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Malcolm CasSelle takes OPSkins the Decentralized Direction

OPSkins is the leading global centralized marketplace for in-game asset sales. The company has topped the charts for many years now. OPSkins is also the largest Bitcoin merchant on earth, mostly due to the insight and instinct of its CIO Malcolm CasSelle. CasSelle was an investor in Bitcoin before the cryptocurrency hit its boom and remains an advocate for the future of cryptocurrency.

Early this year it was announced that CasSelle and OPSkins would be diving into the decentralized market pool with a blockchain platform called WAX. WAX, which stands for Worldwide Asset eXchange, initiates virtual asset trading in a decentralized market. The use of such a market allows for player to player, cross-game sales allowing gamers the opportunity of a return of investment. Although decentralized markets are plagued by fraud and fragmentation WAX circumnavigates this by creating smart lists. Using blockchains to generate such lists allows for safe trading, with no fear of fragmentation or fraud. According to CasSelle it is the future of cryptocurrency, and the key to taking virtual asset trading mainstream.

Malcolm CasSelle has years of experience in the virtual world. He has managed direct investments for web companies, created subscription-based revenue for online gaming companies, facilitated paywall solutions, and invested in future trends. Along with Bitcoin CasSelle as an early stage investor in Facebook and Zynga. Before coming to OPSKins CasSelle was CTO and President of New Ventures for Tronc Inc. He also served as CEO for Xfire, MediaPass, and Timeline Labs. He has worked in the gaming industry, social media, and online finance for decades.

A graduate of MIT CasSelle has a bachelor’s degree in computer science, and a Master’s degree from Stanford in the same field. CasSelle begain his career with the formation of NetNoir, a media production company dealing in websites. CasSelle was a founder as well as CTO. The company was on of the first outside businesses to be selected by the AOL Greenhouse Program. WAX is his newest post as well as a new direction.

Waiakea Water: Sustainable Volcanic Water That Balances Our pH Level Naturally

Waiakea Volcanic Water is a company that has found a way to create bottled water that is truly sustainable, both within the source where the water is gathered and with the packaging the bottled water. The company also is making major headlines for the fact that it is the first of its kind of be truly PH balanced, benefitting the entire body system.

The company is quickly rising fast due to the incredible qualities that it is able to offer in the bottled water arena. Waiakea Water was recently featured in Premier Gazette where the publication broke down all of the benefits that Waiakea Water offered due to the fact that it is sourced from an active volcano. The article makes a point that not all bottled water is created equal. That fact can’t be more true, as Waiakea is standing out well above the crowd due to the fact it comes from a sustainable, volcanic source.

Many people don’t realize the way that our bodies’ pH level can affect almost every element of our body. It is important in things like removing free radicals, maintaining tissue health and making sure our cells are functioning fully. I wasn’t familiar with how important my body’s pH level was prior to reading the article about Waiakea Volcanic Water. For example, pH ranges from zero to fourteen, with numbers on the lower end being more acidic and numbers on the higher end being more alkaline. The ideal pH balance in order for my body to be operating in its best capacity has been thought to be around a pH level of 7.4.

Waiakea has a new theory that has been proven to help us maintain our optimal health. The organically sourced volcanic water has an alkaline pH level of exactly 8.8. This means that not only does Waiakea Water serve to give us that ideal alkaline level, it actually is a fully natural antioxidant that can actually get rid of diseases and free our bodies of radicals that can come in from anything as simple as the air we breathe.

Impressive Contribution Of Shafik Sachedina In The Success Of Sussex Health Care

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is a famous dental surgeon who has brought a lot of transformations at Sussex Health Care Company. He is also a renowned entrepreneur in the healthcare sector. The success in his career and as an entrepreneur is linked to the experience that he has gained in the medical field for many years.

Shafik has established a strong connection with the reputable people in the healthcare sector. He has achieved great things a dental surgeon and entrepreneur. The success is brought by his strong religious beliefs and well established moral character.

Shafik sachedina has touched the lives of many people through his dental knowledge and skills. The education that he obtained has been on the frontline in achieving his goals. He graduated from the University of London with a degree in dental surgery. Currently, he serves as the chairman of Sussex Health Care Company. The company has gained popularity in Sussex due to the services that it provides to the elderly people in the society. The company has grown through the able leadership Shafik Sachedina. He has enabled the company to acquire the technology that aids in the provision of exceptional services to the clients.

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Shafik Sachedina developed an interest in improving the lives of community members through the philanthropic work. He has played a vital role in the success of Aga Khan and Jamati institutions. He has also served in some prestigious organizations such as Aiglemont and Aga Khan Development Network. The Ismaili community has applauded him for the contributions towards the development of the organization. He has improved the interaction of the community with other members of the society.

