Rocketship Charter Schools Create Successful Learning Environments

Rocketship schools were founded by John Danner and Preston Smith in California in 2007. This network of charter schools consists of sixteen schools. Rocketship charter school locations are in California, Tennessee, Washington DC and Wisconsin. The goal of Rocketship charter schools is to provide a quality education to children in areas that may be underfunded.

Rocketship charter schools put several key factors into place when recognizing the student, teacher and school dynamic for each child’s learning experience. Personalized learning starts at home with each unique rocketship student. Each child has specific needs and parents can help teachers and the school recognizes and nurtures those needs.

Another Rocketship philosophy is to change the future we need to create more demand. While most Rocketship charter schools are kindergarten to fifth grade they are recognizing the need to expand to 12th grade. Many teachers will see their fifth grade students’ move on to junior high and high school and wonder how they are doing and if the new school is meeting their educational needs. Through expansion, Rocketship charter schools will be able to present in each rocketeers learning experience from kindergarten through high school graduation.

Rocketship charter schools honor the power of parents. Children truly excel in school when they have involved parents. Since Rocketship is not yet expanded to junior high and high school, parents in the community must rally together and demand better educations for their children when they leave the charter school. Integrating children does not create culturally responsive schools. Teachers help to create this environment for their students. Rocketship charter schools also believe that actions speak louder than words and by demonstrating this philosophy by providing better education to the children proves they believe in what their mission is. Rocketship charter schools hope to expand to service more communities in the near future. Communities welcome Rocketship Charter schools and their educational methods.

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