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The Jeunesse Luminesce Line of Products

Jeunesse Global offers a complete line of skin care products and supplements that are designed to make skin look and feel younger. These specially formulated products are part of what Jeunesse calls the Y.E.S. System. This Youth Enhancement System rejuvenates, restores and beautifies the skin.

One of the most important lines in the Jeunesse product family is the Luminesce line of products. These products were developed by a dermatologist with the goal of hydrating the the skin and keeping the skin from ageing faster than it should. The products in the Luminesce line are all designed to help make wrinkles and fine lines less noticeable, and they are designed to bring out the natural beauty of one’s skin. All products within the Luminesce line have a special active ingredient known as APT-200.

The product that contains the highest levels of APT-200 is Luminesce Cellular Rejuvenation Serum. For best results, this product should be applied in the morning and in the evening.

Luminesce Flawless Skin Brightener is especially suited for those who have issues with hyperpigmentation in the skin. This product lightens the appearance of darker skin areas, and it helps reduce pore size.

The Luminesce Youth Restoring Cleanser is used twice a day to help exfoliate the skin. It is useful to use this product before other products in the Luminesce line are applied.

For those who want hydration, a youthful appearance and protection from damaging UV rays, there is Luminesce Daily Moisturizing Complex. This Luminesce product contains APT-200 for a youthful appearance, and it contains a sunblock with SPF 30 protection.

These are just a few of the products in the Luminesce line from Jeunesse. However, from this sample of Jeunesse products, it is easy to see why the company has experienced such phenomenal growth since it was founded by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis in 2009. Since its inception, Jeunesse has continued to develop its product line and introduce new products that fit in with the company’s mission of helping those who use their products to look and feel younger.

Success Against All The Odds With Alexandre Gama

The successful individuals are the people who are ready to achieve their goals by all means. Sometimes, to reach your goals, you need to stop working with what the society considers as the limit. You need to stand for yourself. Alexandre Gama, a Brazilian entrepreneur, is one person who is known to go far beyond the limitations that people set.

Alexandre Gama was the first individual in Brazil to work with an international advertising agency. His career began by studying communication and advertisement in Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation. After school, he went searching for a job like fellow graduates, and fortunately, he secured a job at Standard Ogilvy & Mather. Gama worked as a copywriter in the firm for eight years. This was enough time to build on his experience, which is critically vital in every field. In 1990, he began working for DM9. During this period, his talent in the business was recognized, and he was awarded severally for his prowess in the field.

Jason Hope: Researching about Anti-Aging Possibilities

Since the dawn of ancient civilizations, humanity has always wondered how to become immortal like the gods that they have worshipped. They have tried so many things just to become immortal, but they consistently fail in their attempts. However, in the 21st century, there are some noteworthy accomplishments in the field of research focusing on anti-aging. One of the leading individuals today who are linked to anti-aging research is Jason Hope. He is a wealthy businessman from Arizona, and he funds researches which are focusing on discovering a way on how to fight off aging. He believes that a drug can be developed sometime in the century that would enable humans to live longer.

The SENS Foundation receives the largest donations from Jason Hope. The institution is one of the leading research facilities working to find a way on how to reverse aging. Jason Hope selected the SENS Foundation to become one of his beneficiaries because he believed in the capabilities of the scientists working at the facility. One of their recent breakthroughs is the discovery of a method that could treat diseases related to aging. The SENS Foundation is referring to this procedure as rejuvenation biotechnologies, and one of its prime objectives is to bring the cell back to its juvenile form, creating a rejuvenated body full of young and healthy cells.

Jason Hope believes that the procedure discovered by the SENS Foundation is a significant development in the creation of an anti-aging drug or procedure. He also added that more funds would be given to the SENS Foundation to study their discovery further. Jason Hope stated that he would donate more money if the foundation would need it, because helping to discover the way to reverse aging is a legacy that has to be commemorated, and he wanted to be credited for helping the scientific community in turning their dream into a possibility.

