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Lovaganza Announces Important Dates recently issued a press release pertaining to the increasingly anticipated event “Lovaganza”. Lovaganza has been in the works for years now. By the time the event finally launches, it is likely a decade or more will have gone into its planning. But when one considers what is planned, that makes sense.

Originally slated for a 2015 release, according to, Lovaganza will now launch in 2020. But to keep appetites properly whetted, there will be three films in Lovaganza’s own IMMERSCOPE released sequentially starting in 2017.

The reason Lovaganza re-evaluated its release strategy had a lot to do with technological advances in the market. It was discovered that newer and better means of doing what the designers of Lovaganza intend to do were available. Naturally, those involved decided to start backing these new innovations, and re-designed their marketing plan.

Lovaganza’s primary centerpiece will be a kind of 3D technology that doesn’t require glasses. Called IMMERSCOPE, this is made possible through a screen that is one hundred and eighty degrees. The viewing experience is comparable to being in a play at a theatre which has the production values of a big-budget Hollywood picture on That kind of intimacy can really convey a message, and this important truth is not lost on the Lovaganza planners. They’ve got nine films slated for eventual release, the first trilogy of this nine having already begun principal photography. Each film will feature themes of music, dance, and a sort of Bohemian celebration centered in cultural idiosyncrasies and individuality. The diverseness of mankind across the world will be celebrated with the idea of a convoy tying all these things together.

The convoy is a core concept of Lovaganza, and will be properly epitomized in an actual convoy that will showcase IMMERSCOPE across the world.

Lovaganza’s launch will take place simultaneously in eight locations strategically located at population centers across the planet. These locations are in America, Asia, Europe, Oceania, Africa, and the Middle East.

The aims of those producing Lovaganza are very high, and seem to incorporate substantial funding. With the kind of technological presentations and exhibitions that will be available during the main event, coupled with live performances and IMMERSCOPE, it will be interesting to see exactly how this monster budget is properly applied. With likely a decade or more of planning and design poured into it by its launch date, Lovaganza is an undertaking unlike any the world has seen in recorded history.

Inspired and Detailed: 23 Layers and Boskoff

Jessica Boskoff has founded 23 Layers, which allows her to fulfill her love of designing with color, texture, and fun. She finds inspiration in the wedding industry. An industry that is always inspired by new designs to express each couple’s personality, and Boskoff loves to look to the new wedding designs to help inspire her event designs.

Boskoff is an event designer who breaks the tradition in favor of what the client wants and what will help the event be memorable. She designs the events from scratch and enlists the help of outside vendors, like florists and bakers to provide the services she doesn’t offer. Pastels, delicate flowers, and light airy colors can set a pretty balance to make a sweet soiree or tea party pop.

Boskoff designed the photo shoot that accompanied her interview and it showed her impeccable and trendy taste. From stylish props to vivid colors, the set was alive with a beautiful design pattern that showcased her work. She loves delicate baked goods that accentuate her events. Pastels are her favorite right now with mute pinks, blues, and greens to help make an event lively.

She loves whimsical and fun designs with pops of color and delicate desserts. Flowers are one of her favorite accents and she loves the delicateness of pink peonies and similar ones. Having a job where she can express herself through design, she believes is a dream come true. These talents extend from events she plans to her own personal events. Designing is a passion for Boskoff. Her eye for design and what works for events has made her successful.

23 Layers is a full service event planning and design firm based in New York. They work with corporate events, galas, charitable events, and other parties. The details of the event are what Boskoff and her company find important. It’s the details that make it memorable.