Shafik Sachedina has brought together various resources that guarantee success to Sussex Healthcare. The company has assisted many people who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. The company has also offered solutions to people who have mental problems. The company has gained trust from many people due to excellent services that it provides. The company is also transparent and trustworthy in the employment of people who will achieve the goals of the company. The staff members have been encouraged by Shafik to work tirelessly towards the provision of high-quality services to the clients. Shafik Sachedina has motivated the employees through the development of intellectual capacity. He ensures that the employees are offered training that will enhance their knowledge and skills. He has partnered with various recognized universities to ensure that the employees are provided with high-quality skills in the medical field.


Success Against All The Odds With Alexandre Gama

The successful individuals are the people who are ready to achieve their goals by all means. Sometimes, to reach your goals, you need to stop working with what the society considers as the limit. You need to stand for yourself. Alexandre Gama, a Brazilian entrepreneur, is one person who is known to go far beyond the limitations that people set.

Alexandre Gama was the first individual in Brazil to work with an international advertising agency. His career began by studying communication and advertisement in Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation. After school, he went searching for a job like fellow graduates, and fortunately, he secured a job at Standard Ogilvy & Mather. Gama worked as a copywriter in the firm for eight years. This was enough time to build on his experience, which is critically vital in every field. In 1990, he began working for DM9. During this period, his talent in the business was recognized, and he was awarded severally for his prowess in the field.

OSI Food Solutions Makes Key Plays in Europe

America consumes meat. Lots of meat. Last year alone we consumed 52.2 billion pounds of meat. That’s over 270 lbs of meat for every person, every year. This consumption creates a massive task for meat producers around the world. The industry has ramped up efforts to settle the appetite American’s demand. One of the biggest names in the meat industry — OSI Food Solutions — has made big moves over recent years in an attempt to settle America’s meat cravings.

A recent purchase of a Tyson food plant on the south side of Chicago by OSI is helping them meet this rapidly rising demand. The $7.4 million deal helps improve a growing infrastructure for OSI. Tyson was set to close the plant down, endangering over 450 jobs in the process. In good faith, OSI offered contracts to many of the employees that were on the verge of losing their jobs after they scooped up the factory, which was close to closing.

OSI Food Solutions has become one of the major players in the meat processing industry. Recently, OSI made a big play in Europe grabbing Baho Food, a Dutch company specializing in convenience foods and deli meats. This acquisition strengthens OSI’s already bolstering portfolio of brands and food services. Baho Foods is in a prime position to service European’s demand for meat, one which nearly matches that of American’s. Being in a position to provide not only meat but food products to an in-demand European economy is a strategic move by OSI Food Solutions. A move that poses to help them future-proof against rising demands.

OSI’s strategy is getting aggressive in Europe to meet demands. Baho isn’t the only major player the company has absorbed, the Flagship Europe deal in 2016 served to set OSI up as a staple in the European food industry economy. Flagship Europe provided sous vide products and pies as well as condiments and sauces. Flagship Europe and Baho both help solidify and strengthen OSI Food Solutions presence in the European market.

With meat demands growing, many companies are picking up the pace or getting left behind. OSI Food Solutions is making moves to make sure that they aren’t a part of the latter. Flagship Europe and Baho should strengthen OSI’s resolve in Europe. The purchase of the major Tyson plant in Chicago should help OSI meet the incredible American meat demand. OSI is starting to look well situated in the hyper-competitive meat industry. click here

Get Higher ROI with Forex Trader Jordan Lindsey

Jordan Lindsey is an experienced financial service professional, a technical systems designer, and a programmer. He is the founder of JCL Capital, based in San Francisco, California. He originally hails from New York. During a visit to San Francisco, he immediately felt akin to the city, and he moved there from New York a short time later.

Jordan attended school at the Mount Angel Seminary and at St. Joseph’s College. As a youngster, he was competitive, he always wanted to be the best he could be, and he was very interested in business. He had all of the early signs of a budding entrepreneur.

He is an experienced and creative trader in the foreign exchange markets, called Forex trading. His firm, JCL Capital specializes in trading in the Forex market. There are a host of products that can be traded in Forex, including cryptocurrencies, stocks, bitcoins, commodities, and options. It can be complicated for the beginner investor, and for the seasoned investor as well.

On the other hand, it can be exciting as well. Unlike dealing in only one market, the foreign exchange markets are always open, in one international city or another. Forex trading is growing in popularity and has become more mainstream, especially with cryptocurrencies. A trade has to be timed just right. That’s where JCL Capital can help you.

JCL Capital, Jordan, and his team of experts will help investors make better choices. It educates investors by providing straightforward information and explanations. At JCL Capital, its forex trading experts will provide the client with strategies. The goal is to help build wealth by making informed decisions.

Jordan Lindsey created a cryptocurrency, and he launched it on the foreign exchange market. He is the creator and founder of the Bitcoin Growth Bot. With the spirit of an entrepreneur, he identified an opportunity. He was ready and able to do something about it, through persistence and hard work.

Jordan Lindsay is married, and he and his wife have three daughters.

