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The Role of End Citizens United in Reforming the Campaign Financial Systems

The End Citizens United is an action political reform group that focuses on eradicating unhealthy extravagance in the politics. It raises funds, which are directed to financing campaigns and courses of Democrats and other political reform activities. The group does not accept donations of more than $5000 from a single person. This rule is encouraged to eliminate corrupt wealthy individuals from rigging the elections by buying their way to the top.


This year, the movement has collected approximately $4 million in the first three months. It targets to raise over $35 million at the end of the year as the 2018 midterm Congress elections approaches. According to the USA TODAY reports, if the targeted amount is accomplished, it will mark a historic surge from the PAC’s contribution to the 2016 election at $25 million. Out of the 100,000 people who contributed in the first quarter of the year, more than quarter of them gave for the first time. This shows the increasing effectiveness of the group’s activities in educating people about the significance of reformed financial campaign system. Tiffany Muller, the group’s president and chief director, indicated that their goal is to elect candidates who support their campaign to reform the political financial system. She added that the Democrats were furious and disappointed following President Trumps win, and they were ready to fight his unfair agendas and backdoor nominees.


The End Citizens UnitedSupport to the Democrats


In the recent months, The End Citizens United action committee has urged donors to contribute to the first-time Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff. Ossoff seeks to fill a Republican House seat in Atlanta that fell vacant. The Democrat surprised everyone after raising over $4 million despite being a newbie in the game.


End Citizens United recently announced their endorsement for Rob Quist who is running for Congress in the oncoming special elections. According to Tiffany Muller, Quist is a true leader who refuses to cater to the selfish interests of the dark money groups trying to kill the democracy of provided in the constitution. He runs against a millionaire opponent lobbying to work against Montana’s great government. Muller added that Quist is a true fight and a champion to their action to reform campaign financial system and End Citizens United is proud to stand by him.


Genesis and Mission of the End Citizens United


End Citizens United was founded in 2015 to eliminate the disastrous effects of the Citizens United. It is solely funded by the small-dollar and grassroots members who contribute as much as $14 to the group’s activities. It is the third largest federal PAC in 2016 cycle with more than $3 million members. It stands against politicians who serve the interests of the cartels bankrolling their election campaigns rather the interests of the voters.


The Success of OSI Group in its Business Undertakings

OSI Group is a company that has gained an excellent reputation in the food and beverage sector. The primary processing unit of the enterprise is located in Aurora, Illinois. The business has been operational since 1909, and more than 20,000 have been employed by it. The main commodities that its specialized in processing are vegetable products, pizza, bacon, meat patties, poultry, hot dogs, and fish.

The company was recently offered the 2016’s Globe of Honor Awards that was provided by the British Safety Council. The goal of the reward is to recognize businesses that have an excellent way of controlling environmental hazards. OSI Group was among the 18 companies that were acknowledged. The winner of the Globe of Honor was required to attain five-star status during the environmental management review that was conducted by the British Safety Council during the August 2015 – July 2016 period.

OSI’s progress in the market has been motivated by its chief executive officer, Sheldon Lavin. He is an excellent business manager, and some of his accomplishments include being offered the Global Visionary Award, which is sponsored by the Vision World Academy. Mr. Lavin was an expert in the finance sector before being hired by the OSI Group LLC. His input in the firm has facilitated OSI’s growth into a highly profitable multinational corporation that has been making profits that are worth billions of dollars. The company has presently set up about 60 branches in 16 countries.

OSI Group revealed to the public that it had acquired Baho Food. The former proprietors of the firm were the Dutch. It focuses on the production of snacks, convenience foods, and deli meats. OSI is privately held, and therefore, they did not disclose many details about the transaction. The company believes that the acquisition will be critical in assisting it to maneuver in the European market. David G. McDonalds, who is OSI’s president, thinks that the company will be able to offer more products and brands to its clients across the globe.

Five processing companies are under Baho Foods, and they are located in Netherlands and Germany. These enterprises are Vital Convenience, Q Smart Life, Henri van de Bilt, Gelderland Frischwaren, and Bakx Foods. The market of the companies is in more than 18 countries across Europe. Baho Food’s employees who will be retained include John Balvers, who was the MD, and he will join the management of OSI Group to ensure that operations are smooth.

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