Traveling Vineyard- A Successful Direct Selling Company

Traveling Vineyard is a pioneering direct selling company that has empowered several business persons across the country to earn through wine investments. The company was first established in 2001 through profound concepts that include home based wine tasting. In 2010, the company was acquired and restructured by Richard Libby. Traveling Vineyard is found in Ipswich, Massachusetts, and runs with over 5,000 marketers who work independently. These marketers are popularly called wine guides.

The company is an active member of direct selling association which monitors ethical standards and enforces stipulated policies. Further, Traveling Vineyard is also a member of Better Business Bureau.

Various wine guides receive exclusive support from Travelling Vineyards. The company provides high-end technology for ample business management. This is possible through their well-designed applications that offer knowledge through programs that include Sommology. To meet their primary goal of promoting home-based wine services, all wine guides receive professional support while aiding the process of wine tasting.

Wine guides serve as the pillar at Travelling Vineyard. For this reason, they are highly rewarded to enable them to spread their love of wine the public. Besides, building more friendships enable the wine guides to widen their income base and career profile. Traveling Vineyard is keen at the way people perceive and experience wine. This community focus is also key in guiding people to lead better lives.

It is important to realize that Travelling Vineyard is one of the few companies that offer home based business opportunities. Several moms are among those who have highly benefited from these opportunities. Travelling Vineyard provides its clients with a noble chance to further their career with a flexible and dynamic work schedule. Equally, the company offers extensive training programs coupled with full-time support. While sampling a range of delicious wines prepared by the company, wine guides also get a good chance of making more friends and interacting with their old friends.

To become a wine guide, a subscriber buys a success kit at $99. The kit consists of all fundamental requirements such as brochures, order forms, wine glasses, and bag. The subscriber is also required to buy tasting sets for the first two parties at $150. Wine guides receive a credit of $50 if they meet a minimum sale of $1400 within the first eight weeks together with a standards commission rate of 15-35% solely based on sales. A subscriber also earns more by recruiting extra members.

Traveling Vineyard offers their wine guides a free personal website for the first three months after which a monthly fee of $15.95 applies. This website is crucial in maintaining the company’s online presence and allowing the wine guides to engage their clients independently.

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