Omar Yunes a Successful Entrepreneur with Award Winning Restaurants in Mexico

Running a franchise of a big brand is never easy. Since high standard needs to be maintained, the big brands ensure that all its franchises are run by competent people who are dedicated towards their work. Sushi Itto is one of the top Japanese restaurant chains with its presence in many different continents. The company was reluctant to enter the Mexican market first, but Omar Yunes, a Mexican entrepreneur, stepped in and got its franchise. He is the current owner of 13 units in Mexico. The franchise has more than four hundred employees who work with diligent to maintain the standards of the company.

Omar Yunes gained international success after his franchise won the 2015 Best Franchisee of the World Award. The ceremony that was held in Florence, Italy was part of a ceremony that honored the brands that excelled in the franchise industry. According to Omar Yunes, the award was not just for him, but for his entire staffs that work very hard to maintain the standard, the brand is known for. The ceremony saw franchisees from 34 different countries competing for the top award. Omar Yunes won the leading award for setting up exemplary business processes, quality control board and top strategies for the management of its activities. Once the award was announced, it did not come as a surprise as he was one of the top contenders with everyone’s eyes on him.

The awards allow the brand and its franchisees to motivate to keep working hard. It also shows the exceptional leadership of Omar Yunes who is behind its success. He is particular about the customer care, its product offerings, and its hospitality so that their customers can have an enjoyable experience at the restaurants. Having started the first franchise when he was only 21 years old, Omar Yunes has come a long way and had 13 franchises to his name. He hopes to add more to the list in the coming years. His family was into politics, but he wanted to do something of his own. Thus, he chose to grow his units of franchisees in Mexico of one of the top restaurants in the world.

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