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H.O.P.E’s bright light: UShealth Group’s New Message

USHEALTH group has been acclaimed for being one of the companies that give back the most. Through their initiative H.O.P.E (helping other people everyday), USHEALTH group workers and all who are associated with them have touched the lives of those who are in their line of duty and those who are not.

The H.O.P.E initiative was initiated by Troy McQuagge, the president and CEO of USHEALTH advisors in 2010. The first H.O.P.E mission was a response to hurricane Katrina which has wiped out a large area in New Orleans. He called on his stuff and urged them to give anything they could to help build housed for those worst affected. The idea of being of help to someone who needs it inspired many employees and they responded to the call to mission. Learn more at about US Health Group.

Since then, the employees of USHEALTH group have made it their life’s mission to help as many people as they can. The organization organizes for H.O.P.E missions every now and then and even more impressive is the fact that the stuff do their own personal H.O.P.E missions.

Randy Hildebrandt, one of the satellite division leaders, says working with USHEALTH advisors is the most fulfilling job he could have dreamt of. At USHEALTH advisors he says he is offered an opportunity to help his clients as he serves them. Following the foot steps of their CEO and president, he has come to learn to care deeply for the people he interacts with at work. At the end of every working day, he gets to go home a happy man because he has helped so many people in line of duty. Visit to know more about USHealth Group

In addition to helping people while working, the H.O.P.E projects the company runs have given him great opportunities to meet and help more people. He says he carries this H.O.P.E mission in his heart everywhere- even in the stores. He now meets people and gives them a little more; a smile, a greeting… simply letting someone know that they are cared for- even if they’ve just met.

Since H.O.P.E is his daily mission, he has purposed to live his life by the golden rule; do unto others as you would have them do unto you.



A New Way Forward For Switzerland As Shown By Mike Baur

Big banks in Switzerland have not had a lot going for them lately since the crash of 2008 and a changing of public perception on them. But that may be good news for Switzerland which has needed some change to diversify their economy, and they have so many young people who are ready to join the tech revolution. This revolution involves many startups and new brands that investors are interested in including Mike Baur who recently founded the Swiss Startup Factory incubator for that very purpose. He believes that if these young entrepreneurs can make successful pitches to investors that they can be real game changers for the Swiss business community.


Mike Baur was part of Swiss banking for over 20 years of his life. At age 16 he became an intern at UBS Bank, a position that young men at the time would enter in hopes of one day reaching an executive status. Baur was told by a manager there that he just needed to follow the path outlined on a piece of paper and he could reach retirement by a certain age. Baur was certainly driven to succeed at this job and was promoted within just years of starting it. He got his bachelor’s degree at the University of Bern, and during his time at UBS became an advisor to some of Switzerland’s wealthiest businessmen. But then 2008 came and UBS began scaling back its operations. Baur decided to leave the bank not long before it closed and took a job with another bank, Clariden Leu. He was made an even higher manager here and looked as if he was going to get his banking career back on track, but in 2014 he left banking again and this time for good. One year later Clariden Leu was closed and merged with Credit Suisse.


Mike Baur began his new venture in startup investing after meeting with several other financial experts and explaining how it could yield a good return. Together with Goldback Group and CTI, the Swiss Startup Factory was formed and later Fintech Fusion and Think Reloaded also became part of the conglomerate. The SSUF takes entrepreneurs through a three-month program filled with challenges and coaching to see if they can survive in a highly competitive market. If they can, they receive funding and get office space to work out of. So far thousands of new brands have been listed in the SSUF portfolio.


Jason Hope: A Hand For The Hopes Of Anti-Aging

Today, most people are concerned about how they physically look. They are also concerned on how they will look when they age. We can never stop aging to happen, but we can prevent aging from ruining our skin and other aspects of our body. There are a lot of options which are in the market and procedures that can be done to either prevent or correct the effects of aging. Today many invest just in fighting aging.

Entrepreneur Jason Hope had invested in a particular foundation which researches ways to prevent aging. This organization is SENS Research Foundation and is conducting seminars which help people understand the science of aging and how we can avoid it. Mr. Jason Hope had invested his money, $500,000 to be exact, in the belief and awe on how SENS sees the need to prevent aging and how they provide ways for anti-aging.

