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Waiakea Volcanic Bottled Water Company and Container Innovation

Bottled water that has been packaged in traditional plastic containers has never been what one would call environmentally friendly, regardless of what many producers claim. All of the research that has been conducted since the inception of plastic containers has been directed at making the bottles stronger and heavier. This enhancement only makes the bottle more resistant to natural forces when a container is discarded.

Traditional producers have also commonly been reluctant to use recycled plastic as well, usually opting for new bottles manufactured from new polymers. This not only occurs in the water industry, but happens in practically all of the products packaged for sale in plastic. But, the Waiakea Volcanic Bottled Water Company may be about to change that trend with their new patented plastic container.

Waiakea Water was issued a patent in 2015 for a product they call Timeplast that is being used as an additive to their already recycled plastic when their water containers are manufactured. Instead of waiting for a natural degradable process that takes up to 1500 years, the new additive begins the breakdown process and lowers the time span to approximately 15 years. It is a plastic container modification that has taken over five years to fully test.

Waiakea Water began in 2012 as the brainchild of 22-yr old CEO Ryan Emmons who had realized growing up in Hawaii that the local bottled water products were much better than the imported brands available on the market. His notion was simply to catch his primary water supply from the foot of the Mauna Loa volcano that is still active on the island. It is considered one of the most pristine water resources in the world. The company has since been recognized by Forbes Magazine in 2015 for exponential growth over the first three years of company existence.

The benefit of using Mauna Loa runoff is that the water travels over the massive collection of volcanic rock and extracts the minerals from the rock in transition down the mountain. The primary marketing idea was that great bottled water begins with a great original water supply, and now that forward thinking has the company positioned to become an innovator in the entire plastic container industry in addition to their nutrient-rich water product.

How Mikhail Blagosklonny is determined of making a disease-free world

How Mikhail Blagosklonny is determined of making a disease-free world.

Cancer has always been the cause of death for very many individuals which have forced scientist researching on the matter. Every scientist wants to study and understand some of the causes of cancer and how it can be treated. As a scientist, it’s your job to research on matters that are seen to affect the society or the human body. Not everybody can understand the science behind cancer apart from scientists as they have the theoretical knowledge that can come in handy.

One of these scientists who has been at the forefront of research and studying cancer is Mikhail Blagosklonny. Mikhail is a scientist by profession and is currently working at Roswell Park Cancer Institute as a Professor of Oncology. Having studied from First Pavlov state Medical University where he attained his degree in Internal Medicine, Blagosklonny majorly reviews Aging and cancer.

On matters dealing with cancer and aging, Mikhail firmly believes that with the help of science, there is a possibility of stopping or reducing the aging process. He views the two concepts, aging, and cancer, related to cancer is a side effect of aging. It is a disease related to the aging process, and this explains the reason as to why many older people are always acquiring cancer. With the belief that cancer can be cured, Mikhail recommends the usage of Rapamycin. He also emphasizes the importance of TOR Signaling with Rapamycin drug for the purpose of extending life. All these proposals Mikhail has come with he gets ideas from his extensive research not coming up with mere ideas. Read more about Mikhail at LinkedIn

His research majorly lies from the field of tumor suppression, signal transduction, cell cycle, mitosis, and apoptosis among others. He is a scientist who has dedicated his career in one finding how to slow down or stop the aging process with the main aim of curbing cancer. He always shares his knowledge and what he has learned from his research through various articles. He is the editor in chief of Oncotarget where he shares his knowledge and discoveries. What motivates Mikhail in what he does is his love for humanity and hope of seeing people living in a disease-free community.

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Keep Your Lips Healthy With EOS Balm

EOS, or Evolution of Smooth, is a company based in New York that has become extremely popular in the last few years. Previously, brands like Burt’s Bees and Blistex were the leaders in the lip balm world, but EOS has grabbed the attention of a lot of consumers due to the spherical shape of the product and the variety of flavors. EOS lip balms are also made from natural and organic ingredients. EOS also started to gain more popularity when celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus began making it clear that they were EOS customers. Visit their website at

There are several lip balm varieties ( that come in the EOS line, including blueberry acai, which contains antioxidants that improve the health of the lips and smooth the skin. Sweet mint is another popular EOS lip balm flavor on Amazon and contains the soothing and restorative properties of peppermint which can plump the lips and freshen the breath. Passion Fruit is available through EOS as well. This lip balm contains natural ingredients and is gluten-free, which is ideal for those who suffer from gluten intolerance. For the warmer months of the year, Summer Fruit is one of the best EOS lip balms, since the natural lip balm contains extracts of blueberry, peach and strawberry for a slight tint and a pleasant scent.

