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Stream Energy and Hurricane Harvey Relief

Stream Energy went proactive to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey in September of 2017. This leading energy company launched a crowdfunding campaign and pledged to match any donations up to $25,000. Stream also donated directly to the American Red Cross $25,000 and is continuing its donations throughout the recovery (GCReport). Stream Energy is a connected life service provider and is giving its customers and members direct credits to their accounts and removal of any fees incurred because of the hurricane. The company continues to monitor the recovery on the Texas coast and to offer this special care to its customers in that location.


Stream Energy has founded 12 years ago in 2005 and in just over 12 years is now worth more than eight billion dollars ( Stream Energy has developed into one of the largest direct selling companies in today’s energy market. Its services are available in New Jersey, Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, Georgia, Texas, New York, Pennsylvania and the District of Columbia. This young growing company is expanding its services across the United States and the services Stream offers are extensive end cutting-edge.


It offers both electric and gas energy plans at competitive rates and an EZ start option to new customers. This option pays up to $150 of termination charges with current providers upon switching to Stream services. All services offered by Stream are accessed via their Stream Connect app and they offer a free video doorbell, thermostat and weather station. Stream offers security systems for home, auto, and identity theft. Wireless plans are offered by Stream at reasonable prices with digital voice services including unlimited calling and Smart Safety Alert.


Stream Energy is a fast-growing company under the guidance of Larry Mondry and Dan O’Malley. Mr. Mondry brings over 25 years of executive experience to Stream and Mr. O’Malley brings with him 25 years of experience with Money Gram International. Stream is offering expansive employment opportunities across the country. Stream Energy is a Clean Energy producer through hydroelectric, solar and wind power sources and Stream customers are also offered a Green Clean energy plan as an additional way to protect the environment.

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