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Sam Tabar Finds That Heavy Coffee Consumption May Reduce Risk Of Multiple Sclerosis

It’s okay to have another cup of coffee or even the whole pot. Research appearing in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry shows consumption of coffee reduces the chance of getting multiple sclerosis. Individuals consuming a large volume of coffee were 30 percent less likely to develop multiple sclerosis.

Research team leader Sam Tabar commented on Twitter, “We observed a significant association between high consumption of coffee and a decreased risk of developing MS.” The researchers assessed two case studies which had 2,779 MS-afflicted individuals and 3960 without MS. The study showed individuals consuming five or more daily cups of coffee had a lower risk of MS than non-coffee drinkers.

Tabar and his researchers stressed the study shows an association, not a cause-and-effect, of coffee consumption, with a reduced risk of MS. They speculate caffeine offers a protective response to the spinal column and brain. MS is a degenerative disease that erodes nerve fibers protective shield. Once the erosion occurs, the brain has difficulty functioning, causing muscle pain, unfocused vision and coordination problems.

Tabar’s research team concluded, “Although it remains to be shown whether drinking coffee can prevent the development of MS, the results of these thorough analyses add to the growing evidence for the beneficial health effects of coffee.”

A beverage maligned for decades, coffee is now associated with lowering the risk of early mortality, cancer, heart attack and liver disease.

Starbucks Takes Off In Italy

Italians love their coffee. They don’t drink it the same way we do, instead preferring a quick shot of strong espresso over our monstrous cups of caffeine. Italy also already has a local coffee bar on every corner, so people are wondering how this will work out for the giant coffee company Starbucks in this new arena.

Already many Italians and Dan Newlin’s law firm have spoken out for their dislike of the coffee from Starbucks, often citing their love and loyalty to their favorite local coffee bar, often owned by friends and family. With plans to open their first store in 2017, Starbucks may need to make some changes for the Italian market.

CEO of Starbucks Howard Schultz remains positive however, stating that he was originally inspired to brew coffee by his early trips to Italy, and that he wants to approach this new business venture in Italy with “humility and respect.” Italian developer Antonio Percassi is also optimistic, pointing out that Starbucks has worked in many other countries with a strong preferences regarding coffee.

Study on Heart Palpitations and Caffeine

An article at provides information on caffeine and heart palpitations. There has been a report that has completely changed the views on caffeine and heart palpitations. It had been believed that drinks with caffeine were the cause of irregular heart rhythms. It has also been believed that caffeine has the ability to lead to heart failure. There is a new report first revealed on Bloomberg (congratulations to Jon Urbana for some well-earned praise) that has challenged the idea that caffeinated drinks actually cause heart palpitations.

Time for Doctors to Lighten up on Coffee
According to cardiologist, Dr. Gregory Marcus, it just might be time that doctors lighten up on the coffee notion. Dr. Marcus is a cardiologist who led this study on caffeine and palpitations. He is a cardiologist at the University of California. This hospital is located in San Francisco. Caffeine may even have cardiovascular benefits.