For more information on the lip balms EOS offers, visit You’re also encouraged to visit the EOS Facebook page.


The Greatest Anesthesiologists are in Austin, TX

Capitol Anesthesiology Association (CAA), in Austin, TX, is where the nation’s top anesthesiologist call home. Although CAA is their “home”, most often these anesthesiologists find themselves on the road.

CAA delivers expert anesthesia services all throughout Austin, TX. They’ve built strong, lasting relationships with many medical facilities in the area. A list of hospitals CAA participates with can be found below:

1) Seton Medical Center

2) Seton Northwest Hospital

3) Brackenridge Hospital

4) Dell Children’s Medical Center

5) Seton Shoal Creek Hospital

6) Seton Williamson County Hospital

7) Seton Hays

8) Cedar Park Regional Medical Center

Hospitals are not the only game in town for the CAA experts. A full list of facilities serviced can be found by clicking here.

Services provided by Capitol Anesthesiology Association are:

1) General Anesthesia

2) Regional Anesthesia

3) Local / MAC

4) Pediatric Anesthesia

5) Obsteric Anesthesia

6) Cardiovascular and Thoracic Anesthesia

The very best anesthesiologist, in virtually every major healthcare facility, in Austin, TX, can be found at Capitol Anesthesiology Association. CAA delivers the best, period.

Simple And Easy Raw Vegan Sushi by Markus Rothkranz

Vegan or vegetarian sushi lovers everywhere can rejoice by making this delicious and easy recipe for raw vegan sushi that looks and tastes just like regular sushi. Cara Brotman shows us how to make the timeless nigiri sushi into a healthier raw vegan alternative.
Cara tells us that no animals whatsoever were harmed in the making of this sushi and that there is no rice whatsoever.

We start with a piece of aloe vera, that Cara picked from the garden, and some squeezed beet juice. Cara starts slicing the aloe vera in butterfly style which would give you horizontal pieces. Once you have your sliced aloe vera, you want to trim the corners to get the spines off and peel the skin as well. Next, you’re going to rinse your aloe vera slices under some cold water just to wash off all the gel and bitter flavor.

Once the aloe vera pieces are washed, Cara adds them to the beet juice so that they can marinate. Washing off your aloe vera is a very crucial step, Cara adds, since aloe vera has a very bitter taste and we don’t want that in our sushi. Next, Cara starts to work on the “rice”. The “rice” recipe consists of just some parsnips and binder to keep it all together. The binder is actually cashew butter which Cara adds to the food processor when chopping up the parsnips, once mixed altogether it looks eerily like rice.

Once the parsnip rice is finished, you’ll need nori or seaweed sheets and cut off a little strip. This will be the wrapper that helps the aloe vera beet juice soaked “fish” stay on top of the parsnip rice. You seal the end of the nori strip by just rubbing a bit of water on the end then folding and pressing gently but firmly against the strip. Once you’ve wrapped the strip of nori, you have officially made raw vegan sushi that harms no animals whatsoever. Cara states that it’s an easy way to get aloe vera into your system and that aloe vera is extremely healthy for you so any way you can incorporate it into your diet is great.

This video was originally posted on YouTube and can be watched here.

Nathaniel Ru Is Opening Up A Healthy Enterprise

Right now, there is a growing enterprise that offers food that is very good. However, every franchise got its start. Often times, the beginning of a franchise stems from a problem that the franchise starter has seen. As a result, he has looked for ways to provide that solution. Often times, the solution comes in the form of a successful company. The customers are happy about the solution and the creator of the business profits off of their satisfaction. One of the reasons that it turns out to be successful is that the business owner is very passionate about his business and the purpose behind it.

One thing that got Nathaniel Ru started towards being an entrepreneur was the fact that he along with the other founders of Sweetgreen were children of entrepreneurs. Therefore, they do not get the appeal of working a regular job and trying to climb up the ladder. One thing that Nathaniel Ru understood is that a lot of jobs that are offered are dead end jobs that don’t go anywhere. Not only are their parents entrepreneurs, but some of their parents are also involved in the restaurant industry.

One of the things that inspired the team behind Sweetgreen is that they wanted better food outside of the college campuses. However, they looked and looked for food that is a lot healthier and inexpensive. They have found that the options for salads were lacking. As a result, Nathaniel and others have gotten together to form an idea that dealt with the issue in the food industry. Among the issues that they were faced with was the fact that a lot of the salads and healthy snacks were out of touch. Some of them weren’t even healthy because of the processing that have went into it.

