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Sheldon Lavin- The Power of Growth and Winning

Sheldon Lavin is a man who boasts of being innovative and turning everything he touches into success and he is the chairman and Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group. Lavin is also the president of OSI International Foods and he stays super actives in ensuring his dream of dominating the retail food industry gets fulfilled. Lavin loves the quality, and his company runs on the agenda of using skills and techniques that adhere to his taste and style. The company is well renowned for dealing with manufacturing and also packaging of meat and food products and its principal operations takes places in Aurora, Illinois. In 1970, the Otto and Sons sought the help of Sheldon Lavin in financial problem, and later it changed to OSI Group.

Lavin took over the company and turned it into a successful global icon that uses his broad vision and skilled leadership to make profitable decisions that ensures safe expansions. The company moved from being a local domestic food processor to having an international blueprint and leaving success marks globally in the retail sector.

In 2016, the Global Visionary Award presented Lavin with an award for his continuous tremendous job that has ensured OSI International maintains its high quality of standards. The India Vision Academy gave the award, and in 2015, the RSM-US LLP awarded him prestigious Lifetime Achievement award for his unique and exceptional commitment to people of Chicago business community. Sheldon Lavin over his career time has received multiple awards, and he acknowledges his humbled recognition due to years of accomplishments and achievements and making his company a powerhouse.

Sheldon Lavin vision was expanding OSI Group to different continents offering exceptional services and leadership skills that have vastly changed the meat and food processing industry. Lavin specialises in large-scale operations that give him opportunities to swiftly manage the supply chain com complexity with comfort and easiness. Sheldon has also dedicated his career life to taking care of his employee’s welfare by ensuring they enjoy high compensations, returns and benefits for their hard work and dedication in the company.

Sheldon Lavin is philanthropists who give to various charitable causes through the Ronald McDonald Houses donating to help the sick children, the Jewish foundation, the college funds and chronic illness funds and he also support in various charitable events in Chicago. Lavin central vision of OSI group is to expand and maintain profitable growth while serving their clients with high-class services.

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Waiakea Water: Sustainable Volcanic Water That Balances Our pH Level Naturally

Waiakea Volcanic Water is a company that has found a way to create bottled water that is truly sustainable, both within the source where the water is gathered and with the packaging the bottled water. The company also is making major headlines for the fact that it is the first of its kind of be truly PH balanced, benefitting the entire body system.

The company is quickly rising fast due to the incredible qualities that it is able to offer in the bottled water arena. Waiakea Water was recently featured in Premier Gazette where the publication broke down all of the benefits that Waiakea Water offered due to the fact that it is sourced from an active volcano. The article makes a point that not all bottled water is created equal. That fact can’t be more true, as Waiakea is standing out well above the crowd due to the fact it comes from a sustainable, volcanic source.

Many people don’t realize the way that our bodies’ pH level can affect almost every element of our body. It is important in things like removing free radicals, maintaining tissue health and making sure our cells are functioning fully. I wasn’t familiar with how important my body’s pH level was prior to reading the article about Waiakea Volcanic Water. For example, pH ranges from zero to fourteen, with numbers on the lower end being more acidic and numbers on the higher end being more alkaline. The ideal pH balance in order for my body to be operating in its best capacity has been thought to be around a pH level of 7.4.

Waiakea has a new theory that has been proven to help us maintain our optimal health. The organically sourced volcanic water has an alkaline pH level of exactly 8.8. This means that not only does Waiakea Water serve to give us that ideal alkaline level, it actually is a fully natural antioxidant that can actually get rid of diseases and free our bodies of radicals that can come in from anything as simple as the air we breathe.

Dr. Rod Rohrich Educates and Excels

Dr. Rod Rohrich has over 600 peer reviewed publications, 1,500 talks covering plastic surgery and all its facets, 150 visiting professor positions to both international and national societies, published 5 textbooks about his craft extending from liposuction to rhinoplasty, and chaired more than 100 education symposiums about plastic surgery. Rohrich will be participating in three symposiums in early 2018 alone; two of which he will be chairing and organizing.The North Dakota Native, voted a Notable North Dakotan in 1998, is board certified and is an expert in many different areas of plastic surgery including face lifts, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation and tummy tucks. He received his undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from universities in his home state. His varied knowledge and skills makes him highly sought after to educate others. Dr. Rod Rohrich is a chair of the Department of Plastic Surgery at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center as well as a professor.

