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Jeunesse – Helping a Generation to Look and Feel Young

Looking one’s best is always important in today’s world. Unfortunately, the world does judge a person’s appearance. Follow Jeunesse Global on Pinterest For the individual, looking healthy and refreshed usually accompanies a feel-good attitude. Jeunesse is a skincare company that understands this, and has developed a group of products to help customers look and feel their best. The Youth Enhancement System is their answer. Synergetic skincare supplements are available that consumers cannot find anywhere else. Read more about Jeunesse Global at Several company products include the following:

  • INSTANTLY AGELESS – As people age, fine lines, wrinkles, and bags under on the face and eyes naturally appear. Instantly Ageless, within minutes, can help reduce the appearance of aging. The effects last from six to nine hours. A special micro cream goes to work on skin that has lost its elasticity. Lifted, visibility toned skin is the result.
  • FINITI – People can feel healthier by taking a unique blend of ingredients that contains vegetable and fruit extracts. It provides the perfect supplemental remedy for people on the go, and is free of artificial preservatives and colors, which include peanuts, fish, eggs, soy, or wheat.
  • ZEN BODY – For many people, it is difficult to work through a weight management program. ZEN BODY teaches users how to lead a healthier lifestyle. It offers an eight-week course that guides individuals through three phases that are easy to follow. Additional benefits include ZEN products, supportive coaching, and continual support from a community of like-minded individuals.
  • MIND – Everyone can benefit from having a sharp mind and memory. MIND, inspired by Eastern medicine, is a dietary supplement that draws on the proteins derived from silkworm cocoons.

Health is as important in today’s world as it has ever been. As such, a healthy mind and body are uniquely connected and necessary for a successful and stress-free life. Jeunesse Global offers products that can help people discover the balance that helps them reach an optimal level of living.


Why Troy McQuagge Is One Of The Insurance World’s Leading Executives

You would probably be hard pressed to find a business professional in the world of insurance that is as qualified and as accomplished as Troy McQuagge. Currently Troy McQuagge serves as the chief executive officer and president of a company that is known as USHEALTH Group, Inc. Troy McQuagge also sits on the board of directors of USHEALTH Group, Inc. Holding the position of chief executive officer at a large health insurance company is just one among many milestones that Troy McQuagge has reached over the course of his very long and illustrious career in the insurance industry.

While many people often spend their careers working across several industries Troy McQuagge is notable for having dedicated the overwhelming majority of his decades-long career to the insurance industry. The majority of the positions that he has held have been at insurance companies. Troy McQuagge first got his start in the insurance industry after he accepted a job working for the well known insurance company AllState. Troy spent several years at AllState before transitioning into a role at another insurance company that is known as United Insurance Companies. It was at United Insurance Companies that Troy McQuagge would truly be able to make his mark in the insurance industry. The hard work that Troy McQuagge had put in during the early years of career learning the ins and outs of the insurance industry would pay off in a big way for him at United Insurance Companies. Learn more at about Troy McQuagge.

During his time at United Insurance Companies Troy McQuagge would eventually be promoted to the role of president of an agency that the company owned that was known as UGA. Troy McQuagge would apply his attention to learning about what was necessary to lead an insurance company through his work at United Insurance Companies. He would eventually leave United Insurance Companies and go on to hold senior leadership roles in the insurance industry at other companies. For example he was selected to serve as the president of another insurance company that was known as Health Markets. Under his guidance Health Markets was able to bring in $1 billion in sales and catch the attention of the Stevie Awards which gave the company the Sales Organization of the Year Award.

After leading companies such as Health Markets to success Troy McQuagge would eventually go on to take his talents to the company that is known as USHEALTH Group, Inc. Troy was recently recognized for the excellent work that he has been doing as the chief executive officer of USHEALTH Group, Inc. In 2016 an entity that is known as the One Planet Awards chose to recognize Troy McQuagge for his work at USHEALTH Group. The group gave Troy the Gold CEO of the Year Award, an accolade that recognizes business executives for their stellar performance in their leadership roles.


