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Good News for Gold Coin Collectors

The US Money reserve is a privately own organization that distributes platinum, gold and silver products from the United States government. This reserve is not the only such distributor in the USA but it is the largest. Its founded year is 2001. The reserve not only distributes products of legal tender for the US government, it does this in regards to foreign government issued metal. Turning some assets into gold coin to gain value and pass to succeeding generations is a sound investment that is still practiced and taught in some families to this day. Of course, worldwide banking networks use the possession and exchange of value held by metal coin in the international financial system. Whether for private or personal profit, these households and businesses need a trusted source with authoritative standards for their acquisitions. These household individuals and businesses number in the hundreds of thousands, and it takes skill, training and business tools to provide service to them all.

Some of these tools include modern interfaces such as an online catalog that allows customers and potential customers search and find the information, product or service they may need. It also serves as a teaching tool. It educates the general public about the positives of owning government-issued bullion. This can only make the experience of doing business with the US Money reserve more pleasant. The online tool has some useful and savvy information to offer such as live pricing on gold and silver bullions and bars. Another tool is the Client-Connect Advantage where the reserve can contact clients for personal consults, offline releases, assistance with purchases and offline transactions. Of course, the reserve has other methods to insure doing business with them is worry free and worthwhile like the BuyBack Guarantee. This guarantee promises a full refund on certified coins, at their market value, within days of the purchase. The reserve even has programs for customers like the Gold Standard IRA that are worth looking into.

The most effective measure the US Money reserve takes when protecting the business they do with their customers is putting the right people on the job. People like Philip N Diehl. He is a former U.S. Mint Director. Of course there are others that work just as hard at serving reserve customers. In fact the training for reserve employees is unique in its teachings and practices. That is what makes the members of the US Money reserve team numismatic professionals.

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Thor Halvorssen’s Spirited Work Of Upholding Humanity

Tyrants are in for a rough time because of Human Rights Foundation Founder, Thor Halvorssen. The 39-year old’s foundation has headquarters in New York. Halvorssen was born in Caracas to parents that have Norwegian and Venezuelan origins. His grandparents were influential.

Halvorssen’s family has a track record of championing for human rights. Hiss course has not been different. He has been at the forefront of advancing human rights and individual liberty courses as well. Halvorssen launched the Human Rights Foundation in 2005.

His grasp of the issue is not only theoretical. His father spent time in a Caracas prison and was tortured for exposing corruption in the administration. Thor Halvorssen’s father worked as the head of drug control. His mother also faced the same force of the administration when she was shot at while demonstrating against Hugo Chavez. Despite of the challenges, which his family members have undergone, Halvorssen presses on with his activism. He is different for he has a high regard for humanity and people. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | LinkedIn

He was once beaten for the cause. On a mission to talk to Thich Quang Do, Halvorssen was beaten by Vietnamese authorities. That was after taping an interview the residence of the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam patriarch. Quang Do’s church had been outlawed. Do himself had been under a house arrest for 28 years. Halvorssen was detained by the Vietnamese authorities. He managed to be free after successfully persuading the authorities that he was a seeker of Buddhism.

The work that his employees at Human Rights Foundation focus on is on shedding light particularly on bad governance. They also amplify the voice of political prisoners and dissidents. In this endeavor, Thor collaborates with organizations like Amnesty International. In addition, The Oslo Freedom Forum that his organization, HRF, hosts each year has become a signature event for human rights campaigners as well as reporters.

About Thor Halvorssen

According to Crunchbase, Thor Halvorssen is a human rights campaigner. His input is in the areas of pro-democracy advocacy, public policy, civil liberties, along with public interest advocacy. He is the activist behind the Oslo Freedom Forum. Additionally, Halvorssen is the patron of the Children’s Peace Movement, which is based in the Czech Republic.

Halvorssen also works as a film producer. He is producing a film with Bryan Singer. Thor was featured on TEDx held at the University of Pennsylvania. Leading outlets like The New York Times, The Washington Post, National Journal, The Nation, National Public Radio, and Time Magazines have all featured his opinions. Halvorssen has also appeared on HBO, MSNDC, CNN, Fox News, and BBC News.

Handy Uses Success and Hits One Million Bookings

For Handy, it has always been about the number of people who they feel like they can help. They want to make sure that they are able to help the most people so that they are able to improve their business model. This has made them the number one home services website that is on the way that things work for people who need to have home cleaning services. Handy has truly made a name for themselves in the industry that they are a major part of with the home cleaning and the services that they have to offer all of their clients.

No matter what someone needs when it comes to their home, Handy is able to help them with it. This is something that is important to the company and the main vision that they had when they first started. They wanted to make sure that they were doing everything that they could for their clients: the people who needed home cleaning services and the people who had home cleaning services to offer. Because of this, was born into something that was much better than what they could have ever imagined it would be.

