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Dispel Wikipedia Myths and Get the Facts

The English Wikipedia is the 7th most popular website in the world according to Alexa rank for 2016. Entrepreneurs can reach a lot of people by having professionals make a Wikipedia page for them. Hiring Wikipedia writers from services like “Get Your Wiki” can give you a great page to promote yourself online.

“Do You Wiki?”

On January 15, 2001, Wikipedia was created. Very few websites have stood the test of time, like Wikipedia. On this anniversary, The Register UK discussed eight Wikipedia myths and revealed the truth about them. Did you know that Wikipedia considered running ads, but its die-hard editors threatened to resign, so the Wikimedia Foundation relented?

Wikipedia has thrived because it encapsulates the esprit de corps of the Internet. Create an open forum where people can feel free to share their ideas and improve the world. Wiki continues to offer short snippets and long articles, which educate the world population for free.

Another beneficial aspect of Wikipedia is that it is frequently checked by the most intelligent movers and shakers on the planet. On a normal Wikipedia page, the individuals with their own Wiki pages will be listed in bold print. Web surfers can simply click on the link to reach that individual’s Wiki page. This is a great marketing vehicle.

“Wiki Fads Fashions & Trends”

Celebrities have publicists. Presidents have spokesmen. Singers have concert promoters. Famous people hire people to promote them.

You could teach yourself some computer language and try to create your own website, but why bother? Likewise, you could try to create your own Wikipedia page, but do you even have a Wiki account? Probably not. Do you know the rules and guidelines? Probably not? Do you have time for updates? Probably not.

While Wikipedia is an open source community, they do have standards and guidelines for submissions. When you hire “Get Your Wiki,” you are assured of professional, high-quality Wikipedia business page creation, reference citation and timely updates. You won’t look like a novice. For remember that your own individual Wiki page will establish your online reputation. Put your best foot forward and “Get Your Wiki.”