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Keep Your Lips Healthy With EOS Balm

EOS, or Evolution of Smooth, is a company based in New York that has become extremely popular in the last few years. Previously, brands like Burt’s Bees and Blistex were the leaders in the lip balm world, but EOS has grabbed the attention of a lot of consumers due to the spherical shape of the product and the variety of flavors. EOS lip balms are also made from natural and organic ingredients. EOS also started to gain more popularity when celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus began making it clear that they were EOS customers. Visit their website at

There are several lip balm varieties ( that come in the EOS line, including blueberry acai, which contains antioxidants that improve the health of the lips and smooth the skin. Sweet mint is another popular EOS lip balm flavor on Amazon and contains the soothing and restorative properties of peppermint which can plump the lips and freshen the breath. Passion Fruit is available through EOS as well. This lip balm contains natural ingredients and is gluten-free, which is ideal for those who suffer from gluten intolerance. For the warmer months of the year, Summer Fruit is one of the best EOS lip balms, since the natural lip balm contains extracts of blueberry, peach and strawberry for a slight tint and a pleasant scent.

For more information on the lip balms EOS offers, visit You’re also encouraged to visit the EOS Facebook page.


Nathaniel Ru: Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Sweetgreen

Sweetgreen provides the ultimate experience in salads. Since its founding in 2007, the company has grown from a single location in Georgetown to 63 different sites throughout the United States. The innovative business model behind Sweetgreen’s success has a strong focus on ethics, sustainability and supplying customers with a dining experience that is fast, casual and affordable, yet of the highest quality.


The open-kitchen style of Sweetgreen locations allows diners to have a full view of the ingredients and processes going into their salads. Sweetgreen has two different ordering options for customers. For those who wish to have a one-on-one experience, a Sweetgreen team member provides a walk-through of a display showing all the available salad ingredients. Other customers who prefer to avoid waiting in line can order via the Sweetgreen app. The app seeks to deliver an experience similar to ordering in-person by providing customers with skillfully photographed images of salad ingredients.


The company works with local farmers to procure high-quality, organic ingredients. Rather than directing farms to grow specific plants, Sweetgreen creates specialized menus for each of their locations based on the fruits and vegetables farmers are already growing. The menus also rotate according to what plants are in season. This practice helps farmers to cut down on waste, in addition to exposing customers to new types of ingredients for salads.


Nathaniel Ru is both a co-founder and co-CEO of Sweetgreen. He attended the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University. During his studies at Georgetown, he met fellow students, Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet, who would eventually become his business partners. Mr. Ru graduated from Georgetown in May of 2007 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance.


In August of 2007, only three months following his graduation, Mr. Ru founded Sweetgreen with his friends and associates, Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet. The group of three created the company with the goal of providing a dining option in Georgetown that produced meals that were healthy, satisfying, affordable, ethically produced, locally sourced and based upon sustainable decisions. This unprecedented approach has proven to be highly effective as Sweetgreen has experienced exponential growth since its establishment in 2007.


Securus Technologies Keeps the Communication During Christmas

I recently watched a heartwarming video that caught my attention. It was a story of a father talking to his son. The video restored my faith in the communication industry. I saw that communication facilities can cater to the needs of inmates and their loved ones. I loved the nature of services Securus provides. Securus is redefining communication in correction facilities. It does not connect loved ones physically, but it gives them the chance to connect with their members in correction facilities. If you have ever had a relative in the correction facilities, then you know exactly how it feels. More often than not, anyone in the correction facility will not be in their hometown. It is also extremely difficult for family members to make frequent visits.


Through the use of communication services, inmates can make video calls to their loved ones. They can check up on their kids and have a happy moment. The chance to stay connected with friends and family is a unique and extraordinary one. People in correction facilities have had the opportunity to beat loneliness. Securus Technologies understands that the holiday season is about giving. The company has provided the best gift of communication among inmates, friends, and family.


Securus Technologies has highly specialized in providing communication services in multiple correction facilities. The company avails its services to inmates. Inmates that fully take advantage of the services have had the best Christmas season. Inmates can now receive calls, make calls, send and receive voicemail, and video call.


Securus Technology motto is connecting what matters. The company has stayed true to this by joining family with inmates. The creative Christmas video visit is a showcase of their services. The nature of excellent services has seen the government contract them in multiple correction facilities. Securus has grown to become an international company. It deals with millions of prisoners every year.


Securus has further pioneered public safety in correction facilities. The company deals in criminal and civil sectors. Their aim is to create a safe atmosphere for everyone. Securus has gained a massive publicity across the United States. The popularity is in large part because of the nature of services availed by the company. Securus itself has dedicated employees that promote safety every week. Their dedicated employees always go on an original mission to make the world a better place. The expertise in the field has made all these possible.