Are you ready to meet Dr. Mark Holterman?

Dr. Holterman is a professor at the University of Illinois and is also the CEO of Mariam Global Health. Dr. Holterman has been labeled a type of “Renaissance man” for the now a day term; for all the hard work and volunteering he does in order to help those in need. On top of all these astounding things Dr. Holterman also has authored quite a few peer-reviewed medical documents (WeeklyOpinion). Majoring in biology at Yale University Dr. Holterman graduated summa cum laude, and also earned his Ph.D. and MD at the University of Virgina.


Brought up from a family of farmers neither of Dr. Holterman’s parents went on to attend college. Nevertheless, Dr. Holterman still went to Yale, while there he majored in biology. Dr. Holterman graduated from Yale in 1980 he then turned around and went to the University of Virgina next where he had hopes of becoming a pediatrician. In the University of Virgina, Dr. Holterman met a life-changing woman by the name of A -runs Le. She inspired Dr. Holterman to become a surgeon after he witnessed Ai-Xuan passion for it, he also, in turn, inspired Ai-Xuan to practice in being a pediatrician too (


Based out in Maywood Illinois Dr. Holterman has twenty-five nine years of experience and is affiliated with sixteen hospitals. Even though Dr. Holterman is a very busy man with all the research, teaching, and also writing on top of his other day to day things; Dr. Holterman specializes in pediatric and general surgery with two open office locations. Dr. Holterman is a long time advocate of stem cell therapy and has productively been working on an upcoming area of medical science called “regenerative medicine” which is basically a term for an organ or tissue regenerating itself; specifically designed for chronic disease and severe injuries.


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