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Venezuela Continues to Crumble

Situations in Venezuela Leading to Desperation
Anyone who has paid attention to international news or facebook trending news knows that Venezuela has been having a tough time lately, to say the least. Tough times, as it turns out, often lead to desperation from just about everyone.

The crisis in Venezuela has taken another bizarre turn, to the point where even military soldiers are struggling. In fact, six members of the country’s military were arrested this past weekend for stealing goats. When asked, the soldiers responded that they did so because they had to feed themselves, since the barracks were running very low on food at the time. Needless to say as per expert Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa, a situation is truly dire when even the military doesn’t have enough food and has to guard food lines.

Venezuela as a whole has been hit by turmoil and strife, the food shortages already adding to a staggering inflation rate of 181 percent, oil prices dropping heavily and water shortages and drought due to shifts in climate, mainly the El Nino effect. The main dam that supplies hydroelectric power for much of Venezuela is seeing a record shortage in water levels, and as such water now has to be rationed.

Oil prices have dropped by several billion dollars over the last years, made worse by the fact that the country’s economy is heavily dependent on its oil reserves. The government has struggled heavily with trying to adapt now.