Read New Cancer Treatment Centers of America Information Accessible with WebMD Online Site

Individuals all have different preferences for learning. Many today are turning to their computers and accessing needed information through the Internet. Available day or night, Internet websites are a terrific way to get more interested people to read healthcare updates and explanations. Cancer Treatment Centers of America knows that information posted on the Internet is very often false. This can lead to many dangers for people with major illnesses. Along with WebMD, the educators from Cancer Treatment Centers of America realize that accessing the truthful cancer information is critical for cancer suffers and their support systems looking for help.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America are again setting new standards on cancer care educational pursuits. WebMD has shown to be an excellent provider of invaluable information on healthcare. CTCA is pleased to announce this fantastic team effort in cancer care learning tools. Education is an important facet in cancer care, and CTCA has been instrumental in breaking new ground in novel educational opportunities. More people have home computers nowadays. Most children have a computer available through their schools. Even public libraries have computers that can be used by patrons to research anything including cancer care treatments, updates and groundbreaking clinical trial information.

The sheer impact of having an incredible way to promote healthcare is part of why Cancer Treatment Centers of America now posts lots of informative cancer details from diagnosis to their available treatment programs and after care assistance for those leaving a cancer care treatment facility. More cancer care survivors are within our communities today. Most cancer care experts, including those at CTCA, understand that being in a home environment has remarkable healing power. To support these survivors, Cancer Treatment Centers of America provides reliable support care with continuing cancer information through reliable Internet webpages like those of WebMD.

Jason Hope Explaining IoT Technology Elaborately in His New Book

The world of technology witness new advances now and then and one of the latest happenings in the world of technology is the advent of the Internet of Things technology. Jason Hope, a noted serial entrepreneur, author, tech commentator, and a futurist, from Scottsdale, Arizona, has recently written a book on the Internet of Things and how it impacts our lives and the world of technology. Jason Hope is a highly qualified individual who has done Engineering from ASU and completed his Masters in Business Administration from WP Carey School of Business. Over the years, Jason Hope has become a very familiar name in the world of technology in the United States. He owns a mobile technology development firm that also provides digital marketing services.

Jason Hope has invested in multiple tech companies and has made a fortune doing so over the years. The amount of resources and wealth that he has made through his strategic investments in tech companies has helped put him in a position where he can channel his funds as per his will. Jason Hope believes that Internet of Things technology is a sector that is worth investing in as it has a bright future and would certainly replace the technology in excessive use today. The name of the book written by Jason Hope on IoT technology is – Understanding the Internet of Things Revolution: A Quick Guide for Thriving in the IoT Era.

Jason Hope has elaborately yet in simple words explained what the Internet of Things is and how it can help transform the technology as we know it today. Jason Hope feels that the internet of things has the potential to change the way business and industries function as it would reduce the workload on employees and automate many processes efficiently. The accuracy in the business machinery would increase greatly, and the service-oriented companies would be able to gather data from the market in a more efficient manner, which would also help the businesses, provide better products and services. The best part is that the integration of the Internet of Things technology would not cost a fortune.

Jason Hope is also interested in the field of biotechnology apart from technology and donates to the SENS Research Foundation to help the organization conduct research on anti-aging and reversing the process of death. The idea of changing the aging process might seem abnormal, but as per many physicists, it is entirely possible if research is done on a molecular level.

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Boraie Development LLC Builds Winners

There is a new development in Atlantic City creating quite a bit of excitement due to its sheer size, the way it compliments other new and well known sites around the city, and changes to come in the economic infrastructure. This project, which promises 250 units for residential and mixed-use purposes, has a promising start because the people who all have their hands on the construction also have good heads on their shoulders. Boraie Development LLC is spearheading the development of this building which should prove beneficial to about 50,000 different members of the local community. You can search on Yahoo to know more.

It is not just the size of this complex that means to bring change to so many people but its location as well. The spot for groundbreaking on this project is between Atlantic, Pacific, New Jersey and Connecticut avenues, which makes it perfect for Atlantic City as it is well known for being a popular tourist location. One detail in particular that makes this building so interesting is the fact that it is designed and constructed to be at market value for residences. This is the first project of its kind in over 25 years, and it is said to be projected to cost 81 million dollars.

The Beach at South Inlet is meant to be something of a non-gaming establishment to raise the overall market value of Atlantic City. This is great news after a dip in the economy which has lasted over a decade long. Projects such as this are bringing sustainable value to the city’s economy after a surviving a balancing act of casinos in neighboring states causing waves by opening and then closing in a turbulent market. This multi-million dollar investment is sure to pay off in both immediate interest for Atlantic City and in gains of property value in the long run.