Mr. Jason Hope is a wealthy entrepreneur, an investor and is known to make the welfare of others significant through the help of donations and fundraising. He has a degree in Finance from the Arizona State University and has a masters degree in business also form the same university. When Hope graduated, he then created a reputation in the business industry and even was known internationally. He at present is known to have full and credible knowledge of the business industry. He is also considered as an advisor when it comes to doing business successfully.

Hope, considering the success he made in the world of business, does not forget the people who need help and support. He is an active philanthropist and helps people who need welfare support. Hope also uses innovative technologies to do credible research who can give a significant contribution in the future and contribute to the science of innovation.

His contribution to the research of anti-aging prevention is a big leap for the aesthetics industry. He believed in SENS’ objectives and approach to anti-aging. He said that unlike any other foundation, SENS does not dwell on the science of reconstruction, but rather dwell on how to cure the diseases that may affect the speed of aging and may affect the cells in the human body which contributes to aging.
We cannot stop aging from happening, but like Hope, we may be able to find ways to help science look for ideas on how to prevent aging naturally.

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USHEALTH Advisors insurance: Choosing A Health Insurance Plan Or Coverage


Are you looking for self-employed or individual health insurance coverage? Do you want to seek expert guidance or advice on selecting the right health coverage for you or your dependents? Maybe you are researching USHEALTH Advisors and its family of health insurance providers.

USHEALTH Advisors is a leading company in the health insurance field and offers access to quality health insurance products. USHEALTH Advisors provides excellent services to customers and clients and comes highly recommended in the industry. The company has top notch resources and industry experience, which enable its professionals to meet the health insurance needs of clients and customers.

Every day, many individuals use the Internet to search for the right health insurance for their needs. These people want to see quality service from a company that has an established history of rendering outstanding service. That’s where USHEALTH Advisors come in – to ensure that you receive the guidance you need to make an informed decision.

Finding a good company for health insurance help is essential. There are many health insurance companies and professionals out there offering to guide you in selecting the right plan or coverage but it’s extremely important to go with a reputable team.

USHEALTH Advisors have the expertise and experience to help you determine the best options for your situation. The company has some of the most knowledgeable professionals in the field and is well equipped to address any issues you may have regarding health plans or coverage.

As a well established marketing and sales team, USHEALTH Advisors offers flexible and affordable health plans to customers and clients across the nation.

Getting health insurance for you or your dependents needs to be handled with care. If you want to avoid disappointment, you need to seek the assistance of renowned company with qualified professionals.This involves doing your homework before deciding on the best plan for your situation.

Contact USHEALTH Advisors to find out more about the services and products that they offer and how to get help in selecting the right plan or coverage for you.


Putting USHealth Advisors into Context

USHealth Advisors is a subsidiary USHealth Group Inc. which was formed in 2010. It was formed to help the parent company to reach out to the clients by concentrating on the marketing of the product portfolio. USHealth Advisors is located in Texas, just next to the parent company. The company also has satellite offices in other parts of the country. The offices are found in Texas, New Jersey and Orlando among other places. Each of these offices is properly furnished and has enough employees to help the company achieve its goals.

Working with USHealth Advisors is very lucrative. First time agents carry home a monthly salary of $90,000. This salary then gets raised to a six-figure when one becomes a senior employee here. These agents are expected to deliver maximally in their sales and marketing duties. The huge salary is a motivation so that they can work without relenting and always remain loyal to the company. They are expected to reach out to as many clients as they possibly can and different parts of the country. Read more at about USHealth Advisor.

As per the CrunchBase, USHealth Advisor is actually an equal employer. This company employs agents who they leave to work freely and independently without any kind of supervision. USHealth Advisors work with agents who are always willing and ready to work to help people every other day. One would be very lucky to work with USHealth as this is an opportunity that very few people get in their lifetime. The agents enjoy a myriad of benefits that are very hard to come by in other companies. Follow USHealth Advisor on Twitter

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Eli Gershkovitz and Wondrous Craft Beer

Everyone adores a great craft beer. What on earth could be more soothing than sitting down with a nice beer, anyway? What could be more comforting than enjoying a craft beer that hails from the United States’ charming neighbor to the north, Canada? If you want to take advantage of the wide and wonderful craft beer universe, you can’t ignore Canada’s incredible offerings. Canadian people are big fans of tasty beer (AffiliateDork). They know what they’re doing as well. If you want to go on a tour of the enormous North American nation’s finest breweries, there are so many tried and true options accessible.

