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Gift Wrapping Worries, Be Gone! Wengie’s Tips for Creativity


There is always an occasion that requires wrapping a present. Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and the holidays all call for gifts that need to be properly presented. To most, this is perhaps the most tedious task of all, hence why gift bags are so popular. What these anti-gift wrapping individuals fail to realize, though, is that it is so much more personal to wrap a present, especially when beauty blogger, Wengie, is providing you with a step by step guide to original ways to wrap. Stay calm, purchase a present, and do not throw anything away–they could be used for the finished product!


Recycle Your Cereal Box


A cereal box makes an incredible gift box. After making a few cuts and folds, a small present is easily able to be tucked inside. Do not forget the bow!


Paper Cups Are for More Than Drinking


Paper cups come in a plethora of sizes, colors, and patterns, which makes them ideal for holding jewelry and trinkets. Before taping or stapling the cup shut, cut off the rim. Next, attach some pretty ribbon along the top and place the gift inside. Punch a hole in the upper corner of the cup in order to attach a gift tag. This is one of the greatest wrapping ideas because it allows for a multitude of customization options.


Excess Fabric? No problem!


Chances are, you have extra fabric or material laying around the house, unsure of what to use it for. Depending on the size of the fabric, place the gift box in the center. Begin tying opposite corners together until each side has been tied two times for security. Use ribbon and even flowers to complete the look.


Brown Paper Is Not Always Boring


Take a piece of brown paper large enough to wrap your present with. Next, cut a potato into miscellaneous shapes. Press those pieces of potato onto stamp pads of desired colors and apply them to the brown paper. This is a zany, affordable, and innovative way to ensure that the person receiving the present knows that they are something special!