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Ricardo Tosto’s Commitment to His Firm Helps the Firm Succeed

Since Ricardo Tosto has been running his own firm, he has always been committed to growing it and making it better for all of his clients. His firm has come a long way in the time that he has been an attorney and that has helped him to make all of the right decisions no matter what he is doing. For Ricardo Tosto to be able to try new things with his firm, he knows that he needs to try new things and provide people with the opportunities that they need to be able to succeed in the different areas of law that he practices. Unlike many attorneys who are in Brazil, Ricardo Tosto does not specialize in one area only. Instead, he helps people in many different areas of law. He is successful with most of the cases that he has and this is evidence that he has been able to be successful no matter what.

While Ricardo Tosto was building up law firm, he took on all of the cases that he could. This meant that he needed to do things that were high-profile and things that could have seemed risky to a new attorney. All of these led to him being able to make the right choices for his business and for the partners that he worked with. Thanks to these risky cases, he learned what he could do and what would make it easier for him to try new things. He also learned right way to run that type of law firm.

Now, Ricardo Tosto is really well respected. People in Brazil know him by name and know what he is capable of. Big businesses use him and it is not uncommon to find him in the court room with some of the biggest celebrities in the whole country. Even the Brazillian government has consulted him about things in the Brazilian Constitution.

He is an expert in all areas of Brazilian law and that has helped him to make his business bigger while also supporting the partners that he has in the mega law firm.

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The History And Excellence Earned By Goettl Air Conditioning

One of the leading ventilation, heating and air conditioning companies in Arizona is Goettl Air Conditioning. They have celebrated a lot of anniversaries over the years including 25 years with their CEO Dan Burke and 75 years in business. Goettl Air Conditioning has played a part in a little over half of Phoenix’s history. Adam and Gust Goettl founded the company in February of 1939 because they wanted the residents of Arizona to be cool when the weather heated up. The company has continued to grow and has become one of the major brands in Arizona.

Kenneth D. Goodrich was a veteran in the HVAC industry when he purchased Goettl in 2012. During the past twenty years he has built numerous, successful, plumbing and HVAC companies in the Southwest. The vision he had for Goettl was the reason he asked Dan Burke to help lead the company in the position of CEO. He believed Dan’s commitment and experience would allow the company to improve both their industry and their community.

Dan Burke began working for Goettl in 1989 as the President. He had numerous years of experience in the industry and his devotion and leadership were responsible for Goettl becoming such a large part of the HVAC community in Arizona. For even more information please visit Due to the leadership of Burke and Goodrich Goettl has received acknowledgements for their excellence in service and installation. They were a finalist in 2014 for the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce’s IMPACT Award and were praised by Greg Stanton, the Mayor of Phoenix.

Goettl Air Conditioning is a pioneer in their field. Their legacy began in 1939 when Adam and Gust Goettl developed an evaporative cooler combined with a refrigerated air conditioning unit. They wanted to battle the extreme desert temperatures found in Phoenix. Their excellence has continued and Goettl is now one of the industries most trusted names. Their success has led the company through change in technology, changes in the business and has lasted for decades.

Goettl is about giving their customers excellent prices and value. They have pride in their work and will do any job right the first time. Their staff is skilled and their technicians continually trained in the premium products that are unique to Goettl. All of their technicians are certified and have passed thorough background and drug tests. Goettl cares about their community and offers services that are always op of the line.Air Conditioning

Roberto Santiago’s Abilities Have Made the Manaira Mall a Success

Roberto Santiago is an expert at marketing and he knows what he needs to do to make sure that people will be able to get what they need from the different locations that they are in. This is something that has allowed Roberto Santiago to try new things and to be able to try new options. It is also something that has set him apart from other mall owners in Brazil and has allowed him to be as successful as possible. While he has been working in the community, he has made sure that he can help people with the options that they need. He wants to consistently upgrade the mall and make it better so that everyone will have a chance at success within the mall. He also wants people to know that they can get more out of the experiences that they have while they are visiting the Manaira Mall.


When Roberto Santiago first started the mall, he did what he could to make it unique. He wnated to make it a place that people came to get what they needed but he knew that it had to be so much more than just commercial and chain retail stores. Because he wanted to make sure that it was unique, he knew that he was going to be able to try new things with the mall and have a better experience while he was working with people who were at the mall. He tried to offer these opportunities to all of the people who were a part of the mall.


When the mall had grown some, Roberto Santiago decided that the best option would be to make sure that people would get the entertainment that they needed and deserved. This would be something that would be much different from other malls and also different from anything that people in Brazil had seen before. While he was trying to improve the situation throughout the country, Roberto Santiago managed to offer more to tourists who came to Brazil. For example, the addition of the expo center brought in international acts to the city that he was in.


For Roberto Santiago, success is in the numbers of the mall. While other malls continue to fail during times of economic hardship, his mall continues to get better. People who visit the Manaira Mall can see that it is thriving and that people are able to enjoy everything that there is there. They can also see all of the options that they need while they are visiting there. Having designer brands alongside chain brands has given Roberto Santiago the motivation that he needs to continue growing the mall and making it a place that is better for everyone.


Foresite Capital’s Founder, Jim Tananbaum, Funds Mindstrong Health

Recently, Mindstrong Health, a startup that uses smartphones in the diagnosis and treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders, finished its Series A funding with a total of $14 million. Jim Tananbaum’s Foresite capital and other investors, including ARCH Venture Partners, One Mind Brain Health Impact Fund and Optum Ventures played a pivotal role in enhancing the company’s funding success. The financing aims to support Mindstrong Health’s neuropsychiatric treatment and diagnosis program, which is designed to monitor the interaction patterns on smartphones for purposes of improving brain function.

