H.O.P.E’s bright light: UShealth Group’s New Message

USHEALTH group has been acclaimed for being one of the companies that give back the most. Through their initiative H.O.P.E (helping other people everyday), USHEALTH group workers and all who are associated with them have touched the lives of those who are in their line of duty and those who are not.

The H.O.P.E initiative was initiated by Troy McQuagge, the president and CEO of USHEALTH advisors in 2010. The first H.O.P.E mission was a response to hurricane Katrina which has wiped out a large area in New Orleans. He called on his stuff and urged them to give anything they could to help build housed for those worst affected. The idea of being of help to someone who needs it inspired many employees and they responded to the call to mission. Learn more at linkedin.com about US Health Group.

Since then, the employees of USHEALTH group have made it their life’s mission to help as many people as they can. The organization organizes for H.O.P.E missions every now and then and even more impressive is the fact that the stuff do their own personal H.O.P.E missions.

Randy Hildebrandt, one of the satellite division leaders, says working with USHEALTH advisors is the most fulfilling job he could have dreamt of. At USHEALTH advisors he says he is offered an opportunity to help his clients as he serves them. Following the foot steps of their CEO and president, he has come to learn to care deeply for the people he interacts with at work. At the end of every working day, he gets to go home a happy man because he has helped so many people in line of duty. Visit indeed.com to know more about USHealth Group

In addition to helping people while working, the H.O.P.E projects the company runs have given him great opportunities to meet and help more people. He says he carries this H.O.P.E mission in his heart everywhere- even in the stores. He now meets people and gives them a little more; a smile, a greeting… simply letting someone know that they are cared for- even if they’ve just met.

Since H.O.P.E is his daily mission, he has purposed to live his life by the golden rule; do unto others as you would have them do unto you.



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