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Boraie Development LLC Builds Winners

There is a new development in Atlantic City creating quite a bit of excitement due to its sheer size, the way it compliments other new and well known sites around the city, and changes to come in the economic infrastructure. This project, which promises 250 units for residential and mixed-use purposes, has a promising start because the people who all have their hands on the construction also have good heads on their shoulders. Boraie Development LLC is spearheading the development of this building which should prove beneficial to about 50,000 different members of the local community. You can search on Yahoo to know more.

It is not just the size of this complex that means to bring change to so many people but its location as well. The spot for groundbreaking on this project is between Atlantic, Pacific, New Jersey and Connecticut avenues, which makes it perfect for Atlantic City as it is well known for being a popular tourist location. One detail in particular that makes this building so interesting is the fact that it is designed and constructed to be at market value for residences. This is the first project of its kind in over 25 years, and it is said to be projected to cost 81 million dollars.

The Beach at South Inlet is meant to be something of a non-gaming establishment to raise the overall market value of Atlantic City. This is great news after a dip in the economy which has lasted over a decade long. Projects such as this are bringing sustainable value to the city’s economy after a surviving a balancing act of casinos in neighboring states causing waves by opening and then closing in a turbulent market. This multi-million dollar investment is sure to pay off in both immediate interest for Atlantic City and in gains of property value in the long run.

Boraie Development LLC is set to be a major supporting force behind this project and it is also a perfect choice for the job. Finishing this project requires innovation and a vision for the future to really capture the nature of its purpose. And Boraie is a company just experienced enough to know what needs to be done while at the same time young enough to try something new for the sake of change. Although excellence is a part of everything is company does there is also an understanding that improvements and maintenance can be made on every project it completes.

CCMP Capital – Private Equity Investment Firm

A global investment firm with many years of experience that has been branched off and merged with some of the most sought after investment companies is called CCMP Capital. They specialize in buyout and growth equity business transactions. They area a global company that has been in the business of investing since 1984. There are four different areas that they mainly focus on and they are consumer and retail services, industrial businesses and their services, consumer and energy services and healthcare services.

The consumer and retail services involve all retail business structures and information services. Thomas Walker and Richard Zannino are the two professionals that are head over the consumer and retail department. CCMP has reported to have invested $7.6 billion in this area of business. The industrial market and business structure involves manufacturing and all other industrial services. Timothy Walsh  according to website is the lead over the industrial department and is responsible for overseeing the $4.1 billion dollar mark that CCMP Capital has invested into that. The healthcare industry is always thriving and booming because everyone always needs healthcare. CCMP Capital invests in health care companies all over the world, with an estimated $1.6 billion in contributions. It covers providers of healthcare services, specialty products that healthcare companies carry and different payors and their organizations. Kevin O’Brien and Jonathan Lynch are the two leads that take care of the healthcare side of the investment company. Chemicals and energy are a thriving market in today’s society, and CCMP Capital has reported an investment of $2.3 billion throughout the years. Christopher Behrens is the lead over the chemicals and energy side of the business and oversees all of the transactions.

CCMP Capital has merged into a profitable investment firm offering many years of experience. Steve Murray was the co-founder of the company and later became the CEO. He carried many years of experience, as he started his career out in 1984. He attended Boston College and graduated with his Bachelor’s degree in economics and then went on to get his Master’s in business administration. Steve Murray started his career in 1984 working as an analyst. He passed away in March of 2015 but many people will remember him for his work ethic and the expertise that he brought to the business. He was an active member in the community and participated on the board of many major companies such as Cabelas, Pinnacle Foods, Legacy Hospital Partners and many more. He was a philanthropist as well, and loved to be part of the community. He helped out with the Make A Wish Foundation and participated in local food banks to help others out. He will be missed for many reason, but remembered for many years to come.