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Jason Hope; The Passionate Technology Enthusiast

A dogmatic follower of the Internet of Things, Jason Hope, is an esteemed authority in matters regarding the subject. His publications on the topic have earned him a ton of respect among his peers, and he is now seen as a top expert in that particular field.

Though still in early stages of conception, the famed Internet of Things (IoT) is promising as it is fascinating. Scientists believe that in the future, all commonly used devices will have the ability to synchronize with each other seamlessly, thus the Internet of Things. When this technology is fully implemented, its primary objective, which is to increase efficacy, will be realized.

Jason Hope is confident that IoT will run the world in the future. He is increasingly adamant that folks and corporate institutions that lag behind in the efforts of adopting this invention risk being shut out of business. He explained that the embracing of the IoT would fuel a euphoric upsurge in the manufacture of compliant devices, a move that will hasten the process of integrating this discovery.

Additionally, Jason Hope pointed out the numerous advantages that come with the incorporation of IoT. He revealed that once this advancement is in place, transport systems will not only be safer, but congestion will be a thing of the past. Also, pollution will be alleviated as a result of safer roads.

About Jason Hope
Jason Hope is an established businessperson, operating from Scottsdale, Arizona. Besides a myriad of corporate institutions that he contributed in creating, Jason is a passionate humanitarian. A testament to this is his regular contribution to the SENS Foundation, a group that fights the cancer menace.

EOS Revitalizes The Lip Balm Industry

At one time, the typical lip balm was just a boring little necessity that was encased in an even more boring tube. Its primary purpose was to moisturize the lips. However, EOS lip balm was about to shake up the lip balm industry with their redesigned orbs and organic flavors that were attracting a new group of consumers that were very difficult to please. The new group of avid lip balm users was young millennial women. EOS or the  Evolution Of Smooth’s radical take on lip balm marketing helped to revitalize the industry.

A Method To The Madness

Sanjiv Mehra, EOS cofounder and managing partner state that there was a method to the madness of radically changing the way that a lip balm product was marketed. The main players like Blistex and Chapstick treated lip balm like a unisex product or a product that appealed equally to men and women. Mehra noted that the vast majority of lip balm users were young women. Through intensive Facebook research, Mehra also discovered that the same women were constantly complaining about losing their lip balm in their handbags. Mehra started to work on an idea. He would redesign the lip balm container and make the lip balm a sensory delight. Many of the women appreciated the little round orb shapes, the more attractive designed EOS lip balm, and soothing scents.

A Product Engaging The Senses

Mehra was a bit of a marketing genius. He realized that something was missing in the lip balm industry. The market required an update that included products that were enjoyable for the average woman to use. Therefore, the product should engage all the senses. This would include smell, touch, sight, taste, and more. Engaging the senses was a way for the consumer to form a close relationship to the product and become a regular purchaser.

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Thor Halvorssen Champions the Weak and Powerless

The world remembers Thor Halvorssen for his active participation in defending human rights and supporting the justice system in a bid to promote peace and unity. Thor, a native of Venezuela, schooled at the great University of Pennsylvania. He graduated with class and honors, having majored in Political Science. Thor’s quest for political justice and human rights activism cropped from his father’s imprisonment and mother’s shooting. To get justice for them, he capitalized on participating in facilitating human rights for the people of Venezuela.


Thor’s passion for defending human rights is evident when in 1999; he was the cheerleader of a campaign dubbed Lucent Technologies. The campaign’s initiative was to curb anti-slavery. The meeting’s agenda was to prove that the production of Lucent’s brands was not dependent on slave labor. Statistics showed that China imprisoned approximately 8 million men and women for work in factories, industries, and other facilities. Thor represented the slaves by campaigning for the introduction and implementation of a labor policy.

 Human Rights Foundation

Following his enthusiasm for justice, Thor founded Human Rights Foundation with its headquarter in the city of New York. The foundation focused on championing the real definition of justice for the people. It centered on the concept of justice, freedom, and self determination. It was incorporated in 2005. Human Rights Foundation was headed by a council of human rights activists like Mart Laar and Elle Wiesel. As the cheerleader of Human Rights Foundation, Thor consistently lobbied for the freeing of Liu Xiaobo, a Chinese political prisoner. He supported the United Nations initiative to take in hand the frustrations of Chinese regarding Uyghur rights.

 Film Production

Thor’s work extended to film production. He produced a science fiction film on Robert A. Heinlein. Additionally, he was the co-producer of Freedom’s Furry, a movie that illuminated the life of human rights activists. The film castigated dictatorship in Hungary. He used his film talent in film production to explain the importance of freedom to the world.

About Thor

Born in Venezuela in 1976, Thor Halvorssen bridged the gap between justice and humanity. He was a human rights advocate who committed to fighting for freedom. He contributed to the growth of public policy, individual rights and public interest policy. He championed the weak and powerless.


End Citizens United Wants Real Reform

Beginning with their formation on March 1, 2015, the Political Action Committee End Citizens United has worked to raise awareness of the negative effects that has resulted from the 2010 Supreme Court Decision in Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission. That decision paved the way for corporations and individuals to spend unlimited amounts of money in politics, with no oversight. The ECU believes that the grassroots can be a potent force against those who want to influence our elections, and they want to put people in public office who will work for campaign finance reform.

End Citizens United gives their support to Democratic candidates who believe strongly in reforming the campaign finance system. They also support candidates who are targeted by special interest groups and wealthy donors. Although there are Republicans and Independents who push for reform, the ECU believes the Republican majority in Congress will oppose an overturning of the Court’s decision. The ECU is led by Democratic leaders who want the American people to know about how big money is influencing politics. Leaders like President and Executive Director Tiffany Mueller who served on the City Council in Topeka, Kansas and also served as a chief of staff in Washington D.C. Also, Jody Murphy, a Texas and Oklahoma native who spent ten years working with caucuses in state government and Operations Director Erin Fyffe, who served for six years on Capitol Hill working on behalf of California and Texas.

With the publication of a story on MSNBC on August 20, 2015, it became obvious that End Citizens United intended to be a big voice in the 2016 elections. At the time of the story, nearly 325,000 people had signed a petition asking congress to pass the legislation necessary to reverse the decision by the Supreme Court. The ECU would finance candidates dedicated to campaign finance reform with polling, television ads, and direct mailers. They understand of course that to overturn the Supreme Court’s decision, a constitutional amendment must be passed with the support of two thirds of the House and Senate. Rick Hansen, who is a professor of Law at the University of California Irvine School of Law, stated that he believes it would be more realistic when the time comes, to confirm a new Supreme Court Justice, who would work to achieve more balance in the court. Hansen does agree that a group like End Citizens United focuses attention on the court and keeps the spotlight on politicians.