter is so sought after.


One company that makes a quality product is Eugenia Shea. This company was started by a mother and daughter team. The mother, Eugenia, was raised by a Ghanian midwife, who used Shea butter on a daily basis. Knowing about the health benefits of Shea butter, Eugenia became a business owner and also supervises the harvesting of Shea butter in Ghana. One of the things that Eugenia Shea does as a company, is creating programs for higher education to any of the female Ghanian farmers who would like to further their education.


Eugenia Shea offers quality Shea butter formulations for everyday dry skin, pregnancy, and dermatological conditions. All formulations are packed in handy travel tins and can come gently scented with several natural selections. Shea butter is an all around great skin conditioner that can help with many skin issues.  Learn more about Eugenia and their offerings by visiting their website here: