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End Citizens United Sees A Potential Fighter For Campaign Reforms In Randy Bryce

Randy Bryce has started making waves in the Congress campaigns from Wisconsin’s 1st District. Now, he got a sudden boost in the campaign with the support of grass root level PAC, End Citizens United. The PAC is the frontrunner in the fights against big money into politics and election campaign processes since it was founded.

Since Bryce has already declared that he wanted to end the rampant corruption that is found in politics today, the PAC finds him as an ideal choice for its campaign reform mission to stop unlimited money flow into the campaigning process. Interestingly, Bryce is running against Paul Ryan, the current Speaker of the Congress, who is known for permitting large money group donating without any disclosures.

It is another reason that prompted ECU to support Bryce as the PAC sees it as an opportunity to end the term of the supporter of special interest groups. Additionally, Ryan had also personally campaigned against the DISCLOSURE Act and McCain-Feingold Reform Act, earlier. He also criticized the vision of End Citizens United as he believes that the Citizens United verdict issued by the Supreme Court in 2010 was correct, and it does not make any harm to electioneering process. Compared to him, Bryce is someone who fully understood the dangers of unlimited political spending options in politics. He truly thinks of alternatives that can ensure the voice of Americans heard in the elections by eliminating the influence of special interest groups and big money donors.

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ECU describes Bryce as a defender for the people as it sees people enthusiastically endorsing him in the upcoming Congress election. Interestingly, to ensure participation of people, he adopted a policy of accepting just $25 per person as the campaign donation. Additionally, more than 82% of his donors are coming under the bucket of small donor groups and these donations so far added to $353,000. Interestingly, his donations policies and campaign strategies are similar to End Citizens United, where the PAC has capped its maximum contribution limit at $5,000 per person to ensure small donor groups and grass root level campaign. It is to make a mass mobilization for finance reform, not from few wealthy individuals.

ECU established in 2015 to eradicate the effects created by Citizens United order in the election system. By sending reform champions, like Randy Bryce, to both the houses, it hopes to rewrite the campaign laws to make it giving prominence to the voice of the people. ECU assures that such as a reformed law would remove all the loopholes that give access special interest groups and even foreign elements to access the election system. To make it as a mass movement, the PAC campaigns and reaches out to people with its mission through its social media accounts.

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George Soros Funds Republican John Kasich’s PAC

A considerable amount of attention has been channeled to the US potential officeholders by both the media and other parties. Each move or initiative triggers a lot of speculation and interest of the public, observers, and the entire United States political sphere. Consequently reported by latino Fox News, a recent move by George Soros to fund the Ohio Governor, John Kasich raised eyebrows among many interested parties such as the Conservatives.
Soros Donation

Kasich, who is among the Republican Party presidential hopefuls, received a donation of $488375 for his soft money fund. Soros allies who include Stanley Druckenmiller and Scott Bessent, who are the managers of the Soros Fund, were the parties charged with the role of facilitating and giving out the donation. This information was based on records issued by the Federal Elections Commission (FEC).

In addition NY Books also reported, Soros donated $8 million towards Hillary Clinton’s Political Action Committee. This was an addition to other massive funding endeavors in support of Congressional Democrats. Soros is also responsible for the creation and financing of various organizations, for instance, numerous pro-amnesty groups,, and ACORN.

The move by George Soros has sparked a lot of confusion as well as controversy among the various United States political observers and interested parties. The emerging debate on the political scene and in the media is where Soros support lies when it comes to the heavily contested 2016 Elections in the USA.

Soros support to a Republican candidate aroused speculation since the Ohio Governor John Kasich is a rival candidate to both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. In recent assertions, Soros downplayed the endeavors of the government as well as Republicans such as Ted Cruz and Donald Trump to add border security. Soros said that people needed to trace back and increase their dedication towards the ideologies of an open society.

Other Endeavors to Support Kasich

Senator Marco Rubio has shown support towards Kasich ahead of his campaign appearance in Buckeye state. This support is seen as an effort to impede Trump from attaining more delegates during the Republican primaries.

Details Regarding George Soros

George Soros is a native of Budapest, Hungary. However, he fled the Nazi invaded and occupied nation in 1947 in a bid to seek refuge in England. In London, he learnt valuable lessons through studying The Open Society and Its Enemies by Karl Popper. This influenced Soros way of thinking and ideologies to date. In addition, his ideologies led him to found the Open Society Foundation, which he utilizes to propel his philanthropic initiatives aimed at promoting and providing public health, education, business development, and justice.

His philanthropic efforts began in 1979 by funding South African students to access education in Cape Town University. Currently, the Open Society Foundation has extended its operations to an excess of a hundred nations worldwide. The Open Society Foundation is known for spending massive financial resources to undertake its operation, for instance in 2011; its yearly expenditure amounted to $835 million. In addition, Soros has authored numerous books such as the Tragedy of the European Union with his other works such as essays being published by top magazines.
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