Beneful Dog Food at Wal-Mart

If you’re looking for Beneful dog food products near you then you’re probably in luck. Your local Wal-Mart is sure to have Beneful dog food on hand at an affordable price. Depending on the exact product you’re looking for, Beneful dog food products will vary in price. Dry dog food will vary in price from wet dog food and will also vary in price merely because bags come in different volumes of food. A regular size bag of dry dog food will run you $18 at Walmart and the smaller size currently sits at $8. If you’re looking to just try out Beneful products for the first time then the smaller portion is recommended. If you and your dog are already familiar with the products and like them then it’s best to go with the bigger portion as it will save you money over time and to know more visit @

Wal-Mart also carries wet dog food at an affordable price. There also different varieties of wet dog food. The Medleys pack costs $15 and the standard variety pack costs a little under $11. And again, there are even lower prices depending on the volume of food you are in need of.

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