As they worked on the concept, the rest fell into place. Eventually, Sweetgreen was born. They have worked diligently and with a lot of discipline in order to get the multi-million dollar enterprise off the ground. As a result, people were able to experience the health and great taste of the items that Sweetgreen has to offer. As a result, Nathaniel’s company has become very popular among many customers.


Dr Walden RecapDr. Jennifer Walden: Finding A Cure

Meet Dr. Jennifer Walden, a popular plastic surgeon and resident of Lost Creek, Texas. Dr. Walden is searching for a cure for all blood cancers, and is in association with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. This year she is a candidate running for the title of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Woman of the Year.

Dr. Walden will compete for the title in honor of a local boy or girl who survived blood cancer. Candidates across the country will gather and compete, while raising money to donate to the cause. She exclaims in a recent article how privleged and honored she feels to be working towards a cure for all blood cancers. Every dollar raised will count as a vote for her and the candidate with the most votes at the end will be named Man or Woman of the year.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is nationally renowned, and popular for her career as a plastic surgeon but her associations with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society define more of who she really is as a person. A natural born leader, she is only woman to be on the board of directors for the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. She has been featured in several magazines being portrayed as one of the best plastic surgeons in the country and is also a published author. A mother, a media darling and family woman, Dr. Jennifer Walden is a force to be reckoned with. Her hard work has gained her recognition and her generosity has given her the good name. She is deserving of this award and is a wonderful person for dedicating her time to such a good cause.

Brazil’s Zika Virus Epidemic on the Rise, Healthcare Expert Sergio Cortes Offers Tips

Cases of babies born affected with Microcephaly have been surging in Brazil, with about 3,500 cases reported thus far. Microcephaly is a birth defect linked to the mosquito-borne Zika virus that was identified in Brazil recently. Children afflicted with Microcephaly are born with a distinctly small head, resulting in severe brain damage in the child’s mental as well as physical health, with the latter effects manifesting in defects of the eyes and bones. Microcephaly also severely limits life expectancy, with the average being 10 years. It is detectable at prenatal stages, and requires afflicted babies to be placed in constant intensive care.

Parents of babies born with Microcephaly have blamed the Brazilian Government for being negligent in their eradication efforts of epidemics such as dengue. This has facilitated the spread of Zika virus in Brazil, since both are borne by the same mosquito. Brazil’s National Health Service, on National Public Radio which a major section of the population relies, has also not stepped up to the aid of these parents, with several complaints of bad service at the hospitals. The healthcare system lacks therapists and specialized pediatricians to properly rehabilitate children and parents. There’s also reportedly an acute lack of funds. There seems to be minimal knowledge on noticias amongst healthcare professionals about the Zika virus that only arrived in Latin America last week but has spread fast enough to assume the form of an epidemic. The U.S. Centre for Disease Control and Prevention has already issued warnings to pregnant women to avoid traveling to countries where the virus is prevalent, including Brazil.

However, efforts to curb the epidemic seem underway. Manual efforts are being made to eradicate the mosquitoes as well as their breeding grounds, including using drones to destroy breeding places. Brazil has also begun research into vaccination for Zika, spearheaded by Dr. Sergio Cortes, healthcare professional and CEO at Rede D’Or, the largest independent hospital chain in Brazil. According to studies so far, there is currently no antiviral to prevent the spread of this disease, but his team of experts suggest intravenous treatment to health facilities, and use of painkillers and anti-inflammatory medicines for at-home treatment and relief.

Cortes and his team have worked tirelessly on identifying the symptoms of Zika virus, which commonly include fevers, muscle aches and rashes lasting about 3-7 days. Tests are yet to be developed to identify the disease, the best diagnostic tool currently only limited to intensive observation of the symptoms.

Cortes’ team suggests taking preventive measures to avoid coming into contact with the virus, like avoiding going outdoors during vulnerable hours of the day and liberally using mosquito repellants. Pregnant women are advised to cover most of their body and keep prenatal checkups regular. In case of suspicions about your symptoms, Cortes suggests seeing a doctor immediately. The development of the vaccine stands at about 80% complete, pending some approvals and then a careful monitoring of the volunteers it’s going to be tested on.

To keep up with the latest developments in the Zika Virus vaccine, Cortes can be followed on his Twitter and LinkedIn.