While Rohrich will be in panel discussions and lectures as well as performing a life Rhinoplasty at the first symposium of the year, the Baker Gordon Educational Symposium, the 2 he will be chairing and organizing are the Dallas Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine Meeting and the Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting. These two symposiums are scheduled following one another in late February to early March. These two meetings are known for their fresh cadaver labs with procedural presentations.The Medicine Meeting will focus on the latest innovations and techniques in plastic surgery and cosmetic medicine from skin procedures to body contouring. Rohrich will be speaking in all four panels at this symposium and presenting in several sessions. The Rhinoplasty Meeting will have lectures and discussions by Dr. Rod Rohrich as well as his participation in an Advanced Nasal Anatomy video.After graduating with his medical degree from the Baylor College of Medicine, where he was part of the Alpha Omega Alpha Honors Society, he held and completed a General and Plastic Surgery residency at the University of Michigan. During his residency, he held the position of Chief Administrative Plastic Surgery Resident.

Greg Secker Aiding and Improving Life’s Qualities of Others

Greg Secker a successful Business Englishmen was born in Norfolk England, Greg became a multi-millionaire in his twenties. Greg Secker is an Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, International Speaker, and a Master Stock and Currency Trader. Mr. Secker is also the Founder of Greg Secker Foundation since 2010. Greg Secker is a man who looks for ways to give back. Greg has affectivity for philanthropy to better lives and assists those who become victims of natural disasters, like the devastating typhoon Haiyan in 2013. Typhoon Haiyan struck in the Philippines in the province of Iloilo, several families lost their homes. Greg Secker had more than 100 homes built in the municipality of Lemery for typhoon victims, which the housing area is known today as the Greg Secker Foundation Village.

Greg Secker Education

University of Nottingham – Nottingham, England

Studies: Animal Physiology with European Studies


The Greg Secker Foundation

The Greg Secker Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2010 by Greg Secker. Mr. Secker’s foundation platform is to help improve the quality of people lives globally. The foundation services provide the necessary educational and guidance tools needed in life to succeed towards opportunities of choice, such as education, life skills, and leadership action.

The Greg Secker Foundation Causes

Build a House, Build a Home

Rebuilding communities that were destroyed due to natural disaster

Youth Programs

Teaching youth core life skill and exhilarate overall positive attitudes towards life

Flying Traders and Tradeathons

Greg flies the friendly skies with a flying trader team participating in live trading events around the globe and clock to raise money for causes that are provided by The Greg Secker Foundation.

Greg Secker Taking Care of Business

Greg Secker is a fascinating Businessman and was exposed to the best Forex traders in the world at age 25. Greg enjoys accumulating money and teaching others how to accumulate money as well through his company, Learn to Trade founded in 2003. Greg Secker is a real go-getter in regards to keeping The Greg Secker Foundation strong and active for the sake of others, especially those who are victims of a natural disaster. Greg Secker is a distinguished worldly professional who is a father of three children residing in London, England.

Sheldon Lavin and Food Processing

Sheldon Lavin is an established executive in the foodservice world. He’s the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of OSI Group in Aurora, Illinois. He’s the Chairman of the international brand as well. OSI Group’s Aurora location is not at all far away from Chicago. Lavin is an individual who has a strong reputation within the food and meat processing fields. He’s been working in both of those fields for many decades now. He, because of that, is equipped with industry insight that’s practically unrivaled. He’s known a lot about the industry since the beginning of the seventies. Lavin was part of Otto & Sons’ financing back in 1970. Otto & Sons, with time, turned into what’s now known as OSI Group. Lavin is a person who has tangible goals in mind at all times. That’s the reason he was able to take Otto & Sons to its current successes. OSI Group used to be a company that focused on domestic food processing matters. It’s now a powerhouse in the industry, however. It concentrates on global matters as well. It has over 60 locations internationally. They’re in 60 nations, too.

Sheldon Lavin was born in the United States in 1932. He went to educational institutions such as Roosevelt University, Northwestern University and the University of Illinois. He studied both finance and accounting. He has a B.S. (Bachelor of Science) degree. He got that degree at Roosevelt University.

