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Killer Marketing Moves With EOS

Everyone knows EOS lip balms by now, but just seven years ago this wasn’t the case. How does a lip balm product rocket to success so fast when previously chap stick was the only brand many people turned to. Or it’s other competitor, Blistex, which EOS is currently beating out in sales?

The formula to their success happened almost as organically as the composition of their lip balms. The three men who founded this company already had experience that would help to catapult this product into the next realm. They had small business startup experience, and big brand packaging experience under their belts. With this, they created a small business startup based on an all natural product encased in it’s iconic packaging.

When the brand had it’s first success at Walgreens they had a decision to make. Would they invest their money in marketing, or on building a solid product? The men’s experience in small startups gave them the know how to invest in keeping their product manufacturing process in house to save money which would work for them in the long term. Their automated machinery allowed them to meet demand and to create new flavors and scents. The products are soon picked up by Target and

Later on, only when their brand was fully automated in house, did they branch out into marketing and they did so in just the perfect way to capture their female millennial audience who spent a lot of time on the internet. They gave their product to beauty gurus and beauty bloggers who reached hundreds of thousands of their target audience in minutes. Pop culture mavens like Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian promoted the products in their daily lives, in music videos and on tour. This combination of killer marketing moves helped them to escalate to selling over one million units per week, impressive! Read the full EOS history on


The Success of OSI Group in its Business Undertakings

OSI Group is a company that has gained an excellent reputation in the food and beverage sector. The primary processing unit of the enterprise is located in Aurora, Illinois. The business has been operational since 1909, and more than 20,000 have been employed by it. The main commodities that its specialized in processing are vegetable products, pizza, bacon, meat patties, poultry, hot dogs, and fish.

The company was recently offered the 2016’s Globe of Honor Awards that was provided by the British Safety Council. The goal of the reward is to recognize businesses that have an excellent way of controlling environmental hazards. OSI Group was among the 18 companies that were acknowledged. The winner of the Globe of Honor was required to attain five-star status during the environmental management review that was conducted by the British Safety Council during the August 2015 – July 2016 period.

OSI’s progress in the market has been motivated by its chief executive officer, Sheldon Lavin. He is an excellent business manager, and some of his accomplishments include being offered the Global Visionary Award, which is sponsored by the Vision World Academy. Mr. Lavin was an expert in the finance sector before being hired by the OSI Group LLC. His input in the firm has facilitated OSI’s growth into a highly profitable multinational corporation that has been making profits that are worth billions of dollars. The company has presently set up about 60 branches in 16 countries.

OSI Group revealed to the public that it had acquired Baho Food. The former proprietors of the firm were the Dutch. It focuses on the production of snacks, convenience foods, and deli meats. OSI is privately held, and therefore, they did not disclose many details about the transaction. The company believes that the acquisition will be critical in assisting it to maneuver in the European market. David G. McDonalds, who is OSI’s president, thinks that the company will be able to offer more products and brands to its clients across the globe.

Five processing companies are under Baho Foods, and they are located in Netherlands and Germany. These enterprises are Vital Convenience, Q Smart Life, Henri van de Bilt, Gelderland Frischwaren, and Bakx Foods. The market of the companies is in more than 18 countries across Europe. Baho Food’s employees who will be retained include John Balvers, who was the MD, and he will join the management of OSI Group to ensure that operations are smooth.

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Fabletics is Changing the Way We Look Working Out

Up until a few years ago, workout clothes were not very exciting. They did the job but they were nothing worth gushing over. In 2013, that all changed. Fabletics came onto the scene and changed the way we thought about athletic clothes and, more importantly, how we looked in those clothes.

Don Ressler is a co-CEO of Fabletics and he started his company because of an issue that had come up in his personal life. He and his wife have been athletic all of their lives. Don Ressler continue to do so to this day and both of them spend a good amount of time wearing athletic clothing. To them, the clothing was not well made and was not very inspiring. All of it looked the same and there was not a large selection for men. Recognizing this as an issue, Don Ressler set out to change that.

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The idea behind Fabletics was to create a line of athletic clothing that could be worn by anyone at any time of day and that was comfortable while being worn. More and more people are seeing the benefits of an active and healthy lifestyle and wearing athletic clothing is just one way to help in that journey.

