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United States billionaire George Soros is reported on The New York Times to have been funding campaigns and other activities that seek to enable the Democrats to retain power. This was noticed after the billionaire made a $15 million cash out in a bid to sensitize the Latinos and all the immigrants in the United States to vote the Democrats party. Currently, it is not yet clear who amongst the party candidates will come as the billionaire’s favorites. It is just known that he is all interested in the party’s win, and that is the reason for his massive funding of the party’s activities. Many other liberal donors have joined George Soros in the funding and support of the Democrats. They are interested in having the Democrats win the 2016 election and would do anything within their power to help realize this win.
The grievances shared by the Latinos and other immigrants appear to be more addressed by the Democrats party than their counterparts, the Republicans. The Democrat party has been seen as being the party of the marginalized groups in the United States, and this is the reason most of its campaigning activities are directed towards these groups more than any other groups in the country. The Democrat candidate Bernie Sanders, have also made a significant funding of $5 million. There have many donations that are seeking to boost the Democrats campaigning and have all amounted to 175,000 in number. These donations might be used as an indication to show the amount of support that the Democrats have in store.
The Democrat party has been targeting many sections of the United States populations in its campaign. The party is much anticipated towards a win and is, therefore, putting the many donations given to them to better use. In the previous elections, most of the Latinos and the immigrants in the United States have been inclined towards the Democrats. It is the party’s manifestos that seem to protect the rights of these immigrants. However, the motive behind George Soros’ funding of the party is not apparent to many. His unwavering support directed to the Democrats has been questionable to some political analysts in the United States.

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The Latinos are very influential and have always had an impact on the politics of the United States. They make a bigger percentage of the voters in the United States. Therefore, anyone who would need a win in the elections must consider seeking their support. Targeting the Latinos and all the other immigrants might bring an awesome result to the Democrats.