Lavin is an executive who has a lot of expertise that relates to food processing subjects. He’s also a proud financial consulting expert. He owned a financial consulting business for more than 15 years. This firm was called simply “Sheldon Lavin & Associates, Inc.” It had a bustling downtown Windy City location that was easy for clients to access regularly.

This professional is at the helm of development matters at OSI Group. He puts a lot of effort into the expansion process. He focuses on expansion matters on other continents. Asia and Europe are examples. Lavin works tirelessly daily to help OSI flourish in all areas.

Sheldon Lavin emphasizes the strength of expansion. He’s also a person who emphasizes the beauty of doing great things for fellow human beings. He, because of that, is an active philanthropist. He’s backed Ronald McDonald House Charities for a long time now. He’s been helping the group for over 25 years. He also aids groups that revolve around families.

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Dr. Shafik Sachedina leads Sussex Healthcare into becoming a premier care provider for the elderly in Sussex

Sussex Healthcare is a network of home care facilities based in Bridge, West Sussex. The healthcare facility offers support services for the seniors suffering from various health conditions in the U.K. The network comprises of 20 care homes that are spread across the Sussex area. The facilities are staffed with highly experienced doctors and nurses who have spent numerous years working with the elderly and the mentally disadvantaged people in the society. The Sussex healthcare offers 24/7 support services to the patients using the most modern technology. Besides, the facility offers high-quality facilities that make the patients comfortable.Visit to know more.

As a premier provider of healthcare for the elderly, Sussex healthcare invests heavily in their staff and services that they offer to the patients. They always ensure that they provide the right resources that are needed to provide high-quality healthcare. The facility has invested huge resources in People accreditation by renowned experts in the different field. The facility prides on having highly qualified doctors and nurses and other members that form a care team.

The facility has been honored numerous times by various healthcare professional bodies over the years. Recently, the facility further invested in their team by bringing an independent expert with a wealth of experience to guide and provide support to their teams.

Sussex healthcare is a respected care provider with over three decades worth of experience in the healthcare industry. The facility was established in the 1970s by Dr. Shafik Sachedina and his colleagues to provide high-quality healthcare to the mentally challenged individuals. Since its establishment, the facility has served more than 30,000 people.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina has been a solid figure behind the success of Sussex Healthcare. He started out in the organization in 1975, and he now serves as the director of the company. Besides his leadership roles at Sussex Healthcare, Dr. Shafik holds high-ranking positions in other organizations that include the Jamati Institutions where he serves as the Secretariat of His Highness the Aga Khan.

Dr. Shafik is tasked with coordinating and organizing activities and programs for the Ismail community institutions where such programs exist. He also coordinates activities and programs for the Aga Khan Development Network programs.

Shafik Sachedina was born in Tanzania in May 1950. He spent much of his childhood years in Tanzania and then left for the U.K to pursue higher studies. He enrolled at the University of London, Guy’s Hospital Medical & Dental School where he qualified as a dental surgeon in 1975.

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International Food Producer-OSI Group

OSI Group is one of the leading food production firms in the world. The organization continues to add its multi-billion status in the food industry by acquiring more food groups which have the same values as well as goals as theirs. OSI Group is an international leader in food processing sector and its main mission is to deliver quality food services and products as well as retail brands. David McDonald is the President of OSI Group and he admits that their organization has the hunger for expansion not only in capacity but also in product development. OSI has been partnering with other food production companies to enable them to distribute quality food products and services as they help them increase their sales. The international food production company’s partnering deals assist their clients to get what they want.

OSI Group spokesman recently announced that their firm paid $7.4 million to purchase a 200000 square foot property of Tyson Foods plants for the purpose of their expansion. The Tyson Foods plants deal with foods among them; hot dogs, hamburger, bacon, meatballs, vegetables, as well as poultry. According to Forbes, OSI Group is ranked as an international food production firm. Ever since the inception of the food company, it has been expanding to other regions and it has expanded their services and products in Europe. In Europe, OSI Group offers variety of products which include; frozen chicken, pies, marinades, sauce, dressings, and sandwich fillings. According to a statement by the President of the group; David McDonald the new flagship in Europe has created a broader presence of the firm. Some of the food companies that have joined OSI include; a Dutch food manufacturing company; Baho Food. The Dutch company deals with foods among them deli meats and snacks. Baho Foods work hand in hand with their affiliates which have their operations in Germany as well as Netherlands.