Based on the studies about rejuvenation biotechnologies, it is revealed that the procedure could detect diseases that can be found inside the human body which is caused by the aging process. Through the development of this procedure, Jason Hope believes that the government would now give more people additional attention. Many people around the world are dying because of the lack of medical facilities that would look after them. However, Jason Hope believes that it would finally change after the development of the rejuvenation biotechnologies.

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OSI Food Solutions Makes Key Plays in Europe

America consumes meat. Lots of meat. Last year alone we consumed 52.2 billion pounds of meat. That’s over 270 lbs of meat for every person, every year. This consumption creates a massive task for meat producers around the world. The industry has ramped up efforts to settle the appetite American’s demand. One of the biggest names in the meat industry — OSI Food Solutions — has made big moves over recent years in an attempt to settle America’s meat cravings.

A recent purchase of a Tyson food plant on the south side of Chicago by OSI is helping them meet this rapidly rising demand. The $7.4 million deal helps improve a growing infrastructure for OSI. Tyson was set to close the plant down, endangering over 450 jobs in the process. In good faith, OSI offered contracts to many of the employees that were on the verge of losing their jobs after they scooped up the factory, which was close to closing.

OSI Food Solutions has become one of the major players in the meat processing industry. Recently, OSI made a big play in Europe grabbing Baho Food, a Dutch company specializing in convenience foods and deli meats. This acquisition strengthens OSI’s already bolstering portfolio of brands and food services. Baho Foods is in a prime position to service European’s demand for meat, one which nearly matches that of American’s. Being in a position to provide not only meat but food products to an in-demand European economy is a strategic move by OSI Food Solutions. A move that poses to help them future-proof against rising demands.

OSI’s strategy is getting aggressive in Europe to meet demands. Baho isn’t the only major player the company has absorbed, the Flagship Europe deal in 2016 served to set OSI up as a staple in the European food industry economy. Flagship Europe provided sous vide products and pies as well as condiments and sauces. Flagship Europe and Baho both help solidify and strengthen OSI Food Solutions presence in the European market.

With meat demands growing, many companies are picking up the pace or getting left behind. OSI Food Solutions is making moves to make sure that they aren’t a part of the latter. Flagship Europe and Baho should strengthen OSI’s resolve in Europe. The purchase of the major Tyson plant in Chicago should help OSI meet the incredible American meat demand. OSI is starting to look well situated in the hyper-competitive meat industry. click here

The Chainsmokers Are Taking Their Music In A New Direction

The Chainsmokers have been in the mainstream for a couple of years now since their hit song “Roses” back in 2015. Their music is extremely popular in the EDM world since it is the genre they focus on. Each month, The Chainsmokers duo Andrew Taggart and Alex Paul were releasing new music that consistently made it to the top of the music charts. Now, however, a span of nine months went by before the band finally released a new and their latest song, “Sick Boy”.

The main reason behind the time it took for The Chainsmokers to release this new song was because they took a look at their own genre and style and were looking to expand on it. Rather than stay in the EDM world, which they have become famous for, they are taking to a new style of music. “Sick Boy” is much different than their usual kind of music, with a darker tone and message behind it. For Alex and Andrew, this new song is their way of speaking about the difficult times we are living in and the effects technology has on people these days.

The Chainsmokers have become one of the highest paid Dj pairs of today according to a list published by Forbes, with fans excited and ready to hear new music from them again. Their latest release was an extended play and had more samples of what is to come for their anxious fans, much of which is focused on more serious things happening in society today. With this new release, The Chainsmokers are sure to keep churning out new music just like they have done in the past to gain widespread fame. Despite taking on a new style of music, many others artists have done so in the past quite successfully, and The Chainsmokers have clearly taken their time getting their new style in the right place. At the, fans can check out their upcoming events or latest song release as well as all of the songs released by the duo over the years.