Mindstrong Health co-founder, Dr. Tom Insel, noted that mental disorders are global health problems. He went on to state that the use of smartphone devices to measure brain function is a positive step towards improving mental healthcare. Jim said that Mindstrong’s team understands the challenges facing patients having cognitive health disorders. He added that the platform would offer other practitioners with a medium through which they could improve their healthcare services.

About Jim Tananbaum

According to INC42, Dr. Jim Tananbaum is an accomplished investor and the CEO of Foresite Capital, an investment firm that focuses on disruptive healthcare companies. Foresite Capital invests in biotechnology, diagnostics, medical devices, healthcare services and genomics by supplying capital, information and networks. Their current biggest investment is Intarcia, a company that develops a type II implant for diabetes patients to help them control the disease and lose weight. Foresite Capital has also invested in Aeri Pharmaceuticals. This company develops a once-per-day glaucoma treatment. In addition, Foresite Capital is affiliated with other ventures like Sequenta, 10X, and Nanostring. Check out Ideamensch to know more.

Dr. Jim is a shrewd entrepreneur. He has been involved in the success of numerous companies in the healthcare field. Some of such corporations have grown to be leading brands in the industry. He ventured into entrepreneurship by co-founding Geltex Pharmaceuticals, which was later bought by Genzyme/Sanofi. The other notable companies that Jim has helped in enhancing their growth are Renvela, Cholestagel, Theravance, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, and GSK. Throughout his career, Jim has worked closely with prominent figures from renowned institutions like Yale, NCI, and Harvard. He is an alumnus of Yale where he studied math and electrical engineering/computer science before proceeding to Harvard University for his MBA. Dr. Tananbaum holds an MS from the renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). In 2015, 2016 and 2017, Jim appeared in the Forbe’s Midas List.


David McDonald Oversees The Expansion Of OSI Group’s Operations

Running global companies is not an easy task owing to the complex nature of the host countries. This is because nations have different government regulations, talent pool and cultural nuances. A successful corporation requires a visionary leader to smoothly navigate through above factors and achieve positive growth.

OSI Group, a global food supplier, is an example of the few companies that have had remarkable success in their operations. Headquartered in Aurora, Ill, OSI Group supplies value added protein products like beef patties, sausages, sandwiches and pizza. The company has stabilized its roots in China, where it has been operating for more than two decades. In addition, OSI Group has active operations in Europe and United States. David McDonald, the president of OSI Group, is the force behind the success of the company.

Under David McDonald’s leadership, OSI Group has made notable expansions in the recent years. In China, the company has developed over eight factories. This way, the company ranks as one of the largest poultry producers in the country, thus serving renowned clients like Yum, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Subway and Papa John’s. In 2012, the firm launched seven facilities across the world, including Geneva, Poland, India, and Hungary. Their continuous expansion strategy has helped in increasing their production capabilities to suit the growing number of clients and their sophisticated demands.

Presently, OSI Group has over 50 factories in 17 countries. David McDonald OSI Group explained that they have a vast global network, thus being able to succeed in different markets. They also capitalize on their local management teams that are highly knowledgeable about client’s tastes and cultures.

David McDonald added that their success is anchored on delivering products to their clients on time. David McDonald has climbed through the ladder to serve in the management of the corporation. Previously, he served as project manager of the company. He has also been serving as an independent director of Marfig Global Foods S.A. This is after the company acquired OSI Group’s operations in Brazil and Europe. He serves on the board of OSI Group. In addition, David McDonald is a Director at OSI International Foods (Australia) Pty Ltd. The visionary leader is a graduate of Iowa State University where he pursued his Degree in Animal Science.

Nick Vertucci: Training People to Learn Real Estate Flipping

Nick Vertucci is educating people on how to become successful through real estate flipping. He is going around North America to do motivational speeches, and he is claiming that the methods that he learned in life would help others too. When he was still broke, he used to attend similar seminars too, listening to motivational speakers. In the process, he later became a master in real estate flipping. Today, Nick Vertucci is also doing the same thing – offering seminars to those people who wanted to know more about this business so they can follow his steps and become successful just from reselling properties. Based on the experience that he had, real estate flipping could make someone accumulate wealth in the least time possible.

The life of Nick Vertucci when he was younger is somewhat a tragedy. He lost his father at a very young age, and his mother had to work hard in order to provide their needs. They were very poor, and he had to move out and live on his own when he was 18. He focused on how to make money back then, and thought about selling computer parts on His business was successful at that time, because he is already making money that he is using to sustain his lifestyle. However, the dot com crash came in 2000 and he lost everything. He went back to being broke, and had tons of debt. And then one day, his friend came in and invited him to attend a seminar focusing on real estate flipping. Nick Vertucci agreed to attend, and then the idea on how he could make his fortune suddenly came across his mind.

Real estate flipping is somewhat a common practice, especially among the investors in the United States and Canada. What happens with this practice is that investors would purchase an inexpensive home that is being sold at a low price on The investors could get a house that is discounted because of repairs needed to be made, or because the owners just want to sell it immediately. They would then do some renovations and will look for a potential buyer that would purchase the property at a higher price. The real estate market is rapidly rising, so it will not be a hard task looking for someone who is willing to buy the property. There are also people who do not want to do the repairs themselves and just want to move in right away without any hassle, so selling the house would be easier for the investor at The profit being earned through this practice is high, and someone could become rich in a small period of time.

Nick Vertucci managed to pay all of his debts through real estate flipping, and he is hoping that he could also share this knowledge to other people so that they could become successful in their lives.