Boraie Development LLC is set to be a major supporting force behind this project and it is also a perfect choice for the job. Finishing this project requires innovation and a vision for the future to really capture the nature of its purpose. And Boraie is a company just experienced enough to know what needs to be done while at the same time young enough to try something new for the sake of change. Although excellence is a part of everything is company does there is also an understanding that improvements and maintenance can be made on every project it completes.

Permanent or Term Freedom Life Insurance, which is your best fit?

When choosing a life insurance that fits your goals, needs, budget, and life style, Freedom life Insurance offers both of the main types that most people consider. Though life insurance provides security to most people just because they have it, it’s also important to consider the type of coverage that you need, and what will be the most beneficial to you and your family members. The choice you make may differ at different parts of your life and depending on several different factors. Freedom Life Insurance can help you and your family feel protected regardless of your circumstance by offering both, here are some tips to help you decide which type of Freedom Life Insurance is the right one for you. Visit USHEALTH Group to know more.

The two main types are permanent and term policies, there is also a third type, it has some of the characteristics of both types and is called convertible.

The type called permanent is, as it sounds, the kind of life insurance you would buy with the intention of it providing coverage for the rest of your life, from now until you die. One of the benefits to this is the lowered payment amounts, especially if you purchase the insurance at an earlier age and have no expectation of dying outside of accidental in the near future. This is life-long coverage. There is another benefit to this type of coverage, the savings value that grows over time. As you make payments and time passes without the need to use the coverage, this kind of insurance grows a savings value that can be borrowed against in the event you need to at some point during the policy. This can be a life saver for someone with less than perfect credit in a time of financial distress.

The other kind, or term life insurance, is better used in specific time periods that require coverage, for example, coverage on the kids until they finish school and move on to college. This is also useful when large amounts of insurance are needed for a smaller fee as the coverage is only for a specific time frame. This type of policy doesn’t grow a savings benefit. Check more:


An in depth look at US Health Group

US Health Group is an organization that offers a variety of health plans to fit the health needs of individuals as well as families. In addition, US Health Group is headquartered out of Fort Worth Texas. The company is currently affiliated with the Freedom Life Insurance Company of America. US Health has over four decades of providing affordable health care services that provide security and peace of mind to their customers.

US Health offers insurance that is targeted toward treating specific diseases such as Kidney and Liver dysfunction. In addition, the company offers a variety of Accident Insurance plans for men, women as well as minor children.

Troy McQuagge is the CEO of US Health Group. He has been with the organization for seven years. Mr. McQuagge has over three decades of experience within the insurance ad health care industry. Troy McQuagge began his career working for Allstate Insurance Company- Life Insurance Division. Allstate provided McQuagge with a strong foundation and understanding of the insurance business. He did exceptionally well during his tenure with Allstate. Troy McQuagge managed to exceed sales quotas within the Life Sales Division within the first 14 months of employment.

*Corporate Officers/ CEO:

Troy McQuagge graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Degree in Business Finance. In addition, Mr. McQuagge is licensed to sell Life Insurance Products and Financial related services. McQuagge was awarded the 2017 Gold Standard of Excellence Award for recognition of performance of required duties as CEO of the company.

US Health also offers Premier Vision Service as well as Dental Services. Their Secure Advantage Insurance coverage provides affordable insurance coverage while at work, home and when traveling. The Secure Advantage coverage is one of the most popular forms of coverage that US Health currently offers. Portable Insurance coverage is a new product that is also gaining considerable notoriety.

Please visit US Health Group gives customers the advantage of receiving on line quotes through their web site. The web site is updated on a daily basis. Latest company news and product information can also be found on the web site.

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Sheldon Lavin and Food Processing

Sheldon Lavin is an established executive in the foodservice world. He’s the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of OSI Group in Aurora, Illinois. He’s the Chairman of the international brand as well. OSI Group’s Aurora location is not at all far away from Chicago. Lavin is an individual who has a strong reputation within the food and meat processing fields. He’s been working in both of those fields for many decades now. He, because of that, is equipped with industry insight that’s practically unrivaled. He’s known a lot about the industry since the beginning of the seventies. Lavin was part of Otto & Sons’ financing back in 1970. Otto & Sons, with time, turned into what’s now known as OSI Group. Lavin is a person who has tangible goals in mind at all times. That’s the reason he was able to take Otto & Sons to its current successes. OSI Group used to be a company that focused on domestic food processing matters. It’s now a powerhouse in the industry, however. It concentrates on global matters as well. It has over 60 locations internationally. They’re in 60 nations, too.