Another aspect that sets Fabletics apart is that the clothes are fashionable. They allow people to have the necessary clothes to wear while being active and give them the chance to look good as well. This is something that has not been done when it comes to athletic clothes. People now have the opportunity to show off their personality and get a good workout in.

Don Ressler started his business because he saw a void in his life and wanted to fill it. He started Fabletics and it has taken off in a big way. The response to his company has been overwhelming and it continues to grow. Fabletics was started as an online company and they are now branching out even more. Don Ressler will soon have their products in local stores and they are even creating a line for men. Fabletics is all about living a healthy lifestyle and they are doing their small part to help all of their customers in that task.

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Shea Butter Basics: What Shea Is And Why Is It Valuable?


For those of you who have heard of Shea butter, but have not tried it yet this article will explain how Shea Butter is harvested and why Shea butter is such a sought after health product. I use the term “health product” as Shea butter really does benefit a person’s overall health.


Shea butter begins its existence as the meaty inside of a nut from the Karite trees found in West Africa. These nuts are cracked open and roasted and the inside of the nut is collected and softened into a paste using a mortar and pestle and some water. After the Shea butter is paste like, the farmers will boil the mixture slowly and eventually skim the oils from the top of the kettle. This is a finished product.


Refined Shea butter takes on a creamy white or beige appearance and will melt slowly when in contact with body heat. Shea butter naturally contains many good things for overall health such as essential amino acids that can hydrate and repair damaged skin cells, vitamins A and E are a good anti inflammatory that can reduce wrinkles and the appearance of scars. Shea butter also is loaded with antioxidants for better skin health. It is easy to see why Shea butter is so sought after.


One company that makes a quality product is Eugenia Shea. This company was started by a mother and daughter team. The mother, Eugenia, was raised by a Ghanian midwife, who used Shea butter on a daily basis. Knowing about the health benefits of Shea butter, Eugenia became a business owner and also supervises the harvesting of Shea butter in Ghana. One of the things that Eugenia Shea does as a company, is creating programs for higher education to any of the female Ghanian farmers who would like to further their education.


Eugenia Shea offers quality Shea butter formulations for everyday dry skin, pregnancy, and dermatological conditions. All formulations are packed in handy travel tins and can come gently scented with several natural selections. Shea butter is an all around great skin conditioner that can help with many skin issues.  Learn more about Eugenia and their offerings by visiting their website here:

Bruce Levenson Forced To Bring Insurance Claim To Court For Settlement

Bruce Levenson‘s NBA consortium, the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC group has recently announced plans to bring a claim against insurance giant AIG in a Fulton County court over an unpaid claim from their time as the owners of the team. Levenson’s group sold the historic franchise to technology billionaire Tony Ressler’s consortium in a deal announced in June 2015, just two days after general manager Danny Ferry’s six year contract was terminated; the legal case details actions and comments from Ferry that should have led to the workplace torts insurance policy held with AIG being activated.

According to ESPN, the legal papers lodged on behalf of Levenson and his partners at the Hawks detail the fact that no communications have been received from AIG since the sale of the franchise was confirmed and the insurance giant has failed to acknowledge the claim was even placed. Details of the case have largely been kept secret as part of the filing in Fulton County that will see the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC seek compensation for breach of contract from the New Hampshire based insurance giant.

The work of Bruce Levenson has taken in the technology industry in a number of different sectors after the former journalist embarked on a new business venture with his business partner to develop a newsletter for the oil industry; this initial newsletter led to the foundation of the United Communications Group that now provides real time information for various industries. The Levenson family decided to honor Karen Levenson’s mother for her role as a Holocaust survivor with the creation of the U.S. Holocaust Museum, which Bruce Levenson hopes will keep the memory of the World War II Holocaust alive in the minds of the next generations of U.S. citizens.

The Greatest Anesthesiologists are in Austin, TX

Capitol Anesthesiology Association (CAA), in Austin, TX, is where the nation’s top anesthesiologist call home. Although CAA is their “home”, most often these anesthesiologists find themselves on the road.

