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A Look at Fabletics’ Business Strategy

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has beaten many odds in its growth, considering Amazon already has 20 percent control of the e-commerce market and the presence of other fast scaling e-commerce companies like Warby Parker, Bonobos, and Lululemon. The $250million business has grown in three years. It uses a subscription mechanic to sell clothing to its customers. In addition to price and quality of goods and services, the success and competitiveness of a given product also depend on customer experience, brand recognition, exclusive design, last-mile service and gamification elements, these new determiners have successfully been met by Fabletics and are paying off.


They will be opening new physical stores this year, to add onto the sixteen that they already have open in places such as California, Florida, and Hawaii. This is aimed at enhancing the overall brand experience.Their positioning and strategy have contributed a lot to their success.Fabletic’s general manager says that their membership model allows them to offer personalized services and latest fashion. Its members get customized outfits based on their fashion preferences and their lifestyle at half the price of their competitors.In the stores, they get to touch, feel, and see the high-quality fabrics.


Fabletics is a stylish, reasonably priced good quality athleisure brand. It did its first collaboration with pop superstar Demi Lovato in June 2017. She had a lot of praises for Fabletics, most importantly she stated that she loves what they stand for and the fact that their clothes are so cute and that the company inspires women to be the best version of themselves despite their size or age. It has been a trendy athleisure brand that has always been inclusive and empowering to its customers.


Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg approached Kate when they were starting because they believed she represented what they wanted Fabletics to be. They consider her an approachable individual with an active lifestyle. Kate Hudson has been highly involved from the start. She takes part in most activities, ranging from reviewing budgets to picking social media strategies and the design of the clothes. She is also keen on the sales.Fabletic’s partnership with its parent company which had resources and experience in online fashion was a boost to the business.


Fabletics are fanatical about quality and customer service, and for this, reason, it has experienced rapid growth since when it was founded in July 2013. In 2014 for instance, they experienced triple-digit growth, in 2017 they have 1.2 million members and have seen a retail increase of 644 percent in the past year. They also have a data-driven approach to business, which updates them on customer response on social media, the quantity of products required and also matches the customer with the perfect outfit. The data system allows Fabletics to go from design to production within eight weeks. Fabletic has a goal of ensuring that consumers get fashionable activewear for non-designer prices and hence make fitness accessible to all.

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Adding Spice to Fitness the Fabletics way

For many, when the Hollywood acting role calls, they never look back at into other ventures they could pursue. Hollywood is a dream and for Kate Hudson, it was definitely one. However, she did not stop at the point of having dozens of films and a Golden Globe under her belt.

Kate owns Fabletics which she launched in 2013. She has leveraged on her name to move the brand from a mere start-up to a multi-million ‘ athleisure’ brand. She joins the line of some of the Hollywood greats who have gone ahead to start their own brands and become their own brand ambassadors.

The company aims to provide women of all body sizes with high-quality, comfortable and attractive workout clothes. These clothes can then become part of everyday wear.

The company also works on a membership model that allows them to personalize their brand to its users. By being VIP members, the customers receive massive discounts on the company’s costly products. This, therefore, ensures a big and regular customer base that has propelled the brand to prosperity. They also tap into the current worldwide campaigns that promote healthy eating and exercise. Their selling point is however on offering comfortable and stylish products that can be worn in the gym or outdoors.

The company has grown by over 200 % and now has 18 retailers. They also have a membership of more than 1.2 million people across 8 countries. It recently posted a revenue of $250 million. Their venture into plus size products has also helped increase sales and tap a bigger audience.

Many would say that it is her name that made Fabletics a household name, but there is more than meets the eye.

Kate Hudson has always been a person who looks at things differently. Her hands-on approach to business has ensured that she carries the brand name everywhere she goes. She is also hands-on in the company operations and has hence helped steer the company to success. Her mother Goldie Hawn, who runs a foundation, the Hawn Foundation has been a great inspiration for her.

In a recent interview on why she started Fabletics, Kate states that “I wanted women to get excited about being active, and one way to do that is to make it easy, fun, and affordable. We wanted to create a model that would allow us to have a quality that’s comparable to (or better than) other brands but that’s also accessible so that it can reach more women.I also felt strongly that it should be inclusive so that women of any size, shape, age, or ability could feel great in the clothes”

Kate Hudson is very big on data. It is no wonder she also points the company’s success and brand loyalty to embracing customer reviews. These reviews have helped them create products that touch on customer expectations.

When signing up for a Fabletics account, customers are required to fill in a brief quiz. This is very important since the answers help the company identify the customer’s body size. It also helps Fabletics provide a more customized and personalized experience.