It doesn’t matter where specifically in Canada you go. You shouldn’t be too far from a reputable brewery. People who are on the West Coast of Canada don’t have to worry for a second. They can always head to Central City Brewery located in Surrey in scenic British Columbia. This place is a haven for imperial pale ale aficionados. If you’re a fan of pleasantly bitter flavoring, Central City Brewery should be a “must-see” on your upcoming brewery tour.

Are you a big fan of light beers? You should head to Toronto, Ontario. Toronto is home to Denisons Brewing Co. It offers wonderfully light beers. It offers beers that don’t lead to heavy aftertastes as well. If you like avoiding aftertastes, you’ll surely have a blast at Denisons. The addition of wheat during the brewing process can eliminate aftertaste issues for people who aren’t exactly fond of them ( People in Montreal in Quebec can stop by Brasserie McAuslan Brewery. This brewery is known for darker drinks that are somewhat reminiscent of delicious coffee. These beers have a lot of character.

Eli Gershkovitz is Steamworks Craft Breweries’ diligent Chief Executive Officer. This is a man who undoubtedly values a great craft beer. Eli Gershkovitz is a well-rounded craft beer specialist. He’s also a legal expert. Eli Gershkovitz has been a beer maker since the nineties. That’s why he has such impressive and detailed beer knowledge. Eli Gershkovitz appreciates Heidelberg, Germany, and its beer techniques. Gershkovitz spent time at a respected microbrewery there. Gershkovitz’s committing to quality beer is unrivaled.

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Glen Wakeman’s Corporate Success

Glen Wakeman had worked for GE capital where he held various executive positions before leaving to found his own firm. The company helped him grow career-wise and had lived in six countries and worked in 32 countries in his 20-year career with the company.

At GE capital, his final role was that of a CEO in Latin America GE Money. Under his leadership, he was able to expand the operation to a 9-country one, gaining assets and signing new partnerships. He created new products and employed over 17,000 employees. The tremendous growth was due to his excellence in his work.

He currently serves at the LaunchPad Holdings, LLC as the CEO and was its co-founder (Facebook). Through the firm, Glen has been able to reach out to the small entrepreneurs and to those at their start-up stages and has advised them on how to maximize their returns and reduce costs.

Due to his passion for growth, executive development and innovation, Glen serves a mentor to several C-level executives. He guides them on how well they can improve their businesses and prevent mistakes that would hinder them from succeeding.

Glen Wakeman is also the founder of Nova Four and is its president. The firm offers business strategies that would help accelerate businesses and give advice on how to get capital for small businesses and for those that are getting started.

He is a blogger that does not keep knowledge from others ( Glen shares his entrepreneurial knowledge in his blog posts. Through the medium, he gives insights on international fiscal matters and emerging trends.

Apart from being a successful entrepreneur, Gen makes donations to the relief organizations and urges people to contribute to such organizations. He advises that it is important to make donations as damages caused by disasters leave the affected families more distressed than one can imagine.

Glen Wakeman studied his Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Economics from the University of Scranton. He pursued his MBA from the University of Chicago and is certified for Six Sigma Black Belt.

In addition to his excellence in executive leadership, Glen has won several awards which include local, national and in international categories.


Are you ready to meet Dr. Mark Holterman?

Dr. Holterman is a professor at the University of Illinois and is also the CEO of Mariam Global Health. Dr. Holterman has been labeled a type of “Renaissance man” for the now a day term; for all the hard work and volunteering he does in order to help those in need. On top of all these astounding things Dr. Holterman also has authored quite a few peer-reviewed medical documents (WeeklyOpinion). Majoring in biology at Yale University Dr. Holterman graduated summa cum laude, and also earned his Ph.D. and MD at the University of Virgina.