The success that Handy has seen has been due entirely to their commitment to the customers that they have. They want to make sure that all of their clients are happy and they will stop at nothing to make sure that they have what their clients need when it comes to the different things that are offered by the company. The success that they have had has been exponential and they have grown their businesses hundreds of times since they started. This is something that shows their direct commitment to the company and to the way that things are done for them. There are many ways in which Handy has been able to help people.

Despite the fact that Handy has worked hard for the success, they don’t ever want to stop growing. They know that it is important to their clients that they be able to grow and that they offer more services for the people who they serve. They want to branch out into other areas of home services. They plan to offer things like maintenance and other services. Their plan is to eventually launch the ability to have professionals like plumbers and electricians listed on the service portion of the site.


Doe Deere, The Creator of Lime Crime, Reveals Female Entrepreneurship Secrets

You may have encountered Instagram pictures of Doe Deere. Her brilliantly painted face clearly defines her brand by the name The Lime Crime. Deere is an entrepreneur and a makeup artist. Doe has been recognized by the Self-Made Magazine as one of the most inspiring female entrepreneurs through her explosive brand. She is a role model to many upcoming entrepreneurs out there.

Doe developed her artistic nature during her early years. She was an imaginative kid, a color hardcore who loved to experiment with paints. Doe would put a lot of color into her clothes, accessories, and on her body. She believes that her brand takes a great deal of the colors yet her customers love the brand. Doe believes that makeup is the small component of a colorful world. She thinks that there is much more for her company to achieve. She developed her brand’s name back in 2004 when she desired the name to her eBay store. Lime Crime was her original idea. She registered the business under that name. She thought it was pretty cool since it invoked her rhymed bright green favorite color.

Lime crime stands for color revolution, breaking the color regulations, and going outside the makeup limits. Doe says that if she had known that her brand would be so captivating, she would have selected a different versatile and subtle name. She has had her share of entrepreneurial challenges since her business is almost based on the internet. Doe has encountered negative reviews on her brand through the web. She recommends future entrepreneurs to accept the depressing appraisal and attempt to work on them. They are all parts of the entrepreneurial journey. She says that the internet can be both agreeable and harsh. Some irrational consumers may decide to create scandals for a product brand. She says that the most excellent way to cope up with such scam is by ignoring them. Most of the claims may be false. You do not have to dwell on them as an entrepreneur.

Doe gives advice to other entrepreneurs to adopt strategies that revolutionize their product brands. Businesses should strive to fashion digitally-native product brands that set new quality performance standards. Business owners should endeavor to take their product categories by storm and create excellent products.

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Securus Technology Is On The Cutting Edge Of Corrections Communication

Civil and criminal justice technology provider Securus Technologies, recently was able to obtain a A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. The citation comes from the state of Texas. They have successfully been able to work together with the BBB to meet their high expectations and standards. Here are the required standards. Read more about Securus on Linkedin.


Protect Privacy

Keep Promises

Quick Response

Be Honest

Honest Advertising

Establish Trust


Securus has grown significantly and has a call center that has 220 seats which are the largest there is in their particular industry. The company handles 2.5 million calls every month. They have strict guidelines regarding call times and customer service. Their call satisfaction score is 4.3 out of 5. In order to obtain the accreditation, Securus had to prove that they were operating at a certain capacity and have the right staff to handle all aspects of the business.


Securus Technologies was created in 1986 with offices that are located in Texas and Georgia. They have thousands of contracts with corrections facilities that are located all over the United States. Securus Technologies has spent hundreds of millions of dollars in the last few years improving and creating new technology as well as creating new patents and obtaining technology to build upon. Securus Technologies provides video calling for inmates so that they can keep in touch with their families.


How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Social Media Conduct

In an article from the Huffington Post by John. P David, he writes about the problems that companies face when their employees are in charge of social media for its image, or even the reflection that is given to the company from the employees’ pages as well. In one such instance when an employee oversaw a social media account, is when an employee of American Apparel posted a stylized picture of the Challenger explosion that happened in 1986. Although the employee probably did not mean any harm by it, it should be noted that all companies should have established rules when it comes to using social media accounts.

First, there should be an overall guideline for how media should be posted onto a website. With so many websites that are around for a business to gain exposure, it can be hard for a company to keep track of what the employees are doing. A guideline should be an easy way for an employee to find out what images are great to share and what is not.

Obviously, an employee should not post anything negative about the company on the company-run accounts, but there should also be disclosure about what is posted onto their personal accounts as well. For instance, if an employee posts an update on his or her own account that speaks negatively about the company, a potential customer might see that and decide not to visit the location or buy the product. It is for the best interest of the company to promote a positive image for itself with the employees, everything that an employee posts reflects how the company is viewed. Everything is crucial in the world of online marketing.

Although it would be time consuming for the company to monitor everything, it often will have to fall on the shoulders of the employees. Along with any great company, there should be a sense of open communication that will build for better marketing and sharing things online.