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Clay Siegal Created a Genetics Empire

Many people may not know this, but most drugs have some type of genetics that go into them. This is what allows the drugs to work and enables them to connect with the body to do the treatments that they need. It takes a lot of genetic work to get a drug developed and that is exactly what Clay Siegal had in mind when he started Seattle Genetics. He knew what he wanted to do and he continued to do it so that people could use the different genetic options when they are using their medication to treat various illnesses.

For Clay Siegal to do this, he had to ensure that Seattle Genetics was doing the necessary research. They learned about antibodies and how they could make things better for the drugs that they worked with. Clay Siegal also tried his best to show people that they could use these for the drugs that they were developing. When Clay Siegal did all of this, he knew that his company would get better and that people could use the opportunities that they had for success with the different drugs that they had made in their own areas.

As the company grew and more drug reps were interested in the things that they could do with Seattle Genetics, things got better for them. It was a huge part of what they were doing and a huge part of what made pharmaceuticals better for people to use them to feel better in their own lives. Clay Siegal knew this and continued to use the right type of genetics to make these drugs (and others) that would help treat a variety of illnesses for people who were suffering.

While Clay Siegal has done a lot of work with genetics, he knows that it is important to keep trying to find new information on antibodies and drug resistance. He is confident that the researchers who work for his company will be able to do this and that they will always be able to try different things with the opportunities that they have. Clay Siegal knows that it is imperative to continue doing these things for people and knows that his career will be better thanks to the options that he has created for the genetic testing and antibody opportunities that he has with the medication. He wants to be able to create genetic opportunities for everyone to enjoy.