Brought up from a family of farmers neither of Dr. Holterman’s parents went on to attend college. Nevertheless, Dr. Holterman still went to Yale, while there he majored in biology. Dr. Holterman graduated from Yale in 1980 he then turned around and went to the University of Virgina next where he had hopes of becoming a pediatrician. In the University of Virgina, Dr. Holterman met a life-changing woman by the name of A -runs Le. She inspired Dr. Holterman to become a surgeon after he witnessed Ai-Xuan passion for it, he also, in turn, inspired Ai-Xuan to practice in being a pediatrician too (


Based out in Maywood Illinois Dr. Holterman has twenty-five nine years of experience and is affiliated with sixteen hospitals. Even though Dr. Holterman is a very busy man with all the research, teaching, and also writing on top of his other day to day things; Dr. Holterman specializes in pediatric and general surgery with two open office locations. Dr. Holterman is a long time advocate of stem cell therapy and has productively been working on an upcoming area of medical science called “regenerative medicine” which is basically a term for an organ or tissue regenerating itself; specifically designed for chronic disease and severe injuries.


Perry Mandera Assists Inner City Youths

Perry Mandera is a hard worker who owns a highly regarded business that’s known simply as the Custom Companies Inc. He’s a dependable executive within the large transportation industry. He’s worked in the diverse and expansive field for more than three decades as well. Mandera is the main man behind the accomplishments of the aforementioned Custom Companies, Inc. This group is based in Northlake in Illinois. Mandera undoubtedly has a lot on his plate with all of his career objectives day in and day out. That doesn’t stop him from giving his time to various other things, however. He aids the ISCC (Illinois State Crime Commission) on a routine basis. This is a group that gave him the distinction of 2010’s Bishop Sheil Award. It gave him 2011’s coveted Citizen of the Year Award as well. The ISCC, in short, is a not-for-profit group that collaborates with the Police Athletic League. It focuses on methods that minimize crime. Juvenile delinquency matters are a major focal point for the organization, too. The main objective of the ISCC is to encourage harmonious relationships between the public and professionals who work in law enforcement. The ISCC does a lot in Chicago, Illinois. It offers exhaustive training sessions that benefit law enforcement agencies in the area.


Perry Mandera is a trusted executive who has been at the helm of many wonderful things during his illustrious transportation career. He created the Custom Companies, Inc. all the way back in 1986. He’s been the head of the group since that time as well. Although Perry Mandera is without a doubt a person who has so many things to do every day, he still manages to take on a significant amount of philanthropic work. Perry Mandera is an acclaimed businessman who understands the value of treating other human beings well. He understands the power of doing good work for communities and neighborhoods everywhere, too. Perry Mandera has given his time and care to plentiful community and charity groups. He’s assisted Jesse White Tumblers via the Custom Companies, Inc. Jesse White Tumblers has aided inner-city youths since the late fifties.

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Stream Energy and Hurricane Harvey Relief

Stream Energy went proactive to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey in September of 2017. This leading energy company launched a crowdfunding campaign and pledged to match any donations up to $25,000. Stream also donated directly to the American Red Cross $25,000 and is continuing its donations throughout the recovery (GCReport). Stream Energy is a connected life service provider and is giving its customers and members direct credits to their accounts and removal of any fees incurred because of the hurricane. The company continues to monitor the recovery on the Texas coast and to offer this special care to its customers in that location.


Stream Energy has founded 12 years ago in 2005 and in just over 12 years is now worth more than eight billion dollars ( Stream Energy has developed into one of the largest direct selling companies in today’s energy market. Its services are available in New Jersey, Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, Georgia, Texas, New York, Pennsylvania and the District of Columbia. This young growing company is expanding its services across the United States and the services Stream offers are extensive end cutting-edge.


It offers both electric and gas energy plans at competitive rates and an EZ start option to new customers. This option pays up to $150 of termination charges with current providers upon switching to Stream services. All services offered by Stream are accessed via their Stream Connect app and they offer a free video doorbell, thermostat and weather station. Stream offers security systems for home, auto, and identity theft. Wireless plans are offered by Stream at reasonable prices with digital voice services including unlimited calling and Smart Safety Alert.


Stream Energy is a fast-growing company under the guidance of Larry Mondry and Dan O’Malley. Mr. Mondry brings over 25 years of executive experience to Stream and Mr. O’Malley brings with him 25 years of experience with Money Gram International. Stream is offering expansive employment opportunities across the country. Stream Energy is a Clean Energy producer through hydroelectric, solar and wind power sources and Stream customers are also offered a Green Clean energy plan as an additional way to protect the environment.

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