OSI Food Solutions Makes Key Plays in Europe

America consumes meat. Lots of meat. Last year alone we consumed 52.2 billion pounds of meat. That’s over 270 lbs of meat for every person, every year. This consumption creates a massive task for meat producers around the world. The industry has ramped up efforts to settle the appetite American’s demand. One of the biggest names in the meat industry — OSI Food Solutions — has made big moves over recent years in an attempt to settle America’s meat cravings.

A recent purchase of a Tyson food plant on the south side of Chicago by OSI is helping them meet this rapidly rising demand. The $7.4 million deal helps improve a growing infrastructure for OSI. Tyson was set to close the plant down, endangering over 450 jobs in the process. In good faith, OSI offered contracts to many of the employees that were on the verge of losing their jobs after they scooped up the factory, which was close to closing.

OSI Food Solutions has become one of the major players in the meat processing industry. Recently, OSI made a big play in Europe grabbing Baho Food, a Dutch company specializing in convenience foods and deli meats. This acquisition strengthens OSI’s already bolstering portfolio of brands and food services. Baho Foods is in a prime position to service European’s demand for meat, one which nearly matches that of American’s. Being in a position to provide not only meat but food products to an in-demand European economy is a strategic move by OSI Food Solutions. A move that poses to help them future-proof against rising demands.

OSI’s strategy is getting aggressive in Europe to meet demands. Baho isn’t the only major player the company has absorbed, the Flagship Europe deal in 2016 served to set OSI up as a staple in the European food industry economy. Flagship Europe provided sous vide products and pies as well as condiments and sauces. Flagship Europe and Baho both help solidify and strengthen OSI Food Solutions presence in the European market.

With meat demands growing, many companies are picking up the pace or getting left behind. OSI Food Solutions is making moves to make sure that they aren’t a part of the latter. Flagship Europe and Baho should strengthen OSI’s resolve in Europe. The purchase of the major Tyson plant in Chicago should help OSI meet the incredible American meat demand. OSI is starting to look well situated in the hyper-competitive meat industry. click here

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