Why Arthur Becker is a Successful Investor

Arthur Becker is Madison Partners’ managing member. Prior to being part of the Madison, he used to be the Executive Chairman and CEO of Zinio; a pioneering digital newsstand firm in the world. Becker acted as NaviSite’s CEO from 2002 to 2010. NaviSite is a NASDAQ quoted firm that provides colocation and technology-based Internet services to businesses in the US and UK. He partnered with the Vera Wang Fashion for seven years and took the role of a senior advisor. Becker continues to invest as a private investor in the world of technology and real estate.

How Becker’s Entrepreneurial Interests began

While working at NaviSite, Becker was deeply engaged in real estate and tech. When NaviSite was sold in 2011, he chose to grow his interests in real estate through investment in condo development in NYC and Miami. Becker claims that he has also been exposed to several bio-tech firms and considerable economic opportunities capable of making a significant impact on the lives of people.

Arthur Becker’s typical day is quite flexible since he no longer has a running business with calls and meetings that are scheduled. He explains that he is in his final stages of completing a couple of town houses in NYC and also preparing to start luxury residential condos in Tribeca. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

Bringing ideas to life and trends that excite him

According to NY Daily News, Becker insists that he is more effective when working with a team; be it in tech or real estate. He finds real estate being mesmerizing as the various development stages are different; from entitlement, financing, design, to construction and marketing. It is through coordinating and organizing expert works and other talents that he finds himself being more effective.

Bio-tech, especially in the cancer treatment field is one trend that really intrigues Becker. He says that even though he has no background in medicine, he has been sufficiently exposed to get an interest in a couple of different approaches.

Currently, Arthur Becker owns some townhouses in Soho after exchanging his share in the condo development. He plans to relocate into one his townhouses and use the other two for commercial purposes.

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