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Fabletics: A Unique Shopping Experience

If you’re a fashion forward individual, you likely read Marie Claire magazine. Marie Claire is know for having only the most desirable, current trends and brands featured in their magazine. If you need ideas on fashion, this magazine is where you can find it and many women rely on it for current information on fashion. Marie Claire recently had a sit down with spokeswoman of the athleisure company, Fabletics, which just so happens to be celebrity, Kate Hudson at Athleisure is simply athletic leisure clothing, which just so happens to be one of America’s biggest trends right now. Due to its comfort, and cute styles, it’s versatility has allowed women to wear it outside of the house with confidence. Kate Hudson talks about her success with Fabletics and some news for subscribers and fans. Fabletics has decided to add some fun, new twists on what athleisure really is.

Kate is so thrilled to announce the introduction of a collection of bathing suits to their successful line, Fabletics. That’s right- athleisure bathing suits! And these bathing suits are not only trendy and current, but their just as comfortable as the athleisure clothes you already wear on a daily basis. Kate promises these styles will get you attention, and give you all the support needed in your ideal bathing suit. You will not want to miss out on these adorable suits! They will go fast, so make sure you’re able to show one off this summer. In addition to the bathing suits, a dress collection has also been added. When you think of an athletic dress, it probably doesn’t interest you. But these Fabletics dresses look anything but athletic. They are flirty, fun and sweet. They include spanx-like support so no need to buy special undergarments! The one featured in the article is a sleek, black dress that looks appropriate for a date or wedding, but could also be dressed down if needed! The versatility of these dresses is so obvious- there is no occasion that wouldn’t fit these adorable dresses!

Read about a company that has been around for a couple of years now and is continuously thriving. Why, you may ask? Well it’s certainly unique. Instead of just being a website to purchase athleisure wear, it a subscription service that will send its customers new athleisure outfits every single month at a reasonable, fixed price. You can add new atheleisure to your closet every month and at a cost that is much less than its competitors like Nike! Also when you sign up, you can complete a profile so Fabletics knows what styles you like and don’t like. You will love the styles and quality that Fabletics has to offer, not to mention the comfort that their athleisure wear will bring to your wardrobe! Visit their site today!