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PR Newswire on SKOUT

What is SKOUT?
SKOUT is a social networking app available for free on iOS. The app is used globally to make it easy to find new people and new friends wherever you might be. SKOUT was founded in 2007 and its headquarters are in San Francisco. More information can be found at the SKOUT website

SKOUT Article Recap
PR Newswire released an article about SKOUT that revealed laughter plays a big role in online profile pictures. The article explains that the SKOUT team examined the profiles of its users and they found that those who were laughing in their online profile pictures were favorited by other users 404% more than those with ordinary profiles. In addition, laughing profiles had over a three-hundred percent increases in connections that they made compared to the average SKOUT user.

SKOUT also performed a survey using over 3000 of their users and found a few more funny things related to laughter.

  • Most people think they are funny. Those who think they are witty are even more likely to consider themselves funny.
  • Almost everyone likes to make others laugh. People with a slapstick style of comedy really enjoy making people laugh.
  • People who play practical jokes are more likely to have five or more close friends. In contrast, those who are sarcastic or self-deprecating tend to have fewer close friends and are less likely to attract people.
  • Women in the survey preferred comedy movies more so than any other kind of movie. The runner up was action movies, and romance movies came in at last place. Important things to remember the next time you take a pretty lady out to dinner and a movie.
  • 30% of those surveyed considered clowns to be scary. Strangely, those that considered themselves sarcastic were more likely to be afraid of clowns than others surveyed.

If you are interested in finding out more, the original article was written by PR Newswire and explains the findings by SKOUT in more detail. The article can be found at the PR Newswire website.

Skout Urges Users To Perform Good Deeds

On February 17th, 2016, an article that was broadcast on the Uloop website released the results of a random acts of kindness survey. The survey was conducted by Skout, which is an international social networking and dating application and website.

In honor of Random Acts of Kindness Week, Skout surveyed approximately 2,700 of its users to discover their opinions regarding performing and receiving random acts of kindness. According to a recent press release, roughly 51 percent of the college students who were surveyed performed an act of kindness for an acquaintance everyday while 93 percent performed a kind gesture to a complete stranger.

The survey also requested that students rank 10 random acts of kindness in order of meaningfulness. Paying it backward at a coffee shop or drive-thru was ranked as the top kind gesture. Not surprisingly, most people appreciate when the person ahead of them unexpectedly buys their meal or beverage.

Ranked second on the list was sending a text to a friend thanking him/her for a great friendship. Everyone loves to be appreciated; therefore, hugging a friend unexpectedly was chosen as the third most meaningful act of kindness.

Additional acts of kindness on the list include holding a door open for someone, giving spare change to the charity collection box, delivering flowers to a nursing home, and leaving a generous tip on a restaurant bill. The students also liked the idea of buying flowers or a box of chocolate for someone who is underappreciated and placing a sticky note with a nice message in a public place such as a restroom mirror or water fountain.

Throughout Random Acts of Kindness Week, Skout is encouraging users to perform good deeds and then share their random acts of kindness with the online community by using the hashtag #SKOUTkind.

Skout employees also plan to engage in random acts of kindness throughout San Francisco, California. During one of the days, the company will sponsor a food drive to support the SF-Marin Food Bank.

As one of the largest social networking platforms in the industry, Skout plans to continue to give back to the community in the coming years. Currently, the social networking platform is available in over 180 countries and translated into 16 languages. Skout is committed to offering an application and website through which people from across the globe can safety and easily meet new friends and romantic interests.

Get an Awesome Experience from the Most Trending Application

Your social life may be experiencing extinction. There is no need to worry, since the address book in your cell phone may have what it takes to blossom it. With the genesis of fuse, an interesting application that has been brought by the great team of Skout, you can now experience great features. This social network has managed to connect a population of over five hundred million people while connecting over a hundred and eighty countries.

The cofounder of Skout, chief technical officer and the chief executive officer have inaugurated Fuse recently. It has been viewed to be of good functionality. Navigating through the app is easy and interesting. Their main objective is to ensure that users are contented and get less complicated tools that can enable them make a social network of their own, which can be accessed without the use of their cell phones or tablets

This application is for people who are on the run. Similar to snapchat, you can actually update the settings to make messages and photos that have been posted by you, vanish in less than ten minutes. It begins once the message has been opened.

The users of fuse are easily identified by their mobile numbers. Unlike other social networks, they do not have a spot for profile photos, just simple initials. Fuse has an interesting social dynamic. A good example is when you inquire from a member if they can accept your request of joining, once it is granted, you cannot unfriend. Though, if you feel you want to leave, it can be done by simply opting out.

Some of the important features is that a group member may get a notification of a message but once the time span expires you will not be in a position of viewing it since it would have disappeared and no one can access it from the group. While doing content sharing group members can choose to either be in ghost mode or publicize your identity.

Skout having been founded in the year 2007 in Sweden, said that fuse was a production of their first original application, since Skout did not have the capacity to accommodate more features. The founders were clear that the two applications would be intersected.

Skout made a declaration on February fourth to be an international online day. Recently, it surveyed the community to research how many people were making use of the application to communicate with new people all over the world. They realized that the Philippines use it more than the British, Australians and French.