CAA delivers expert anesthesia services all throughout Austin, TX. They’ve built strong, lasting relationships with many medical facilities in the area. A list of hospitals CAA participates with can be found below:

1) Seton Medical Center

2) Seton Northwest Hospital

3) Brackenridge Hospital

4) Dell Children’s Medical Center

5) Seton Shoal Creek Hospital

6) Seton Williamson County Hospital

7) Seton Hays

8) Cedar Park Regional Medical Center

Hospitals are not the only game in town for the CAA experts. A full list of facilities serviced can be found by clicking here.

Services provided by Capitol Anesthesiology Association are:

1) General Anesthesia

2) Regional Anesthesia

3) Local / MAC

4) Pediatric Anesthesia

5) Obsteric Anesthesia

6) Cardiovascular and Thoracic Anesthesia

The very best anesthesiologist, in virtually every major healthcare facility, in Austin, TX, can be found at Capitol Anesthesiology Association. CAA delivers the best, period.

Gooee Smart Lighting and The Smart Home: The Energy Efficiency and Cost-Savings are Substantial

Smart, Smart, Smart and then some. That is what smart lighting is all about—smart lighting technology such as the Gooee Lighting System. Too: most persons know, that smart homes, have been around for a while. The smart home of today is not something out of a Science Fiction novel; however, as the technology improves, conceptually, the intuitive home becomes the predominate reality. The smart home and its smart lighting features make it possible for the consumer to control lighting, naturally, monitor usage of water, and regulate his or her inside temperature.


Smart lighting, used in conjunction with the right technology, allows the consumer to make use of smart thermostats, that provide the user with statistics, with regard to inside building temperatures. The technology makes it possible for the consumer to adjust the thermostat to that of his or her favored settings. The adjustment, made to the smart thermostat, too, makes it possible for the user to prevent energy waste. Energy waste, occurs, when there is excessive heating and cooling, particularly, when the property is unoccupied.


The smart lighting is controlled, in a number of ways. There are timers and sensors relative to occupancy, so that automatic lighting may be applied. Energy efficient lighting and dimmers are significant in greatly reducing energy consumption costs for the consumer.


Many smart homes, in general, are outfitted with solar panels. Some homes come, complete, with miniature-styled wind turbines, in order to offset the costs, associated with energy consumption. There are various other useful elements, too, of the smart home, in addition to smart lighting. In example, locks can be made to be automatic.


The greatest benefit, though, of using a smart lighting arrangement, such as a Gooee Smart Lighting System, in coordination with the consumer’s smart home, is the savings. The consumer saves, greatly as it applies to his or her utility bill—both from the standpoint of energy and the standpoint of cost.

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Keith Mann Shows Solidarity to the Police

Early last year, Keith Mann organized a fundraiser to support his latest venture. This fundraiser was held at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden. The fundraiser was to raise $ 22,000 that would go to the uncommon schools towards the support of the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. This is a scholarship that Keith Mann has established to help support the next generation of leaders. The scholarship by Keith Mann is meant to support one student each academic year for a four-year course in college. Keith Mann set the qualifications of this scholarship as a 1000 essay. He said that the applicant should explain how a college education is likely to change their lives.


Keith Mann is amongst the most successful individuals in the executive search industry where he has spent his entire career. He is credited with establishing Alternative Investment Practice after he saw an opportunity in hedge fund industry. That was back in the year 2002. The scholarship was not the first time that Keith Mann had shown his generosity to the New York community. He has supported the police whenever they are attacked by the public. He does this by sending them lunch. To make the action echo more, he sends lunch twice. He also condemns the people that attack the police saying that police should be thanked rather than being demoralized.


Keith Mann affiliation to the police can be explained by the fact that the uncle of his wife is a police at the NYPD. Keith Mann runs a company called Dynamic Search Partners. This is a firm that has clients from all regions of the globe. The firm has offices in Asia, Europe, and the United States of America. Keith Mann assumes the position of Chief Executive Officer within this firm. When asked what his worst experience in his career was, Keith Man said he didn’t like it when he was working as an assistant trader for a big bank. From this point onwards, he learned the importance of being your boss. He also learned how to treat people and manage a team.