Sheldon Lavin was born in the United States in 1932. He went to educational institutions such as Roosevelt University, Northwestern University and the University of Illinois. He studied both finance and accounting. He has a B.S. (Bachelor of Science) degree. He got that degree at Roosevelt University.

Lavin is an executive who has a lot of expertise that relates to food processing subjects. He’s also a proud financial consulting expert. He owned a financial consulting business for more than 15 years. This firm was called simply “Sheldon Lavin & Associates, Inc.” It had a bustling downtown Windy City location that was easy for clients to access regularly.

This professional is at the helm of development matters at OSI Group. He puts a lot of effort into the expansion process. He focuses on expansion matters on other continents. Asia and Europe are examples. Lavin works tirelessly daily to help OSI flourish in all areas.

Sheldon Lavin emphasizes the strength of expansion. He’s also a person who emphasizes the beauty of doing great things for fellow human beings. He, because of that, is an active philanthropist. He’s backed Ronald McDonald House Charities for a long time now. He’s been helping the group for over 25 years. He also aids groups that revolve around families.

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Rocketship Education: A Rising Star.

Low-income communities have always faced a plethora of challenges. The stressors associated with poverty and the effects that they have on an individual only become more obvious as research is conducted. One major issue is the achievement gap between impoverished individuals and the rest of society. This is a problem that Rocketship education intends to solve in our lifetime. This pioneering education system enlists a series of strategies to target and eliminates these negative effects.

The first way that rocket school addresses the challenges faced by these communities is by providing relief when disaster strikes. Typically when a natural disaster occurs it is usually the poorest members of society who suffer. Often they are unable to replace essentials lost as well as produce deposits for new housing or pay insurance deductibles. When a flood devastated one of Rocketship’s districts the school did not waste a moment. Quickly through partnerships with established charities, they raised $62,000. These funds were quickly dispersed to aid the families of students. This relief ensured that students were able to stay stable and on track during a difficult time.

The charter school’s approach is centered around ensuring that student’s needs are met and they are able to excel. Their name rocketship and the title rocketeers gave to students are meant to inspire students with the idea that anyone can excel. The school ’s self-has certainly taken off, they operate 20 schools in 3 states as well as the District of Columbia. Additionally, in a survey of schools, the Rocketship education program was ranked in the top 10% of California schools serving low-income communities.

The program focuses on students on an individual level. Beginning with the instructors. Only the teachers with the most impressive credentials are selected. It is required that they have an exceptional grasp of core fields such as math, science and the humanities. From there the teachers are trained in educational techniques that are grounded in encouraging involvement and support from the student’s family. In keeping with that philosophy, teachers are required to meet with families in their students home. This is believed to give the instructor a better reference for the student’s individual needs and is just one of many ways this nonprofit is revolutionizing education.

How Ricardo Tosto has been Making Moves in the Brazilian Legal System

Even though Brazil is not where it would like to be when it comes to matters legal and governance, the country has come a long way in establishing rule of law. There are three arms of government in the South American Nation; the executive, judiciary and the legislature. The legislature has the mandate to formulate the laws that govern the country while the judiciary implements these laws and also acts as the custodian of the constitution. The executive determines which bills will be passed into law and how they will be implemented. Ricardo Tosto is one of the key players in Brazil’s judiciary, and he practices law in line with the constitution which was promulgated in 1988.

How the law is implemented in Brazil

In addition to the constitution, there are a few other legal documents which are used to maintain law and order and resolve legal disputes. These include the commercial code, which governs business relations, the criminal suit code which deals with serious crimes, the civil code and the commercial code among others. The country is divided into 26 states that have the freedom to create rules to help govern their own citizens. The government only recognizes lawyers as the legal professionals in the country. It has put across hundreds of law schools across the country with the aim of training as many people as possible to join the profession. To qualify as a lawyer in Brazil, you first have to earn a degree in law, followed by training in the school of law.

Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo joined the legal profession in 1991. He is a law graduate from the Mackenzie Presbyterian University. He specializes in business litigation, where he has made a huge name for himself. He is a senior litigant at Leite, Tosto and Barros AvogadosAssociados. Many of the people who have worked with or at the company state that they were impressed by the spirit that Ricardo Tosto creates in the company, and that he is one of the most supportive and intelligent legal professionals in the country. His leadership has taken the firm to great heights nationally, and even more is expected from him.