A New Way Forward For Switzerland As Shown By Mike Baur

Big banks in Switzerland have not had a lot going for them lately since the crash of 2008 and a changing of public perception on them. But that may be good news for Switzerland which has needed some change to diversify their economy, and they have so many young people who are ready to join the tech revolution. This revolution involves many startups and new brands that investors are interested in including Mike Baur who recently founded the Swiss Startup Factory incubator for that very purpose. He believes that if these young entrepreneurs can make successful pitches to investors that they can be real game changers for the Swiss business community.


Mike Baur was part of Swiss banking for over 20 years of his life. At age 16 he became an intern at UBS Bank, a position that young men at the time would enter in hopes of one day reaching an executive status. Baur was told by a manager there that he just needed to follow the path outlined on a piece of paper and he could reach retirement by a certain age. Baur was certainly driven to succeed at this job and was promoted within just years of starting it. He got his bachelor’s degree at the University of Bern, and during his time at UBS became an advisor to some of Switzerland’s wealthiest businessmen. But then 2008 came and UBS began scaling back its operations. Baur decided to leave the bank not long before it closed and took a job with another bank, Clariden Leu. He was made an even higher manager here and looked as if he was going to get his banking career back on track, but in 2014 he left banking again and this time for good. One year later Clariden Leu was closed and merged with Credit Suisse.


Mike Baur began his new venture in startup investing after meeting with several other financial experts and explaining how it could yield a good return. Together with Goldback Group and CTI, the Swiss Startup Factory was formed and later Fintech Fusion and Think Reloaded also became part of the conglomerate. The SSUF takes entrepreneurs through a three-month program filled with challenges and coaching to see if they can survive in a highly competitive market. If they can, they receive funding and get office space to work out of. So far thousands of new brands have been listed in the SSUF portfolio.


Glen Wakeman’s Corporate Success

Glen Wakeman had worked for GE capital where he held various executive positions before leaving to found his own firm. The company helped him grow career-wise and had lived in six countries and worked in 32 countries in his 20-year career with the company.

At GE capital, his final role was that of a CEO in Latin America GE Money. Under his leadership, he was able to expand the operation to a 9-country one, gaining assets and signing new partnerships. He created new products and employed over 17,000 employees. The tremendous growth was due to his excellence in his work.

He currently serves at the LaunchPad Holdings, LLC as the CEO and was its co-founder (Facebook). Through the firm, Glen has been able to reach out to the small entrepreneurs and to those at their start-up stages and has advised them on how to maximize their returns and reduce costs.

Due to his passion for growth, executive development and innovation, Glen serves a mentor to several C-level executives. He guides them on how well they can improve their businesses and prevent mistakes that would hinder them from succeeding.

Glen Wakeman is also the founder of Nova Four and is its president. The firm offers business strategies that would help accelerate businesses and give advice on how to get capital for small businesses and for those that are getting started.

He is a blogger that does not keep knowledge from others ( Glen shares his entrepreneurial knowledge in his blog posts. Through the medium, he gives insights on international fiscal matters and emerging trends.

Apart from being a successful entrepreneur, Gen makes donations to the relief organizations and urges people to contribute to such organizations. He advises that it is important to make donations as damages caused by disasters leave the affected families more distressed than one can imagine.

Glen Wakeman studied his Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Economics from the University of Scranton. He pursued his MBA from the University of Chicago and is certified for Six Sigma Black Belt.

In addition to his excellence in executive leadership, Glen has won several awards which include local, national and in international categories.


Perry Mandera Assists Inner City Youths

Perry Mandera is a hard worker who owns a highly regarded business that’s known simply as the Custom Companies Inc. He’s a dependable executive within the large transportation industry. He’s worked in the diverse and expansive field for more than three decades as well. Mandera is the main man behind the accomplishments of the aforementioned Custom Companies, Inc. This group is based in Northlake in Illinois. Mandera undoubtedly has a lot on his plate with all of his career objectives day in and day out. That doesn’t stop him from giving his time to various other things, however. He aids the ISCC (Illinois State Crime Commission) on a routine basis. This is a group that gave him the distinction of 2010’s Bishop Sheil Award. It gave him 2011’s coveted Citizen of the Year Award as well. The ISCC, in short, is a not-for-profit group that collaborates with the Police Athletic League. It focuses on methods that minimize crime. Juvenile delinquency matters are a major focal point for the organization, too. The main objective of the ISCC is to encourage harmonious relationships between the public and professionals who work in law enforcement. The ISCC does a lot in Chicago, Illinois. It offers exhaustive training sessions that benefit law enforcement agencies in the area.


Perry Mandera is a trusted executive who has been at the helm of many wonderful things during his illustrious transportation career. He created the Custom Companies, Inc. all the way back in 1986. He’s been the head of the group since that time as well. Although Perry Mandera is without a doubt a person who has so many things to do every day, he still manages to take on a significant amount of philanthropic work. Perry Mandera is an acclaimed businessman who understands the value of treating other human beings well. He understands the power of doing good work for communities and neighborhoods everywhere, too. Perry Mandera has given his time and care to plentiful community and charity groups. He’s assisted Jesse White Tumblers via the Custom Companies, Inc. Jesse White Tumblers has aided inner-city youths since the late fifties.

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