OSI Group is privately owned meat processing Food Company based in the United States. The international food processing company has its Headquarters based in Aurora, Illinois. OSI is an ancient food firm which was established in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky after his migration to the United States. Otto began the meat company as a family business. The company has been expanding since then and it changed its name to ISI Group in 1975. The global food production company is an expert in offering the following services as well as products;
Custom food solutions
Reliable chain supply expert
Quality food safety and assurance

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Expansion At OSI Group Is Clicking Along Quite Nicely

You do not have to stop and tell the people at OSI Group about how well things are going at their company, they can see the evidence for themselves. Expansion at the Aurora, Illinois based food distributor has been rapidly increasing in recent times. Already, OSI Group is one of the largest privately-owned food processor in the world that you may never have heard of. That may soon change if the picture continues to remain as rosy as it does for them at this moment.

OSI Group likes to say that while they are a leading food processor, they still have an entrepreneurial spirit that keeps them hungry for growth. It also helps them to provide quality benefits and working conditions to their employees. As a matter of fact, the company is very diligent to make sure that everyone who works for them receives fair treatment and is made to feel like they are part of the family. They are always seeking out the brightest minds in the industry to help them grow even more.

The global reach of this brand took a significant leap in 1995 when they first made inroads into India. They formed a partnership with Vista Processed Foods in that country at the time in order to start to serve one of the largest markets on the planet. More recently, they have added a plant in that country that produces frozen vegetables. That added a lot more jobs and earnings potential for OSI Group all at the same time. Progress was so strong there that Vista Processed Foods is now wholly owned by OSI Group.

Poland was the recipient of some recent investment by OSI Group. They put a plant there to start serving many Eastern European countries. The food that they produce there goes to serve customers in Sweden, Czech Republic, Finland, Poland, and more. People in that area have now had their first taste of OSI Group foods, and they love it!

Finally, the latest expansions have been into Germany. In that country, OSI Group has partnered with the largest supermarket chain to distribute the foods that it produces. Those expansion plans kicked off in 2014 and 2015. The company has been able to produce very niche products for every market that they reach out to. It has given them the flexibility to create what the people in various areas are interested in consuming.

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Todd Lubar Is Most Sought After in Baltimore Area Real Estate Markets

Baltimore is at the center of news coverage however the one thing that people are not hearing about in the news is the booming real estate market. There are plenty of trends that are bringing more developers to the Baltimore area right now.

One trend that is popular right now is the conversions of the old buildings and turning them into new chic apartments. One example is the chic building at 10 Light Street. Under Armour had transformed a ground level building into what others consider a prime gym. This training center is just one example of the conversions. Where the Bank of America was once a popular gym is now one of the most chic apartment buildings in Baltimore. They are now home to some of the highest paid apartments in Baltimore.

Another reason why the Baltimore area is booming is the amount of millennials moving to the area. The cost is less than living in the Washington D.C. area and residents in Baltimore are young graduates and professionals all looking to settle down after completing college.

One person who knows all too well what is hip and trendy right now is Todd Lubar. The Baltimore real estate agent knows what it takes to put home owners and renters into their homes. He has been doing this job for a number of years. His consultations have helped valuable finance sectors along with credit sectors. He is the number one choice for prospective buyers in the Baltimore area.

Todd graduated from the University of Syracuse and soon after went to work for Crestar Mortgage. He stayed at this job until 1999. Once he left Crestar, Todd went on to work for Legacy Financial Group. It was during this time that he became one of the highest searched producer for the Maryland area with the least amount of time under him. Check out Inspirery for more.

When the chaos hit the mortgage industry, Todd Lubar became the Sr. VP at Charter Funding. It is his impressive accomplishment of being at the top of the 25 mortgage originators in the United States. Since this time period, Todd has gone on to start his own real estate demolition as well as development and retains active in many areas of the real estate industry for the Baltimore area and in Maryland. Visit his website for more.

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