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Brian Bonar Recognized by Cambridge Publishing for His Exemplary Leadership Skills in the Financial Sector

Financial and corporate executive, Brian Bonar, received the coveted title of Executive of the year (in the finance sector) for 2010/2011. The award, from Cambridge Publishing, recognizes exceptional leaders in various fields in the business world.

The Who’s Who annual award is only given to two female and two male members in various discipline. The honorees are later included in Cambridge’s Who’s Who Registry.

The honorees are selected by a special selection committee that chooses leaders based on a criteria of academic achievements, leadership skills and professional accomplishments. Since the selection criteria is quite steep, only the best are selected based on their qualifications and achievements.

Brian Bonar, who then headed Dalrada Financial Corporation, has extensive financial management experience that spans over 30 years. He helped grow and expand Dalrada into a formidable and profitable financial corporation throughout his tenure.

Brian Bonar also heads Smart-Tek Automated Services, Inc., as CEO and Chairman, as well as Allegiant Professional Business Service Inc. as president. He is also a professional affiliate of American Finance Association and holds a Ph.D. The award was just an icing on the cake for the financial executive who has gained success because of his hard work, determination and excellent management skills. Clearly, the sky is he limit for Brian Bonar.

Dalrada Financial Corporation

Bonar has served as Dalrada’s CEO for over 10 years and was largely responsible for aftermarket products, employee selection and employer benefits. The company plays the role of a marketing liaison. It supplies all its clients with feasible employee programs with the potential to increase business efficiency. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

These programs include risk management insurance (inclusive of business liability and workers compensation), financial management, employee benefits as well as business and promotional management.

Brian Bonar

According to Spokeeo, Brian Bonar is a successful executive in the financial sector and the head of Trucept, Incorporated. He is an experienced executive with years of experience working in various leadership capacities in the corporate sector.

Bonar is a trained engineer and holds a bachelor’s degree (Technical Engineering) and a Master’s Degree (Mechanical Engineering) from James Watt Technical College and Stafford University respectively.

Early on in his career, Brian Bonar worked for IBM in the position of procurement manager. He later secured a position at QMS as the firm’s Director of Engineering. At this position, he gained management insight and experienced since he was in charge of over 100 employees.

He got his big break when he joined Dalrada Financial Services. Bonar is exceptionally skilled at handling mergers and acquisitions. Today, he is a revered financial expert who has earned the who’s who in America recognition. He is a family man and loves spending his free time with his family. He is also a fan of golfing and boating trips.